Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Learning ASL.
Eden, Sirena
How do you speak sign language? We are learning how to speak sign language.
Challenge Starters & Examples
How to speak sign language. We want to learn sign language because it is a good skill to help you and we are planning to take the language in high school.
Its a whole other language that we have to learn from scratch.
This project will stretch us because we have to work hard at learning a new language and its also with using your body.

Main Steps:
  • We will learn on Wednesdays in categories and then on Fridays we will practice with each other.
  • We will create videos of us having a conversation about a certain project with sigh language.
  • This project we will use our abilities equal because we are both learning the language.
A quarter or more.
  • My aunt will help us. Yes. People are learning languages. ASL, Sign language.
  • My aunt is helping us learn through Skype/facetime.
  • Study every day until we learn the language.
  • Sign Language Course
Keeping organized and on the right track with learning the language will be difficult.With a calendar.
We will fail at learning the language.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • We will upload videos to youtube.
  • My peers.
Hey learning the basics and speaking with each other. We will speak fluently.
Seeing us speak sign.
We will be signing. Yes we will learn new things each week.
“We are learning sign language.” “Because we want to speak in a different language so know one will know what we are saying to each other.” and “its for Sirena and Eden”