Amelia's Friendship Bracelet Project Proposal

Friendship Bracelet Proposal
I would want to wear the bracelets, and I want to know how to make them for wearing them in the summer too.
I expect to learn how to make friendship bracelets. I will be challenged, because the last time I made a friendship bracelet, was probably a few years ago. I don't remember how to make them, so I will have to watch tutorials.
This will stretch me, because I will become more creative, and I will know how to make bracelets for the summer!
  • string (I already have)
  • tape (to hold the bracelet in place)
  • computer/laptop (to watch youtube tutorials)
Main Steps:
  1. look at other students tutorials to see how they did theirs. I will link the one that helpes me the most and put it on my journal
  2. look up what kind of friendship bracelets I would want to make
  3. select a number of bracelets I'm going to make
  4. bring string to school
  5. watch youtube tutorials and websites (I will link them to my journal) to show me how to make the bracelet
  6. make different kinds of bracelets each week (or more if the bracelet takes longer to make)
  7. if I have trouble, I will ask a friend to help.
  8. when i finish making all the braclets I want, I will make a tutorial on my best bracelet
On my reflections, each week, I will upload a picture of my progress on each bracelet. Then When I finished my first bracelet, I will make a project page to show all of the bracelets I made. Also, I would make a tutorial the bracelet I am best at making at the end of my project, and post it on that page too.
  1. I will make a tutorial of the bracelet I am best at doing
  2. I will ask someone to try making my bracelet using my tutorial, and then tell me what problems they ran into if they did at all.
I expect this project to take the whole quarter. Friendship bracelets take a while to make when you're a beginner.
My teacher is youtube, and friends (to help with a difficult step)
I will learn how I work alone on a project. I have never worked alone in the class.
I might now be able to complete some of the steps because they are too difficult. If this happens, I will ask a friend or someone else in the class to help me out and show me how to do it.
I will have a project page that people can look on to see the bracelets I have made. My target audience is anyone who wants to know how to make a friendship bracelet, or if they are just interested. I will not sell them I will keep them or give them to my friends.
I will define my projects success, by finishing my goal number of bracelets to make by the end of the quarter. I will write a project review for me on reflection and the end of the quarter. I will take a picture of all the bracelets together and put it on my reflection also. My project will be visible to others, because I will have it on my journal and project page so people in the class can see if they want.
Is success you making a bracelet you want to wear? What about making one a friend really wants to wear?
Is another form of success making a tutorial that other students could follow to make their own?