Project Title

by: asa30

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

  • Overall this quarter my final project was a mistake. I never wanted to do Minecraft, instead I wanted to code and learn how to code. I was dragged by my partner the entire quarter to do something I never wanted to do.The process of my project was very simple, we opened the Minecraft game, we opened our virtual world, we started building pointless things, and we then took screenshots and made a video almost every week. Minecraft is overall something meant for 3rd graders and not 8th graders as a project. It is also not meant to be taken very seriously as if the building that occurred in the game was benefitting anybody.

Steps & Tips

  • One of the things that we are looking to build right now is a huge castle with redstone and walls to govern a kingdom the kingdom will come later.
  • We also want to use command blocks to build twists and turns you can't otherwise get in the game.
  • We will use redstone to build different and unique objects (see below) that will give our land a unique and intriguing aspect of it.
  • We are hoping to build a castle and a kingdom that will house civilians in Minecraft.
  • We will then use redstone and command blocks to build more castles, kingdoms, and lands.
  • We will also use Minecraft to build different machines such as a stopwatch and a computer in Minecraft.
  • We will post videos and screenshots of our work so you can monitor our progress.
  • We will always be in creative/peaceful mode

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • What difficulties or F.A.I.L.s did you have during the project? I feel that the entire project was a F.A.I.L. because I messed up when I wanted to try out minecraft for a couple of days. I wish I had not made that decision because it made me waste an entire quarter building pointless building s in a virtual world that won't benefit anyone or anything. In the future I will not choose Minecraft as a project because I believe it is pointless and will overall waste your time if you don't have an interest in it.
  • How did you handle/resolve/work around them? I tried to work around Minecraft by working on coding instead of Minecraft but it was always short-lived because my partner kept dragging me back to playing Minecraft.


  • The resource I used was mostly just Minecraft