AYM2's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Magic Aym2
    • This final quarter I have been working on magic. I am apparently good at it and I have learned multiple intermediate level tricks. I have even created my own alternate ending to a trick. My tricks have dazzled everybody's mind and I hope to continue with my passion. I have done a lot of work outside of school and have perfected my tricks. this is my last ever portfolio because this is my last week at BCS.
  • Adam and Adam guitar
    • I have been working well on guitar. I have improved so much on guitar! I practice a lot at my house and i am starting lessons soon, so i will have a jump on everyone else. However, I may switch my project to magic given that I love magic. It seems like this project is not as fun as it used to be and i might switch. I hope that i am able to find a project that is fun to me.
  • Adam and Adam guitar
    • I have made a lot of progress on this project so far. We have learned multiple songs that are on multiple different strings and we are progressing fast. We need to now start working on chords. Because we have thinkering, home practice, and a guitar class we are making a lot more progress than we would be if we didn't have things like thinkering. i really enjoy this project and I hope we can do it for the rest of the year.
  • DIYnamite productions
    • I didn't get much progress done. I did manage to film 2 videos of me doing the Diy's, but i could not figure out how to edit them. I have not posted to my channel yet, and I may be switching projects. I may switch to learning how to play the guitar because i have recently won a guitar from a contest. I want to learn how to play it so i think that this would be a good time to do so. If so I may either hand off this project or drop it completely.
  • Focus on Forensics
    • We have finally finished. We ended with watching and taking notes on Ted Talks. We finished on a good note. We have our pages up and running. What we did was look at Ted Talks because we thought they were good examples of public speaking. We saw many topics and took notes on many talks. It was an ok project but we are completely done and happy about it. We are now making another proposal for a new project.
  • Focus on Forensics
    • During the rest of this project we will be uploading more videos. We have uploaded two so far. We have been thinking of a new piece to perform. We are presenting our project by showing it on youtube. After that, we want to see how many people view our videos. Our overall sucsess so far has been at least 8/10. The only thing we are missing would be subscribers and views. After this project, I would like to try out KSP. So far we have been working really well on this project.
  • Focus on Forensics
    • In this project we are going to make a YouTube video on the do's and the do nots for performing forensics. We have been studying various pieces to try to find what they do well. We are writing up small pieces to perform in the video. In the next couple of weeks we will be filming our video. I am working with Richard and Laurent in this project. We have analyzed and took notes on around five videos. We have been working really well on this project together because we have been on track with analyzing and making the videos. and we are going to continue. Our time estimate is probably a couple of weeks.
  • SimCity Buildit Aym2 Rap1
    • In this project, I have worked with Richard to build the most futuristic Sim City city that I can. As we level up, the buildings that you can make become cooler. My population is at 65,000 now and my buildings are turning into penthouses. Our goal is to also get to 100,000 people which means that we would have to buy expansions which cost things like cogs and gears. What I have been doing to increase my population is buying a ton of residential homes so I can increase happiness and upgrade them to towers. Richard and I both have education and a cargo dock, as well as schools. We decided that we need to post more screenshots on our page, that is our next step. Overall, we have been doing really well. We are filming our screen on a mac to post on our YouTube.
  • AYM2 JAR4 Basketball Crossover Moves
    • For this project I have been trying to come up with moves that we can make tutorials on. The whole point is to be able to have someone look at our channel and lean how to do the moves. It is a project that we think we can do if we have enough time because we will need to film it many times. The only problem we have is time, if we run out we can't continue this project. Our next step is to film the moves because lately we have been focusing on the lighting and sound projection.
  • Adam Scratch project page
    • I have been trying to focus on my own projects instead of Evan's so that I can get better at scratch. At first I had a tough time coming up with an Idea. Then one day I finally figured it out I decided to make a project called the Gatorade effect. The project is about the effects of Gatorade ( in a funny way.) It took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes to make but it came out great. I knew I had created a good project. My next step is to revise and make more.
  • Aym2 scratch projects
    • I am working with Evan on his scratch project Da Melons. I have been showing him how to add music and how to insert new sprites into his project. At first we had been Goofing off but we ended up buckling down and actually working. Now when you see a warning sign that means that a melon is coming. I think that if we advertise this project then it could become well known. The reason I am helping him is because I am well known and have a ton of followers. I am trying to advertise his project on my page and try to get people to see it. My next steps are to make a project of my own that says that I am back online and to go check out my friend here 1skeech1.
Update for this quarter: I am trying to learn how to mentor someone correct

