Animation Creation Proposal

Animation Creation.
Trevor, and Nic
We will try to animate a 2 to 7 minute long cartoon video. ‍‍
During this project, we expect to learn how to bring together drawn images to create a cartoon. This can help us learn more about visuals and production of videos. We will be challenged because neither of us know how to animate yet. Our goal is to complete this task in time, and make it as long as we planned.
  • Nic's iPad
  • Animation Creator HD - $2.99
Main Steps:
  • What about researching drawing and animation before or while working on the other parts?
  • Come up with a story line - Will you storyboard it on paper?
  • Animate the video - using what?
  • Voice act
  • Edit the video
  • Upload it
  • We will post our progress every week on ‍‍this page‍‍, and upload the finished project on ‍‍Youtube‍‍. We will both learn about this because neither of us have done animation before. Nic will be the main artist while Trevor will be the main editor, besides this we will both do equal amounts of parts for the rest.
It will probably take us around a semester to complete this project.
  • Animation Creator HD.
  • We can find some websites about animation.
  • We might be able to find a animation expert.
  • There are no projects exactly like this, but we know that lots of people have done pivot animations. We can check some of the pivot animations for help.
  • We will use books such as How to Draw Anime
This should be difficult when we are stuck and unsure of what to do next. This can also be difficult if we have miscommunications. We expect to overcome them is by working hard, plan ahead, and talk a lot to make sure we are both on the right page.
We will post the video on YouTube and post our progress on the wiki. The audience we want is really anyone who likes animation and comedy. ‍‍We probobly will not post how-to videos.
We will have a complete product and it will be posted on YouTube. Our Project will be posted on our page and will be visible to others. We will evaluate our success by asking people how they think of our cartoon/animation and edit from there. We will measure our progress by looking what we have made so far. ‍We will probobly ask triads for help. We will always check to make sure our video is good.