Top Projects:

  • Songwriting
    • This project I liked this project because it helped me get better at the guitar and making lyrics for different chord progressions. I also lerned that writing a song could also be poetrey so I was reading and writing poetry for a few days. I think songwriting would be good for someone who is wanting another challenge on the guitar. Songwriting if hard and very fun since you can make the song about anything you want.
  • MineCraft
    • This project is about learning how to create, and survive. I learned that in Minecraft when you create the product might not be what you wanted. I learned that even though you think you are doing the right thing just one detail will go wrong. Minecraft can show your determination and perseverance on building or even surviving the night. I think that Minecraft is very fun but sometimes it can get boring and it is something to not play everyday.
  • Airplane Design
    • This project is about designing, making,teasing, and redesigning paper airplanes. One of our goals is to make a paper airplane that can fly 20+ yards. Now I choose this project because I didn't realign know how to make paper airplanes and now I have been getting really good at making them. This project also lets me work with partners and learn from them. We've worked really well together.
  • Guitar Portfolio
    • I choose this project because I want to do my guitar time (30) so I have more time to work on homework and other things at home. I also want to lean new songs and I have about 45 minutes in this class. One of my goals were to finish a song which I real like and I did. I have gotten a lot better because I worked at school and at home.
  • GameStar Mechanic Portfolio - ATW2
    • I picked this project because I wanted to be good at making games. I also choose this project because some of my class mates said it was fun and hard, and I like a challenge. So far I have been doing very well with making games. I ask choose this because I wanted to see how different it was from other game design websites.
  • NXT
    • This porject has helped me in a lot of ways. One of ways that it helped is when I get frusteradted it helps me because I can perserver through when the goings get tough. Another way that this helps my brain work a lot so when I had to build the bot again it took a long time because I didn't have anything to look at to make the bot again. LAst way that it nhas helped is it helped me learn to program and I learned that the bot doesnt do what i want sometimes.
  • Scratch Project at bottom
    • This project helped me learn how to program sprites to walk run jump and more. I also learned that the sprite won't go the way you want all the time. I had a lot of fun with this project but I didn't program the sprite to do what I wanted to I was getting frusterated and then I finally got what I wanted and so the sprite did what I wanted.

Top Reflections:

  • I think this is meaningful to me because when I grow up I can use my guitar skills to make mnore songs music and lyrics so I can play for crowds or just family. I made to songs with music and they are on my songwriting page. Next I am going to try to make a song with words.
    • This shows me thinking about what I might want to do when I grow up. It also shows that I might want to preform in front of my friends and family and I want to be able to all different kinds of thigs on the guitar.
  • "Today I got 2 Screenshots. Today I thought I got a lot done because when ever JAke or Max wanted me to show something I went but I always stayed o topic. Another reason I haven't been getting lot of work done is that Jake was new to Minecraft and he didn't know how to play. Now he loves the game.
    • This shows me giving good information but not giving the whole project away. Another is I alway want to stay on topic even though my friends wants me to stop what I'm doing.
  • "Today I taught George and David techniques how to hold a camera I learned this technique in Mr. Mcloud choice hour. I also told them how to take a proper throw in. It's nice to be able to take what I learn in one class and use it in another. I also enjoy helping people! Next we are going to record."
    • It shows me that I'm sharing ideas with partners. It also shows how I'm connecting things learned in different classes.
  • What was hard today was I made my game but I made it to big so it took a long time to beat my game. Also today i did a few challenges that were challenging but I got it. Next I am going to try to beat the challenges.
    • I choose this because it shows that even though the games might be hard I don't give up. Another thing is I like a challenge, it also shows that I don't give up.
  • Today I started gamester and I am getting use to the game. I learned how to move jump and shoot. I don't get why some of the levels are easy and some are hard but most of them they are easy. Next i am going to try to do some more quests.
    • I choose this because it show thata i mostly want to do or try anything, even thought I might want to do. Another reason is that I am very interested at making games so that is why I choose this as well.
  • Today I got my bnot wheel back on and then I had time to put the senser on. One problem I had was I had to repeat the program and I could'nt get it to restart or start at all. I also used a program so I could find how to program my bot. Next I'm going to play with the sensers.
    • I choose this because thgis shows that it took time to put the wheel back on to the bot. This shows this because I had only little time to see that I had to put a senser.
  • Today I did scratch and played games and I learned how to p[rogram on of the games. I also looked at how people make their games and I learned how to fing out how the uswer made the game and what programed they used. I want to learn how to make a game.
    • I choose this because it shows that I look and found the programming of other users so I can find out how they got there games to work and so I casn play around with me own programing in the futuer.
  • Where could I use the skills/knowledge again?
    • This year I worked on guitar the whole year. The first part Songwriting, then the other half making guitar pedals. In both projects I Leaned to not give up to easily. The Songwriting was a little hard for me so I didn't do it so much. When I was working on my guitar pedal I had a lot of problems that I had to fix and it was very frustrating but I learned how to fix it and now i'm on my last part. Putting it into a box. The two projects that I had this year is just like my pedal. One thing in the circuit can be wrong and once I fix it everything will run smoothly.
  • What connections did you make?
    • A connection that I made to my guitar pedal is soccer. Each time I learn a new play, a new move, a new formation. I have to keep on practicing my mistakes that I make until I feel that I have mostly mastered it. The pedal project is connected because I had to learn how to solder. I made a lot of mistakes and I had to learn how to fix them. After I mostly had a hand on soldering the next hard part was reading and following the directions the instructions gave me. I had a lot of mess ups because I didn't a) read it carefully or b) Couldn't really see the picture. The perseverance that I have built up from soccer has helped me persevere through my pedal project.

All Projects:

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David the Animal atw2.sb
Move to the beat ATW2.sb
Moving cat ATW2.sb
Hippos can fly ATW2.sb
Gliding Ghost ATW2.sb
Moving Cat 2 ATW2.sb
Dancer ATW2.sb
Animal twisting ATW2.sb
Flying Bird ATW2.sb
Playing Drum ATW2.sb
Shark chasing fish ATW2.sb
My Guitar Page

I am playing You Got It on my acustic guitar. I also used a yeti microphone and I used GarageBand. - you got it atw2.mp3


How to Make A Furnace
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