Top Reflections:

during the maker fair, what went well? my tricks were amazing and I dazzled almost everybody with my tricks. What problems did I face? Some people figured out part of my trick because there were so many people watching. how did I try to solve them? I denied what they said I did as well as try to patch up that move. If i were in charge I would make it so only a certain amount of people could see my tricks at a time so it wasn't as stressful for me (TS) (E)
  • I liked this reflection because I answered all of the questions provided. I did extremely well and I feel like i covered the material necessary. This reflection was about the maker fair which went well for me. In this reflection I liked how well I explained what happened.
  • i don't find the project fun anymore. I may switch, but most likely not. I've been repeatedly working on the same songs every single day, and it's extremely boring. The songs aren't as fun anymore. However, i may not switch.
    • I think this is a good reflection because of what was said. I gave my true opinion and also helped plan out the next weeks to come. I think it was a good reflection and I explained what had gone on that week. I ended up staying with the project.
  • I like this reflection i said what we did and i gave some specific detail about what the songs were. I liked how i said the exact songs that we learned and how i said what our next step would be. I feel that i gave a clear and detailed explanation when i wrote this reflection.
  • This week i managed to come up with the diy. Next week i am bringing in materials and I will film. My plan is to plug it into iMovie and edit it. I hope to make hot cheeto tacos It's more about teaching the person how to do the project. This week i finished my research.
    • I picked this reflection because i gave a clear overview of what i had done. I talked about all of my materials and i talked about what I was going to do once i had finished filming my DIY. I think that I also gave a clear summary of what i had done that week. I think that this reflection really is a well worded one.
  • This week we started researching ted talks. We made once again a new page. We have been looking on websites to see what makes a ted talk great. We will make another informative page. We worked on the page this week.
    • I picked this reflection because I like how long and informative it is. I took the time to make it sound right and it seems like a high quality reflection. What we had done that week is start the ted talk portion of our project and I gave a clear description of what and how we did. I am very proud to write something that is this high quality of a reflection.
  • I/We learned.. How to use YouTube better.This week we made channel art and made our subscriptions. We have been doing really well lately. We also have to write a new piece.We will have to film richard doing it.
    • I picked this reflection because I liked how I explained it. When I wrote this one, I clearly stated what we had accompished that week. At the time, we had just made channel art and subscribed to all of the forensics people that we thought were reliable. After this we have to write the new piece so that we can make a new video because we write our pieces for these videos.
  • /We think... that we have to make the videos. We will post them on youtube. We are almost done reviewing. We have done a bunch of them. We also need to get the things necessary to make the videos such as a tripod and a camera, Type 2: What we thought
    • I picked this reflection because it was recent and it showed what we did. I rated it a type 2 reflection because we talked about what we thought. This reflection was when we were still analyzing and reviewing the videos. At this point we were almost done. I like this reflection because i think that I clearly state what we did in that week and I tell how we did it. I like this reflection and I think it is good quality.
  • "I / We don't understand... why you have to pay bucks to advertise your products. I got some of the Halloween parks. I only did it so I would have a memento of Halloween. I got a lot done. My population is now 57,000."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows what I did that week and it shows a question that I asked. This is one of my newer reflections of the year and of the quarter. In it I asked a question, said what I did that week, and gave the overall view. All in a few sentences. I think that this reflection is one of my best because it says so much in only a few sentences. At this point, my population was a little less and I had just gotten the new parks.
  • The steps I / We plan to follow is make the full segment next week. This week we posted our starter video with our opening segment. Our plan next week is to try to finish my video. Overall we worked very well this week because we stayed on task and were able to start filming ourselves doing the moves that we had researched and practiced
    • I chose this reflection to be my best one because it gives an explanation of what we did and how. I wrote this after we posted our starting segment on our page. I felt good because we were able to do it without hesitation. This reflection gives an overall view of what we had been doing that week. It does not leave out any details because it gives the explanation of what we were doing. We followed the rules and posted a template from Mr. Whitmers page, I feel like this reflection was one of my best ones that I have written this whole year in Thinkering Studio, next year I will try to do that more often.
  • I watched and learned how the players shoot, i watched part of an Olympic match to find out how the players shoot and how they catch and shoot. I looked at the shot mechanics youtube channel. Next time I will try to put them to the test and see who would get blocked the least. Next I will try to look at polls about this topic.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that I was productive. This reflection shows that in the video I studied how the players shoot and how they released the ball from their hands. I said in detail how I was going to the site to give points to someone if they got voted. This is one of my best reflections.
  • The steps I / We plan to follow are... Make another project. This week I made a project called The Gatorade effect
    http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/50679838/, I worked all day on it and I plan to make a sequel to it if it becomes popular so that i know what I did well and how to make it even better. That is my plan for the next few weeks.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that i know what my plan was and how I was going to execute it. I had my whole plan set out and was waiting for the results. I learned that I need advertising to make this project popular. I have been trying to improve my animations and I think that this project shows that. One thing I liked about this reflection is it described what I was going to do.

