AMS15 Journal

  • We are going to get lots of work done today.

We are working hard a lot and we are going to do filming and editing more. We are trying to get our grade up. We try to get everything ready. First we tried to do thumb nails but we are not going to do them because we need to film.
  • we are makeing thumb nails for the videos.

We made the collage for the thumb nails so we are going to add them in. We still don't know how to do them yet so we are still learning. We do not get how to put them in but we made a lot and we also are going to edit them next time.
  • do peer groups
  • edit more projects

We are trying to get thumbnails on the videos to get them looking better then what they are. We are still learning so we are not getting it know. We are learning the harder things to make the videos better. Then we are trying to edit them better.
  • editing our new video

we have made lots of videos and we are still editing them. i think we need to learn a few more things then we can get it working and we would know all the basics.
  • make a new proposal
  • edit proposal

We have been trying to start a new project. We are working on a good proposal.we have been finding jobs for us to do when we start the project.we can work on all of this.

Our next step will be...
we are going to do harder nails. we have been doing easy ones. they need to be harder for us to have a challenge. we need to learn to make them easy.
  • start our project

How could I/we make it better?
We could make it better because we made it sloppy. we should of tried a different way.We will use the other tools to make it cleaner. we always clean the nails up after so its not that bad. we have tried to fix it but we are doing the best we can.
  • try to finish our proposal

What skills did you use that you already had?
We already have the tools for the nail project.But the other ones we have not tried. we have to try to use them for a challenge. we have not started and we plane to next week. we are going to try to do hard nail so we can have a challenge. if we can't do them we do easy ones then work hard.
  • looking at prices for cases

We think... that screen shooting pictures are easy. we made collages on a website.we tried a new website and it was easy for us. we worked hard and got two done week we are going to do more of the collages and try a new website.
  • work on projects
  • look for other things to do

We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...
we have been helping with another project. its a photo editing project and so they take pictures of us. then she edits them. so we have been doing that. we will try to get farther in the project so we can catch up. We are not to far behind from were we were.

  • work on our projects

I/We learned...
we learned that we have to be careful with th hole puncher. he miss the paper and messes it all up. then we have to cut out more. so now we make ester paper things just in case.
  • we are still looking at videos

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
We could try getting the things sooner. we need to be more prepared then we were. we will have are things but for know we will do what we did on tusday. then we can start next week.
  • watching diy videos

My/Our next step will be...

Is to bring all of the stuff here and start making it. We are going to have everything. we can hopefully start it next week.we have all of our things to start.
  • finish one of ours diys

  • make new proposal with kasey

How did I/we feel?
when we made this background we felt like this was a lot harder then we thought it was ester. its hard to make the tree. its made out of paper so its easy to rip.
  • make background
  • do portfolio

My/Our next step will be... to take more pictures. we are making a new background and adding edits. we are making cool filters with the pictures that we are taking to make them cool.
  • upload all photos to flicker
  • take pictures with green screen

We want to know ...
If we can use a didgatel background. instead of making them we can alwas try to put cool background or filters. like flowers or some rellt cool pictures
  • take more photos with background
  • make another one maybe

Today we...
we commented on the peer groups.we did not present but we will next time i think. we will get pictures up next time.we can work on it next time to get it done.
  • try to get the pictures on the mac
  • post them to flicker
  • get cool background for photos

Next time we will...
We will finish our background. we will also take the pictures with our very cool background. We also are going to mabey make a another background so we can take more photos. We can even take photos on both days.
  • set up christmas lights
  • get the bokeh effect to work

Tuesday we did the Christmas light picture and they turned out the way we like so we did it on Thursday. we did it and took lots a pictures so they turned out great. next week we are going to upload them here. we already have our pictures at our h drives.
  • look at other ways to research and learn about our project
  • read all the tips about cameras

On Tuesday we looked a we tried to do the bokhe picture thing and i didn't work so on Thursday we wanted to find out how we can make iyt good and ow to make the effect. we they good ideas of how to do it and Maddie said that she would bring Christmas lights. then we can try the project next time.
  • Start are project
  • set up the instagram

On Tuesday we started to watch the videos and we didn't really like them so today on Thursday, we deiced to not watch them and find a different way to learn how to use the cameras. so we have been looking allover for a website or something to learn.we have been looking on pintrest for little tip to use on the cameras. we found a lot of tips so next week we can use the cameras. we will start a project next we are trying this project we are going to try something else cause its not as fun as we thought it was.

  • Finish checking critique group proposals
  • Start project
today we finished all the critique group proposal and we will start a project next week.
i will make all my pages and
start a project proposal and get it
Today we finished our Project proposal so for next week we will meet with our critique group.