ASF3's Journal

I am going to make this new character a key reason to the character that had died as to raise suspicion.

I am able to make this person one of the key people that interacted or saw the person that had died early on. This will make it so that in situations other characters will have to either trust him or take a harder route. This will create a dilemma between the characters and alow me to kill off some others.
I can make a new character of the character who has died become a side character.

I was able to introduce him but no very much. I have made him into a person that could be either a liability but also a person that can help in a lot of situations. He will most likely be a character that I will kill off either in preparation of the final fight. This will give the characters something fight for in the form of vengeance for their fallen friend.
I will start to introduce the main villain of the story.

I have introduced the villain of my story in the form of a cult that has a good political standing. This will create it so that both sides will have something to uphold. The cult has to uphold it's political standing because they protect people from the machinery that kills. As well as the soldiers who have to serve there country.
I will attempt to crate my new character a backstory.

I am going to introduce my new character and have my main character be high ranking.

I am going to try to get to chapter 2 on my story.

I was able to get to chapter 2 of my book and it is going very well. I am developing some minor characters as well as building my main character. I am going to introduce another main minor character who will be in the story for the rest of the time.
My goal is to get to page three of my story.

I was able to get to page three by today and it was very successful. I am so far introducing one of my main characters. The book so far is going very well. My characters mom has died in the first few pages as well as they are in a time with a therapist.
I am going to play a very popular game on Cool Math Games today. it is called Run 3.

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ... I was playing Run 3. While I was playing Run 3 the game was kind of easy and kind of hard. While it was a good balance the game quickly becomes easy when you get the skater. However the game can be fun when you pull of tricks like B hopping or space floating. but when the game becomes easy when you get skater. however if you play the infinite mode you can buy new characters. Now while the infinite mode is not that bad it can sometimes repeat in the levels that go around so all you have to do i simply remember how you did the level on time and then you can do it again. The game as whole is pretty good however it does have some flaws. The previously mentioned loop in the levels for infinite mode but also how the levels are very based on what character you pick. If you want to have fun then you choose skater. but if you want to win then you have to choose the lizard or the runner. Another thing is that for infinite you have to save so many gems to get 1 character. A gem gives you 1-3 gems and the lowest costing character is 2000 gems. Also they are pretty hard to grab.
This is a day that I am going to switch projects

Today I was able to start working on my new portfolio. It is going to be me writing a short or long story. I think that it is going to be very fun and hopefully successful. I am going to learn how to write good stories with this.
I will begin on working on my maze design.

I will play other people games to get a better understanding of how the mazes work.

I am going to continue my maze.

What helped your learning?

I helped my learning because I was playing other peoples mazes. This helped and not so much at the same time. While some of the mazes made me see that they would block me. They did not show me what I was looking for. To make it so that when you touched a certain color you could be sent back to the start. I had a little progress when i found it so you where stopped.
I helped my learning by playing others games and learning how they program 12/19/17
I will start on creating a maze in scratch.

I will finish up my last few games on ICivics.

I was able to finish the games so I will be beginning on doing scratch. ICivics is a game site that has many different exploits and easy work arounds that allow you to easily win. Some games don't have a strategy at all. Other games did not exactly have a game. All you would do is just answer questions. Game such as Win The White House create it so that you have to go for California, Texas, N.Y.C., or Flordia. All you have to do is control three and the game is easy from there.
Continue playing different types of ICivics games and try to find exploits.

I will try to get a new game.

Strech- start new game

One example of a FAILure we had was ... The game was blocked so I could not get on. My teacher sent a letter asking if they could get the website unblocked. I hope that it will soon be unblocked. In the mean time I will be staying on ICivics.

I was not able to get to the game it was blocked. So I am waiting to get the game unblocked. In the mean time I will be doing other games and reviews to try to get another game done.
I will be playing a lot of different games on the website today.
Stretch- Go to a different website

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

I was able to play a lot of the games that were on ICivics. I think that I can use these games because of how they work. A majority of the games will have 6you repeat the process of one or few activities. It is not very fun to play those games. However if I was to play a different game it either was to long lasting and not fun, do certain activities to win faster that a lot of people could easily do, or the games were far to confusing to understand about how they would work. I would rate this website about a 3 out of 5.
I will be playing the same game on ICivics so I can have a clear response on the game.

