Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Forensics Do's and do nots!
Adam, Richard, maybe Laurent
Figuring out the do's and do nots in each category, and doing high quality videos using some videos makers like iMovie and figuring out how to use that. Just the part of learning how to use the editing app will take at least one full class period.
We will learn about each category and what are some tips for each one, along with how to use some video makers to make our high quality videos.
We would only need a camera, a computer and a video maker app or browser from home and school.
Main Steps:
  • We will first research what all the categories are also what there about
  • Then we will start writing out what all the videos will have
  • Then we will record the do's and dont's throw a browser or app
  • Lastly we will make the video high quality through the browser or app that we recorded in.

  • PLAN:basically we are going to script the piece and the actions of each people and their dialogue. we will then record and edit the video and put it on the bcs forensic website, youtube, and finally the thinking studio wiki.
Until the end of this quarter with a little time spent into it at home.
  • Our forensics team mates
  • The people in the categories we do
  • Other videos about does and do nots the we can base off of
The difficulties will be researching all the categories and the dos dont's and lastly making high quality videos. We would take a while to learn the app and how to make the videos and add effects and things like that.
We would give it to Mrs Bassit to put on the website. We will also share and post it on the youtube channel that me are going to make.
We will know we have done a good job when we have all of our videos done and posted to youtube and also on the bcs forensics page.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”