Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Asian water painting
megan + olivia
How is it different than regular water painting?
I expect to learn how I can paint with water accurately. We will be challenged because we haven't done any painting in about 3 years and we haven't done anything this advanced. This could stretch our skills in art.
Paint already have paint $0
water $0
cups $0
paper $0
brushes $5
Main Steps:
Our main steps will be to get the materials and bring them, look at videos, and talk to people who have experience. We will need accountably because we have to bring our materials.
We could make a tutorial.
2-4 weeks
We will need to look at videos and we could also use Mr. Melton as a person who could help us. Nina and Abbie are doing regular water painting, they have worked with something similar. We could use videos already made to help us and see if we could make a better version.
Knowing how much water to use with the paint. Using the right technique. We can by know how much by seeing how much other people used and by trial and error.
We could record it and make a tutorial. Our target audience would probably be people our own age/
We will know that our project is finished when we are experienced, and the painting looks good. We could ask our classmates if they think it looks good too.