Animation Proclamation

By Zoe and Mia

This project is clay animation. Clay animation is making videos with clay sculptures. I will be making clay creatures and putting them into a movie. So far I have been testing out IStopmotion and practicing making creatures for my movies. Everything that I do will be posted on this wiki.

Creatures I Have Made:

snake clay.jpg

worm clay 2.jpg

caterpiller clay.jpg

Caterpillar, Snake, and Worm;
all the creature 1.jpg


Thinkering Studio Brainstrom
Moral ideas; Treat others then way you want to be treated, dont judge a book by it;s cover, and dont waste time
Moral: Don;t judge a book by its cover
Plot: A school of bagels, and donuts but theres only one caterpillar and know one likes him
Setting: School CharactersDonut 1 is Jane, Donut 2 is Lilly, Donut 3 is Jake, and Bagel 1 is George

Weed: It's hard being a weed when everyone else is a flower. The only person who seems to get me is my family and my teacher. Hopefully I will blossem soon.
Lilly: Weed is soooo uncool! Let's sit down it's lunch time.
Narater: Weed walks over to the table and sits down.
Samantha: Ech Weed sat down at our table! Let's go! Weed your NEVER going to be popular. Your so GROSSSSSSSSSS.
Narater: 1 HOUR LATER
Weed: I'll show them, I can be popular!
Narater: Weed gets on his descize.
Weed: Teacher, do I look like a flower?
Teacher: Yes Weed, but your perfect just the way you are.
Weed: BYE!
Lilly: Who's this new kid?
Samantha: He soooo popular!
Lilly: Hey new kid, heres a best friend braclet.
Samantha: Yeh here!
Narater: As the girls put on his bracletshis descize falls off.
Samantha and Lilly: WEED!!!
Lilly: I don't m,adder Weed your still cool.
Samanatha: No he's not!
Lilly: Totally!If your going to make fun of my bestie than are friendship is OVERRR!!!!!
Sam: FINE!

Narater: One day later
Teacher: Me Miss Moonblossem is pround to anonce the awards first class clown, Samantha.
Teacher: For most nice, Lilly
Teacher: MOst popular, WEED!!!!
Class "WHISLE" Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Teacher: Weed let me take you prizes and put them in the trophy box.
Lilly: Weed it's happening, your turning into a flower!
Weed: I'm a flower!