AMS15 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Ava and Madeline's Photos
    • In this Project we tried to use a nice camera to take cool photos and learn about the settings and things. We also learn about how to change the lens and put it on the tripod so we have learned a lot in this. The hardest thing i think is changing the lens it looks hard. We also know how to take the sim card out and not to touch the teeth. The easy thing to this project is to take the picture. You just need to now what the settings are then your done.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • Project 2 Ava and Kasey's diy pictures
    • For this project we tried to take some homemade things and make in into something cool. We learned how to make pillows, wallpapers, and some cool christmas gifts. We are not done with this project so we wanted to make cool phone cases. We know how to make them already from videos we watched. We have to get the things on amazon because they are cheep on there but they are good to use for putting studs on them. the hardest thing we had was to make the wall papers because we had to make them big but then it looked bad so we hade to make it the perfect shape. Thats what we did so far and we hope to do lots more with all the diys.
  • Project 3 Kasey and Ava D.I.Y nails
For this project we tried to do our nails in harder ways then just painting them one color. We wanted to spice up our nails. We would learn how to paint them one color but then do some art to try and use all the tools that we have.we use the tools in different ways. some of the tools we use are called dotting pens and stripers. i think that the stripers are easer to use so we are going to try more of them dotting pens for more of a challenge to have. Kasey and I have been looking up videos to try on our nails. We both like some so thats what we will try next. The hardest things about this project is that we are using different brads of the nail polish so they might not turn out as good in the video because if the brand.My favriot part on this project is learning hot to do the nails cause they look very nice and cool. Thats everything so far that we have done.

Top Peer Critique:

  • On the page you did i think you should add pictures of what you want to get. You could also try to sell some to get the ones that are more money.

I picked this one because i liked how i said it nicely. This one is also longer then the ones i usually do. I liked how i said two things to correct so he can really do a good job.Thats why p iced this peer critique.

Top Reflections:

  • We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...
    we have been helping with another project. its a photo editing project and so they take pictures of us. then she edits them. so we have been doing that. we will try to get farther in the project so we can catch up. We are not to far behind from were we were.
    • i picked this because i was going to try to work and catch up . I was trying to catch up later.I think this showed that i really had to work on the project.i knew i had to work on the diy so i started to do it at home.I finished it at home so we could work on the next project.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • What skills did you use that you already had?
    We already have the tools for the nail project.But the other ones we have not tried. we have to try to use them for a challenge. we have not started and we plane to next week. we are going to try to do hard nail so we can have a challenge. if we can't do them we do easy ones then work hard.
  • I picked this one because it shows how much Kasey and I wanted to work for a challenge. we really wanted to start the project with challenging nails. In this i evan said if we pick to hard of one we will work our way up to then try to do it when we think we are ready. this makes it seem like we are good enough to do hard ones when we have only done easy one.

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