AMN2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • iStopMotion Videos Amelia Marissa and Fatimah

    • I chose this project, because we have been working on the videos, and so far we have two, which is to me good progress. We started this project at the start of the quarter, but for the first couple weeks, we were discovering new things in the iStopMotion app, that will make our videos better. Then the last two weeks, we made two videos, but we didn't have time to put the second one on the page yet, but we will do that when we finish this assignment!
  • Mini Olympics Page!!
    • I chose this project, because it was a big project that we needed a few weeks to prepare for. We had the whole class involved in it, so it was very interactive with everyone, and I think the whole class enjoyed it.
  • How to make jeans into shorts

Top Reflections:

  • "Things We want to learn are more about is the art of cooking, and trying to make it fun and easy for kids to learn how to do. We want to try to give recipes that need no heat (Like ovens,etc) We want to try to make cooking more fun for kids. What got in the way of your learning was trying to set up our blog was a challenge. We were confused on what to do, and when we picked wordpress, It took WAY to long to download the blog/app."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because I thought it really explained our project, and how we struggled, and how we succeeded.
  • "This week, we have made cake pops, took pictures of the process, and posted them on our blog. When we made cake pops, Amelia brought in the eggs, and cake batter. Kelsey brought the sticks, bowls, and measuring cups. and Ashley brought in the cake pop maker, and toppings (sprinkles). We put some sprinkles inside of the batter, which made kind of like a tie dye effect. We have learned that it is not always easy making simple things, but it turned out great in the end!"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because it tells exactly hat we did that day, who contributed in what ways, and how the project turned out.
  • "This week, we have continued our blog, and posted more recipes. What did you learn about your topic/tool? We learned more about our blog today, because we updated it with some new recipes, which helped us learn how to use it better. This will help us get our blog more views because it is more interesting! We are excited to share what we learned, and we are waiting to get more views to make our blog noticed!"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because it tells about how we made our blog better, and how we learned more about it. It also shows how we made our blog more interesting, by adding more recipes and pictures.
  • "Today we showed Mr. Witmer our Stop Motion Proposal, and he critiqued our project, and we fixed most of the errors, but we ran out of time to do the rest; we needed to do our reflections. One of our errors was the jobs of the group. We need to make them better, and think it out more. Also, he told us to research istopmotion for the ipad, and he did. He has the app on his ipad, so we would use that. It looks a lot better than the app we have now, so we plan to use the app and get used to it on tuesday. Over break, we will all watch a video on wallace and grommit"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because it tells about the conflicts we had, and what we need to do to solve the conflicts. Also, it tells about the changes we made to our project, and what we were going to do to get more educated (video on wallace and grommet).
  • "Today, I have watched/looked at the tutorials for the bracelets I have picked out, and I have put them in the order that they look easiest to hardest. I took out about three of the bracelet choices because they looked too complicated. I am going to start with the "Simple Braid" bracelet. It look the easiest bracelet to make out of the options I chose. As of now, I will be making about five bracelets (or more) depending if I would like to remake/make more than one of them."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because it showed the steps I took with my project.

Top Critiques

  • Why did you choose this project? What will you learn from it and how will you end the project? I don't see where it would end.
  • I don't think you fully explained the purpose of your project. Why did you choose this project? Also, how long will the project take? Are you finished?I think your presentation ad detail, but you didn't have a video to show us. If you had a video it would help us understand the project better. How long has it taken you? Have you been working on it the whole year?

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