The game this time around was not very fun. It did no support as much strategy as before and all you had to do was pick the same response. The game did support to easy of a pattern and was all to easy to see. When you got one answer right for a category it was the same answer every time. The game this time around was not very fun. Tee are only some categories that actually matter and you o use this later in the game however it is about on par with everything else. You only need to choose a certain few that on the first try are easy to see and they make little difference in the game at all.
What I/we need to do next is ...

Focus on trying to do a new game that is available to me and is school appropriate.

Stretch- Begin research.
What I/we need to do next is ... Learn How to play other Icivis games. Today I had played "Win the White House" so it shows a sort of way to play president. Icivics has a lot of different president running games and games about presidency. It shows different ways to experience ways of being president.This game did supply good amounts of strategy and thought in what I have to do. Once you start the game it does get a little addicting but then when it ends it is a little underwhelming. When you actually win there is not much except what states you "flipped" and what states got flipped.
I will be doing my last review on Game Star and I am going to say what I think about it.
Stretch- start on next game
My/our achievement was affected by ... This caused ...

My achievement was affected because I was sick on one of my days and the next I was not able to connect write away. This caused my game star to be a little slower that day and I was not able to do a whole lot but I was able to do a good amount. Overall Gamestar Mechanic was a ok game appealing to a more young audience with t's less than complex mechanics. It's workshop was more time reducing because you have to wait until you've done so many "missions" just to get new sprites. It's community was very unbalanced making it so that the games were either to complex and unbeatable or they were far to easy and anyone could beat them. People who had played for a long time had to hard of games to new people. Overall I would rate this a 2 out of 5 stars.
Today I will be taking a look at the community of game star mechanic.
Stretch- Do the workshop actifiy.
Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

I was playing a game that was pretty easy at first but was only hard at one point. the community seems to not have very many challenges and if they do they are far to hard for a normal player. I will be looking at the workshop next time. I will try to see what activities you can do in the workshop so I can understand how to build a proper game. This will not only show me how to build a good game but also how to play more difficult game. I think that this could be able to help me.
Today I will be reviewing Game star Mechanics story.
Stretch- go through some community work.

Today I will be looking for a project that can last me a long time and I will enjoy
Stretch- start part of the project.

I/We think...

That I should stick to one form of apps/or games. Such as for example I could only stick to one formats of games such as war or I should stick to one electronic of games. This could include games from Pcs, Xbox, Playstation, or any time of way that I an get games. Some other ways that I can create it so that I can stay consistent is to play certain types of games. Because it will create it so it is easier on me and easier to understand because it is one type of formatted game.

During the maker faire some things that went well was during my set up I was able to make multiple chess mussels including some famous ones. I had a good amount of people come over to my station. Everyone who came over had a decently hard time with the puzzles. I played some people and won against them all. Some problems I had was to make some puzzles when I had to help other people at my station. Because I only made one of each puzzle so I could not have time to help some people with my station. To make it better for next year I would say mac users from the thinking room should be able to go out in the hall. Because everyone who came over to mine was people who I asked to come see mine. So if people were in the hall they could see a lot more action and could have more experiences with there project.
try to complete level 3 chess.

I was able to successfully beat the level chess bot. It was very hard but I was able to do it. I think it turned me into a better player overall.
Do my games of chess and try to beat level 3.

Create my first post.
I was able to create two post about chess today. I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope I can continue doing this.
I will see if I can do a different project.

Finish first person shooter.

I have successfully finished my game. It is very quick and has a very easy learning curve.
Begin to create first person shooter.

I have began creating a good first person shooter. I was a bit mad because I didn't know how to overcome certain obstacles but I overcame it. I made it difficult but not to hard.
I will learn how to manipulate certain game mechanics.

I will play certain types of games
I was able to learn about different types of certain games. And I was able to learn different ways to control the system.
I will play some games to get a feel of how to create games.

Start to create more games.
I could notmake many games or figure out what to do.
Wait to see if I can do photography.

I will see if I am allowed to do photography.

I will attempt to work on a game and finish it.

One example of a FAILure we had was ...

I was not able to finish some of my projects. I was able to finish a game but it had a few flaws. So I could not get the characters to do what I want. So I had to find ways around this.
I will work on my games that depend on thinking rather then brute force.

Start on a new retro game.
While I was able to get far in making the game I still need to tweak some things.
I will finish my game
I was able to complete my game and able to get most of my next game done. I was able to get past obstacles when problems arose to make them not hard but not easy. This was very fun to do.
I am going to try and make a game today.

