Stop Motion Project Proposal

Stop Motion Proposal
Amelia Marissa and Fatimah
Our challenge, is that we don't know how to use the iStopMotion app, so we will have to watch videos on youtube to get to know how to use it.
We expect to learn new ways to be creative with our stop motions and make them look cool and almost "magic".
We will be challenged because we already did a lot of stuff with the app and we need to come up with new tricks.
This will stretch us because we will become more creative!
  • electronic device
  • iStopMotion app
Main Steps:
  1. Get a stop motion app on an electronic device
  2. Play around with the app and get the feel of it
  3. Figure out what we are going to make the video of
  4. If we have problems, we will go on YouTube
We will put our finished project on the wiki.
Fatimah- Think of ideas for our project, and will be in the video as an actor
Amelia- Think of ideas for our project, and videotape.
Marissa- Think of ideas and will be in the video as an actor.
It will about a quarter project. (It will take 4-5 days to film the video, then the rest of our time to edit it, edit sound or music into it, and post it to the wiki)
Some resources we will use, are youtube, and each other. We are guessing that people in the past have done this project, or something similar to it.
YouTube and the internet will be our "teacher". If we find a video that helps us, we will link the video to our documentation.
Yes we could create cool projects. Maybe we could go on youtube and search videos on how to make really cool features and videos. We will also link these videos to our documentation. Mr.Whitmer will help us along the way.
We might have difficulties on running out of ideas, so we will look on youtube, and the videos we watched to help us, we will link them on our documentation. We will work together as a team to find out the problem and how to solve it.
We will upload our finished stop motion video on our wiki. Our target audience, is the thinkering class, and they will go on our wiki and see it if they would like.
We will create a stop motion video that we are all happy and satisfied with. We will write it on our documentation, so people can see. We will see how far we are in the video, and decide how long it will be.