Thinkering Studio Project Proposal


Artsy Pictures of Art!
I want a fun and creative project thats easy, simple and fast for maker faire. I am making art for example painting a canvas and then taking artsy pictures of that for evidence and for fun.
I want to learn how to use colors to make my own, to melt crayons, how to paint a canvas, etc. I really want a fun, creative and fast project for maker faire. It sounds so easy to do, but it's going to be hard to paint what I want to and get the materials need because they might be hard to find. This will make me look like an artist and a photographer; both things I love. It will also be hard to film and edit a video in such a short time.
Main Steps:
  • Get all the materials.
  • Start painting.
  • Take photos of the painting.
  • Print them out to be jumbo sized.
  • Laminate them.
  • I'll probably have a page on the Thinkering Studio with my YouTube videos.
Hopefully until the end of the year.
  • I want to take advantage of my artistic family so I want to talk to my aunt and mom who are both very artistic.
  • Definitely my aunt, mom, maybe my grandpa and uncle, I just don't see them as often. Mr. Whitmer might be able to help me with supplies.
  • My artistic skills will be improved for sure.
Getting materials and updating a project page. The project itself won't be that difficult. Also, filming and editing a video.
  • I am going to have big print outs of the artwork people can look at at maker faire.
  • Maker faire is my audience.
If I can please my audience at maker faire, I will feel I can succeed. At maker faire I will be able to demonstrate.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”