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  • cursive calligraphy
    • I am doing calligraphy
    • I am going to start by printing calligraphy.
    • I am going to right over it then make my own
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water color
  • I am going to draw then color
  • frist i watch a vido
  • then I look a pic
  • then color
  • I am going to make my own paining
  • I am going to do waters colors
  • I am going to paint pets or flowers

  • Henna
    • add
  • iPhone Photos by ASA5
    • I like thinkeringstudio because it has fun things I like how you get make moves and photo. I get to take photo . i am learning new techniques and I am making portfolio of my photo .

Top Reflections:
  • Today I'm am going to put pictures about my realign .
  • I'm am going to start by copy my pictures about my god and the food I eat.
  • Picture where the most population of muslim live more.
  • Then wright about you have to do in that picture in that area.
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  • "Today I took some photos for my photography unit. It went well because I did not have any trouble taking the photos. The camera I took photos on was an ipod."
    • I think it is good I chose it because I get to use my phone and i enjoy to take pictures.

Top Critiques:

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