Air Cannon Project GSG2

By: Gray Gorbatoff

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection
I think this was a very good project because It was a little challenging and I a couple of F.A.I.L.s. I have used and learned about power tools witch I was planning to do and wanted to do. My F.A.I.L.s were that I have been having lots of trouble taking and uploading my video of the air cannon knocking down my plastic cups. But I got over this by having Mr. Whitmer and Sadie helping me upload it. From all I have been through in this project I thing this project was a success, I had some F.A.I.L.s and got over them, I reached my goals, and I had lots of fun doing it!

Steps & Tips

All of the steps are in the video manufacturing a vortex cannon in the Resources section.

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • A fail that i had is I didn't know how to to cut the hole in the bottom so the air could come out
  • I resolved this problem by bringing my project home and having my dad help my use one of his power tools to help me cut the hole.


manufacturing a vortex cannon
My Dad