I have to play games until I am ready.
One example of a FAILure we had was ... I couldn't do much in class. Because I can't make games I get a UNDERSTANDING OF HOW OTHER GAMES WORK. but I don't get to make any.
I will continue to play games to get a good understanding.
Today I/we had "hard fun" when ... Playing games. They were difficult and I had to find some loopholes and exploits. This was difficult because I had to try different things.
I do not know what to do because of the confusion that is going on.

I am going to work with Justin to try and finish the Rube Goldberg project in a few more class periods.
I/We were effective/ineffective because ...

We were able to get a lot of work done such as getting the golf balls ready. We also are almost done with our golf ball pulley system because all we need is some string or some yarn. Then we need a bucket for our ping pong.
work on Rube Goldberg project

Try to finish proposal.

I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...

I was able to finish my proposal. However after I finished my proposal I worked on Game Maker. This was not very good because I did not understand the tutorials and I had to spend most of the time reading. Now this was very inefficient because I had no actual work done today.
Today I will be taking a short detour and do gamestar mechanic while I get everything setup for the Rube Goldberg project.

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

I played Gamestar Mechanic. I Played some of my previous levels to see if they where possible and they were. This was really fun when other people wanted to play. This was fun because they were so mad saying "Its not possible". Where as I could be it very easily.
Complete main steps

My/Our next step will be...
To try and finish my proposal. Now today was hard because I had to think of all the steps for my project. This was hard cause I also had to finish up my materials. This may take me some time. Because I also have to say how long I think this will take.
Try to finish proposal today.

finish parkour.

One example of FAILure this year was when... I was trying to adapt to gamester mechanic which was hard to do. After trying to adapt and I was able to then I had to switch projects. This was hard because then I tried to adapt to Minecraft. This was a lot easier then adapting then to Gamester Mechanic because I have played Minecraft before. But then I had to try to think up different ideas. So that was a bit of FAILures this year.
Create rainbow beacon

One example of FAILure is when... I couldn't figure out how to and spent most of the time guessing what to do. I did find out but did not have enough time to build the beacon. Next time I will look for a video on how to make a rainbow beacon.
Create lava chest trap

IN minecraft create fire arrow turret.

I want to know... How to be able to build a auto seed farm. It seems really cool. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.
make new levels and finish proposal

Today I had "hard fun". This is probably due to the fact that I was trying to complete five FIVE different games. All of them were hard. But not the one I named 'rage hard'. So I just want to see reactions if people play my games.

Make new challenge

Today I had 'Hard Fun' when trying to complete my level. I made a dropper which is one of the hardest to beet challenges ever. It was so hard. I was so mad when doing it.
complete spring challenge

Today I had "hard fun" yet again. I was mad because the spring challenge was well challenging. But I completed it eventually and got to my new story mode with the spring equipment.
Try to complete the other games.

Today I had "hard fun" when trying to complete my last level again took me 20 minutes. But thankfully it was worth it.
Try to finish other game.

Today I had "hard fun" when... Trying to finish my games. I had to spend 20 minutes on ONE level.
publish game.
Today I had "hard fun" when ... Publishing my game and making levels for other games. It made me angry that I had to go back and fix the smallest problems. But other then that it was great and smooth.
  • try to finish Charleys game.
One example of a FAILure we had was ...

I had to complete the levels. They were hard and made me mad. They were confusing so that's why I was mad.
Play Charley's game and try to get some ideas.
Today I had hard fun when trying to beat charley's game. It was hard because I had to find tricks and 'cheats'.
Try to fix the problems in game.

Try to finish games
Today I had 'hard fun' when... beating all my levels. They were pretty dang hard.
finish last game and publish
I made the levels but it says I can't publish it.
Try to complete making the 21 levels
well I made the 21 levels and a few on a different. So pretty good? I think so please play.
get one of the achefmintes by doing the challenges

try to complete the Halloween challenge.
One example of a failure I had was ... I couldn't find the Halloween mini game. But I was able to get the 13 levels.
try to complete the extra levels and succeed with the 13 levels
Today I had "hard fun" when ... trying to complete the challenges. I was not able to finish them they were extremely difficult. Trying to get 5 points in 40 seconds is hard.
try to make 13 levels
X 3
Today I had "hard fun" when ... trying to do the quest " missions ". I am not yet done with them yet but I am getting close.
get farther in stroyline

I learned...

That you can change the amount of damage and health you can have. This was because I did not play around. I was able to finish the story mode wich was difficult and got everything you need.
I am going to ...

I was effective in my work today. this is due to the fact that I didn't talk or play around with freinds
I am going to ...

Today I/we ...