Allen Iverson Crossover:
Start with a hesitation one way. Keep hands on top of the basketball. get the ball to the side of your body. Get low, and crossover, darting the other way, and race for the basket.
Tips: For this to work, you have to really sell your fake, to trick your man. Then you hit the crossover quickly, leaving him in the dust and possible breaking him down to the floor, giving you the needed time to focus on your shot.

Jamal Crawford Crossover:
To start you want to go with a simple behind the back in the other direction to sell your fake. Once you have your man on the other side you want to flip the ball from your carrying hand to the other hand behind your back to get space for your shot.
Tips: Make sure to get low on the move, or else your defender could pick off your dribble and go the other way. And as soon as you see the defender faked out, you missile towards the basket, if its open! If not, either take the jumper, or kick it out to an open teammate for a shot.

First test video with voice projection and lighting