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Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Lego Stopmotion Page
    • I enjoyed this project because it gave me a challenge to make it look perfect without messing it up. Adam, Evan, and I have made the project pretty long (Took about a quarter) and we made many plot twists. It was fun for me and my partners, and in the end, it looked perfect. The audio fitted in well too, so it looks really professional. I chose this project not only because it is fun, but it would help me with things like perfection and making things look professional.
  • Project 2 Scratch Page
    • I enjoyed this project because even though it took time to fix some of these games, it was actually looking professional, with the help of my teammates I got about 1 Game completes,2 things which you watch, and some characters for Evan's game. I was new to scratch and didn't know how to work with it, but this project helped me learn something new.
  • Project 3 Video Game Commentary
    • I picked this project because we though it was fun, but at the same time a challenge. We would play games and talk through the microphone while we play the game. The challenge was to make the commentary perfect without messing it up, I never got to finish one because we recently started, but we need to find appropriate games that aren't blocked.
  • Project 4 Basketball Edit
  • Arman's Comic Page - Drawing comic stories
    • I chose this project because I enjoy drawing and I wanted to learn how to draw better. I am not done but I can tell so far It has helped me get better. Even though I mess up often which is what I expected, I have been drawing stuff I wouldn't in my free time. So far this project has made me be interested in drawing more. I even found new techniques I didn't know about. I learned the fundimentals about drawing which make my drawings look way better than they used to
  • Project 5 Basketball Edits Basketball Edits 2
    • I redid this project because comic stories wasn't working out as well for me. I chose a project I enjoyed before except not exactly the same as last time. This time I am focusing more on the editing than the music, different than last time where I focused on the music more. I have been doing good and I have made 3 videos so far. I am planning to make it more advance each video.
  • Project 6 Mousetrap Car Mousetrap Car Page
    • I didn't enjoy the project as much as I thought I would. In my opinion it was boring for me and my partner, but having a partner made it a little more fun. It was the only project other than scratch that I did the whole quarter. We had trouble putting the pieces together and we also had trouble launching it as well. In the end we weren't able to finish, but since it was my only project out of 2 I had this quarter, I didn't have any other choice
  • Project 7 Sports Edits Sports Edits Page Link
    • I enjoy the sports edits project a lot. I have done it 3 different times, but this time I am actually committed to my project. I have made 3 videos so far while the last time I have only made 1 video. I am also learning new material, I am learning picture in picture, slow motion, editing the music, and I am also making an intro and outro. I have gotten better feedback from my last time I have done edits and I would like to continue after school is over with because I want my channel to blow up.

Top Reflections:

  • "What was fun? What did I/we enjoy? We ended up with no where near with 1100 pictures, instead, with 2030,! We made a pretty long epilogue and this is the longest stopmotion we have made. It is 3 minutes long. I helped with the pictures. I also helped with the moving of the characters and what would happen. Lastly, we picked what our next project would be, a scratch project. This project was really fun because I could hang out with my friends and do what seemed like an interesting project to me, we have made a lot of progress."
    • I liked this reflection because it gave good detail so people know what I did in the Lego stop motion project, and what I will do next. It gives a lot of information, time wise, and picture wise. It also tells me and other people what I enjoy about my project and why I might pick them and my future projects as well. I shows how long it took us to finish this project too.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was when I was done with a new game. However it glitches and says you lost when you didn't. I have been working on it to fix the problem by playing around with the scripts, but it has gotten me no where, so I played around with the other character and it worked better, but still bugs. I am currently helping working on a new game for Evan and creating characters for the game making pix-elated characters for his game which we zoom in and make dots to make a character
    • I liked this reflection because it was detailing about how the difficulty of a game I was working on was with it glitching, and people knew what was going on in my game. It also shows how I am creating characters in Evan's game detailed so people who view my reflection know how I and my teammates make the pix-elated characters for his game.
  • I/We think... we will find more games soon. Today we have found a whole website of
    unlocked games, that work, and aren't blocked. We will chose which games are
    appropriate, and multiplayer. So we have fixed a problem, but now we will chose what games
    out of the whole list that are appropriate.
    • I picked this reflection because even though it was really short, it gave good description about the troubles we ran into making our game commentary. It also talks about fixing one problem, but running in to a new one while we do our commentary on online games.
  • Now that I am doing good in drawing characters by drawing various famous superheros, I need to know if i'm doing my background in 1st or 3rd perspective, I have decided to do a superhero comic and it takes places in a city.
    I have started drawing cities and rural areas to get better at drawing backgrounds, and once I have this completed I will start putting my own character and the background together to make my comic.A hardship I have to overcome is when my city or my character doesn't come out the way I wanted it to and it looks really different than I wanted it to.
    • I chose this reflection because it talked about my decision making about different points of view on my comic. It also talks gave information on what my goal is in my comic about how it is on a superhero. It is very despriptive about certain things like my theme and the difficulties I need to overcome throughout
      my project.
  • Things worked out good...I am done with my third, but I realized that I am not that great with Top 10 Videos. I attempted to make one but it really didn't work out. I am going to stick with just making specific player or a team's highlights, maybe it will work out in the future. I have also started on making my own intro which worked out great on the 1st try. Now I am working on my outro for my videos.
    • I selected this reflection because it shows what I am currently working on while reflecting on my past ideas. It also says my ideas for the future. It says I am working on a project that has to do with sports edits and highlights. I explains most of the things I think about this project and how I like my project a lot. Everything has a lot of detail in this reflection.
Top Critiques
  • "I think you should add difficulty levels and make it more difficult, with various levels you can play from"
    • I didn't give much critiques (Only two) but I prefer this than the other one. Both were pretty short, but in this critiques I give 3 reasons instead of one like the other. I like this one because it doesn't give a lot of detail, but enough so they know what to add in their tinkering project in the future. Another reason I like this is because it was too easy to me and not enough additional items, and I think these things would complete it.
  • I think you should add more information to the game so people know what it is about other than hockey
    • Again, I only gave about 2 critiques, not much, yet I prefer this one because even though it is still very short, It gives more information than the other one, like the last top critique it gives enough information so people who your giving the critique to know what to edit in their project.
  • I think your commentary could use some more detail on explaining the game for people who don't know what it is about
    • I chose this critique because I only posted 2 (again), but I liked this one more. The reason I like this more because still it is very short, it gives more information on what to add to your commentary, and still gives more information than the other one. The other one was way shorter, but this one gives
  • I think you should use other social media platforms for example what if someone doesnt have the ability to get to youtube, or they prefer different platforms
    • I chose this critique because it gave more explanation generaly than my other critiques. It tells you more about how to spread your project throughout the internet. The main reason I chose this critique over my other ones is because it tells you what to add to boost your views on social media and it could help out your project.
  • You should post tutorials in youtube so other people know how to do the card tricks you made up or learned
    • Instead of doing only 2 critiques, this quarter I have done 4, so at least I have a larger variety to choose from. I choose this one because it shows other people across youtube and the internet how to learn something you made or learned. I think it is way more helpful than my other critiques, because my others were something you should fix, just this is an idea that could help.
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