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Top Projects:

  • Coding and Learning/Minecraft Building with Redstone and Command Blocks
    • This year for the final quarter I decided that I wanted to do Minecraft for my project just for the fun of it and that I wanted to try out Minecraft for a couple weeks. In the middle of the quarter I slowly began to lose interest in Minecraft and wanted to go back and do coding on and other sources. I was unfortunately not allowed to change my project because my partner decided that my work ethic was not good even though I had lost interest in Minecraft already and was not having the experience I intended. I believe Minecraft is meant for some people but mindless building in a virtual world is pointless and a waste of time because you won't really achieve anything valuable or physical all you would achieve is that you built a certain thing in a virtual reality that doesn't matter. Even though I at that point despised Minecraft and thought it was a complete waste of time I was still forced to do Minecraft. Whenever I attempted to change it the teacher wouldn't allow me, towards the end of the quarter I was marked down for not having good work ethic in Minecraft when I still got everything done in terms of journal reflection, screenshots, and videos. I was also told to donate time from my academic lab that was mostly spent studying for finals to come in and work on a project that I have lost interest in and personally believe won't benefit me or anyone else with anything.

  • Coding and Learning
    • This year for the first 3 quarters I have been working on a lot of things. I started off learning Javascript and Java, I then started to branch off a bit and go into Objective-C based lessons to learn some of the basics and foundations of mobile app development. I then learned enough about Objective-C so that I would have a good foundation to start Swift with. Swift is a new mobile app development language that apple has developed specifically for their line of iOS devices. When I started Swift, I started off by learning the basics on After a while I was introduced to a Stanford course where they teach iOS app development. I then started that course and went step-by-step along with the instructor to make sure I was learning as much as possible

  • Coding and Learning
    • My project this year was to learn mobile app development through X-Code. To do that I first had to learn computer programming languages that are used to write the information and commands that the computer reads to then carry out. While learning coding I first started to learn Javascript, after a while I realized that I didn't want to do Javascript because it isn't really linked to mobile app development. Then I decided to learn Objective-C using X-Code and to do that I had to use I wanted to learn Objective-C because it was the basis of mobile app development before swift. After learning the basics of Objective-C I decided to move on to the next big step, which was swift, swift is a new computer programming language that is specific to mobile app development. I am currently learning swift and how to implement swift in X-Code.

Top Reflections:

  • "This week I decided to focus more on coding than minecraft. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe minecraft isn't for me. Minecraft is fun but I am slowly growing bored with the concept of just constant building with no clear purpose behind it."
    • I chose this reflection to talk about because at this point in my project I wanted to quit Minecraft and go back to coding and learning how to code. This was also the point in my project where I was refused the ability to go back to coding because I started to get bored with Minecraft and the pointless building that goes behind it. Minecraft is just a virtual reality where yes you can do a lot of things but those things don't benefit anyone or anything because they have no impact on anything because your just building things that really are just thousands of lines of code.
  • "This week I learned many new things about coding and the process of coding. I learned that making an app requires the utmost patience to go through your code over and over again. I have had this one error that I haven't been able to make go away. It is causing me to lose my patience over and over again. I even went through the video tutorial and I went through his code repeatedly but I couldn't find any mistakes that I did and he didn't. I will keep trying but I am seriously considering going back and starting over with the basics of Swift on I feel that I probably started too quickly and that I need to slow down so I can learn the language right."
    • I chose this reflection to talk about because it was a turning point in my project. I started telling myself that I went too fast and that I need to slow down and learn the language a bit more. I wanted to learn the language properly so I had to go back and learn the language again properly I want to be able to start coding completely by myself without any outside help. Hopefully when I relearn some of the swift language I will be able to code completely by myself.
  • "This week I started to build a calculator on Xcode I used the Stanford course to help me when I got stuck. So far the calculator has the ability to print numbers and return numbers I have not added any addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division buttons yet. I am planning to do that next class or the class after that. After I finish my calculator project I want to go back to to learn and finish the swift code syntax."
    • I chose this reflection to talk about because it expressed my limitations and abilities. It helped reming me that I am still learning. I still have a long way to go before I start publishing apps on the App Store. I will continue to learn mobile app development and in the future I will hopefully start to publish apps on the App Store.
  • "This week I reevaluated my entire project. I decided that if I wanted to learn swift, objective-c and app development I had to start with a professional source. I decided I wanted to use because it has interactive video courses and tutorials. I was 20% through the Objective-c course when I decided I wanted to start with swift and app development for a few weeks to learn how to make apps and put them on the app store. I decided I wanted to use a mac to help me learn with xcode and swift. So far i've just started swift essential training where I learn how to write code in swift. After that course I want to go through the course where they teach us about the graphic user interface and how to make apps."
    • I chose this reflection to highlight because it was a time in my project that was a turning point, it allowed me to reevaluate my entire project and reflect on what I have done and what I need to finish. It allowed me to set new goals for myself and allowed me to use a more professional source learning coding.

Top Critiques:

  • "I like you project but how does this project be considered 8th grade material what do you do to make it like that"
    • I chose this critique to talk about because it was very honest and truthful. Minecraft is not 8th grade material and in fact it is meant to be 6th grade material that is meant for the sole purpose of having fun. When you take away that purpose Minecraft is boring and useless and there is no use to take a 3rd grade game so seriously. Overall this critique was maybe not the best but I believe that it was right in many of the aspects I spoke about.

  • "I love what you are doing with programing and I love how far this has come and I think that you have a lot of potential as a programmer but I also think that you keep adding new things to you program without refining the old one and I think that this would leave a lot of bugs that would be very hard to work out"
    • I chose this critique to talk about because it expressed my mistakes while also being able to understand the effort that it took to code the app. This critique gave me a helpful understanding on what I need to work on. It also gave me some knowledge about how I need to refine the older version of my app and quit trying to coat it with a new layer of paint. I believe this critique was a good way to help me and my project get better and learn more.
  • "Overall your project was amazing, it was well thought out and you really hooked your target audience. You had a good plan of where you were and where you want to go with building your PC. As a small detail you could just be a bit more detailed in your explanation but overall your project explanation was really good."
    • I chose this critique to write about because it was a time when I thought a project was really good and well thought out. It was a time when I thought the explanation was really good too.
  • "When presenting you must explain to full detail your project. When presenting to us you were mostly hesitant on telling us details and were very defensive when we gave you feedback. We had no idea you were using an iPhone to take your pictures so in future presentations be sure to include that."
    • I chose this critique to write about because when we were evaluating another classmates project they were very vague when presenting and didn't talk about the specifics.

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