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Guitar Tabs I've been working on in class and at home:
Everything by Michael Buble
I love rock and roll by Joan Jett
I can't get no (satisfaction) by the Rolling Stones
Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie

Tips for beginners:
- warm up your fingers by doing the caterpillar exercise (shown in picture labeled below)
- practice everyday
- if you don't memorize chords easily, have somebody who knows them write them down on a piece of paper for you
- if you can't stretch your fingers to do some of the chords try doing the simple ones in the beginning. EX: A chord, E chord, D chord

Some guitars I prefer for beginners:
Oscar Schmidt (one I use)
Taylor guitars

A good way to warm up your fingers before practicing
or a lesson is to do a caterpillar exercise. (shown in picture)

Caterpillar Exericse (warm up)
The numbers on the lines tells you what finger to use for that string.
Your 1st finger is your pointer finger.
Your 2nd finger is your index finger.
Your 3rd finger is your ring finger.
Your 4th finger is your pinky.

Picture 21.png


The numbers on the side of the drawings mean which fret to place your fingers.
The dots on the lines are where you put your fingers.
The numbers directly next to the dots are which finger you use on that string.
The drawing starts with the 6th string on the far left and the 1st string on the far right.
The X's above the chord drawings mean you don't play the strings with them above them.
Dchord.jpg This is a D chord.
Gchord.jpg This is a G chord.
Cadd9chord.jpg this is a Cadd9 chord.
Picture 20.png This is a G/B chord.
Aminor.jpg This is a A minor chord.
Bminor.jpg This is a B minor chord.
Achord.jpgThis is a A chord.
B7chord.jpgThis is a B7 chord.
Cchord.jpgThis is a C chord.
Bchord.jpgThis is a B chord.
Echord.jpgThis is a E chord.

The "open" strings of guitar are E,A,D,G,B, then another E

1st string: E
2nd string: B
3rd string: G
4th string: D
5th string: A
6th string: E

Songs I've learned:

Ziggy stardust by David Bowie:
Picture 16.png

I can't get no (satisfaction) by the Rolling Stones:
Picture 17.png

Everything by Michael Buble:

Picture 18.png

I love rock & roll by Joan Jett:

Picture 19.png