Thinkering Studio Stop Motion Proposal ECC2

Animation With Stop Motion
My goal that will drive my work is that I like animation movies and I've always wanted to make one my self. Animation Movie.
Challenge Starters & Examples
Im expected to learn how to animate. Im making this because I like animation.
Stop motion is very time consuming and hard to make it run smoothly.
It will make me think very hard about every singe time I draw.
Pencil, Paper, iPad, Stop Motion App.
Main Steps:
  • 1 I will make a story board
  • 2 I will draw out what I have on the storyboard but on paper
  • 3 I will take pictures of each drawing and put them on the stop motion app
  • 4 I will edit the pictures so they animate and can run more smoothly
  • 5 I will publish them
  • 6 I will put them on youtube.
  • I will have a youtube channel.
  • I included the storyboard step.
This project should take the whole quarter.
  • One resource is an old Disney movie like sleeping beauty with was animated in stop motion.
  • My teacher will mainly be youtube channels such as Mark Crilly and draw with Jazza.
All of the repeating and intercity putting sketches in the same place will be difficult. I expect to learn as I go and to keep trying and eventually finish well.
My target audience is people that like animation movies and I will share my project on youtube.
I will define success by creating a full animation video with a beginning and an end out of stop motion.
I will evaluate my. success by starting and finishing an animation video.
I will have a youtube channel showing people my videos.

I am making an animation I am making this because I like watching animations and this is for people like me who like animation.