Top Critiques.

  • I think you should work on teams other than the pistons so you don't seem biased.
    • i liked this critique because I gave this person advice. They had been making biased videos on their YouTube channel and I pointed that out. I feel like this provided a solid idea and I think they have been making non biased videos for a while now. this was a good critique because of the idea that I gave, I felt like it was extremely helpful.

  • I think you should've spray painted and made a video showing what your car can do!
    • I like this critique because I gave him a creative idea that I thought was a nice idea on how he could improve the project. I made suggestions and i think that they could help his project in the future. I think this is the kind of critiques we should give, helpful ones.
  • I think that you should start planning the plot of your comic book so that you don't have to do it later. You could consider doing your greek origin story for LA
    • I like this critique that i gave because i not only gave him advice, i also found a way to connect it to our school curriculum. i gave him a nice idea because i connected it to what we were doing in language arts. This idea could've helped him get extra credit. i liked how I didn't take long to explain my critique and i really liked how i told him what i wouldve done to be more productive.
  • I think that you should experiment with different types of cameras
    • I picked this critique because I thought that i gave a good idea on how to help him with his project. He was trying to take pictures with his camera for his project. He was only using his phone and 1 app to edit so i suggested that he could use a different kind of camera.
  • I think you should watch examples on how to do your objective.
    • I picked this critique because I think that it was a good idea. I told them to plain and simple go to YouTube to see if they're objective was achievable and how hard it would be. I like the idea of this critique because it could really help somebody else out.
  • I think that if you could set a smaller goal, it would be easier to reach. After that you could go to the moon.
    • I think that this is a good critique personally. I didn't have a long lead up and I think that I gave a good idea. My idea was if the person doing this project couldn't get to the goal he wanted (building a space colony on the moon) then he could set a smaller goal such as getting out of earth's atmosphere and he would be able to reach his other goal quicker.
  • I think you should expand your resources of your training.
    • I picked this critique because it wasn't too long. It only took me a few words to make my point. This was for somebody doing magic tricks and I told them that they should use different sources. This is one of my good critiques that I have done.
  • I think that you should post your tricks on youtube and also maybe start a website to showcase your tricks.
    • I picked this critique because I felt like it was a good one. It gave information on what he should do to help himself. It wasn't very long but what I did write I made sure was good. I think that I gave him 2 options that could help his project. If he showed people his tricks online, he would get positive feedback. I know this because he is good at tricks. I thought that he needed to post or show them somewhere.