Mazen & Andrew Android app Inventor Beta

Steps on how to make an android app
  • 1. Design your user interface in
  • 2. Add controls from the Pallette into the Viewer
  • 3. Edit your component’s properties to get what you would like.
  • 4. Open the blocks editor and add your code.
  • 5. Get blocks for each control you add
  • 6. Add all of the blocks together
  • 7. When you are done, go back to the main window
  • 8. On your android device, go to the settings, application settings, then press enable unknown sources. If you are scared by the warning, don’t worry, you will be fine.
  • 9. To get it on your android phone, press package for phone on the top right. Then select QR code, download a QR code scanner from the market, then scan it and it will download.
  • 10. It should work. If you do not have an android phone, just use the emulator by going to the blocks editor and pressing new emulator. This will simulate your app without using a phone.
  • 11. Congratulations, you are done with your app.

Soda Accelerometer Demo (final)

Our Video showing the process of our app

Our Screen shots our new app the soda accelerometer app. (Process) You shake it and it empties the cup.

Animal Soundbox Final Demo

Animal Soundbox Proccess

Our New Internet Browser (Android Safari) Final

Our New Internet Browser (Android Safari) Process