AMN2 Journal



End of Year Reflection

I have changed my plan...
I have changed my plan by not doing tutorials. I only got two bracelets done, but only one of them was done well. I posted my pictures of the finished product on my project page. BUt I still need to fix my pictures so mine show up. The main reason why I didn't do a tutorial, was because I ran out of time.

If I had another day/week/month ...
I would prefer to have another week to work on my project. That way, I would probably be able to make a tutorial on the successful bracelet I made. I didn't have enough time to do that, because this is our last class period. Working on this over the summer would not be in my favor though so I will not be doing that.

2-3 Project Ideas for Re:Make Next Year
  1. Nature Photography
  2. Classroom Photography


I am having difficulty with ...
I am having a difficuty with putting my pictures on my project page. I need to rename them so my pictures will show up, not somebody elses.

Today, I plan to start my second bracelet. I think I'm going to do the same bracelet as last time because it was first one, so it wasn't very good. I want to make a better version of my first one.


What did you learn about your topic/tool?
On my tool (my wiki page), I learned that I need to save my pictures as a different name when I post them, because when I posted my pictures on my page, different pictures showed up on the page after I saved it another persons pictures showed up because they had the same file names as I did.


What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
I learned that I should plan out my projects further, so I know exactly how long it will take me to finish the project so I don't go off schedule.For example, I have not finished my first bracelet yet, and I thought I did. I will definitely finish it on tuesday though.

I am almost finished with my first bracelet, it is taking a little longer than I thought. I will probably be done with it on thursday. If I have time on thursday, I will post my pictures. If not I will do that on tuesday.

This week, I plan to finish my first bracelet. I won't have as much time to work on in this class, because our triads took a bit long.


What did you learn about your topic? I learned that the tutorials are not as hard to understand as I thought in at the start. I think since I really understand the tutorial fro my second bracelet, it won't take me as long as I thought to finish it.

This week, I plan to start another bracelet. This bracelet will be a little bit more difficult, so it might take me more than the two classes this week.


This week, I have started and finished my first bracelet. It took a little less than two classes. Next class, I will put my pictures on my bracelet project page.

This week, I plan to start and maybe finish my first bracelet.

Today, we worked in our triads, then I worked on my portfolio.


I was absent on Tuesday, so today I made up work on my portfolio for that day. That took the whole class, so I didn't have time to work on my project. I didn't finish the work, so I will finish that at home.

Today we worked in our triad groups, and I presented. I didn't have time to work on my project that much today. I edited my portfolio and added the things my group members suggested that I added, and answered their questions and bolded the answers.


This week, I have looked at the the tutorial someone made for friendship bracelets ( Friendship braclet tutorial ). Also, I have created the wiki page for my finished bracelets and one or two tutorials. Next week, I will probably have my string to start my first bracelet.

Today, we worked in our triads for more than half of the class, so I didn't have time to do much. But what I did work on, was I search "bracelet" and looked on other peoples friendship bracelet tutorials. I only found one tutorial, and they posted pictures with descriptions instead of doing a tutorial video.

(absent on tuesday)

Today, I have watched/looked at the tutorials for the bracelets I have picked out, and I have put them in the order that they look easiest to hardest. I took out about three of the bracelet choices because they looked too complicated. I am going to start with the "Simple Braid" bracelet. It look the easiest bracelet to make out of the options I chose. As of now, I will be making about five bracelets (or more) depending if I would like to remake/make more than one of them.

(absent on tuesday)

Today, Mr. Witmer edited my proposal page, and told me what I needed to do to fix it. When I fixed what I needed to, he approved the project. I started my project, and found seven beginners types of bracelts to make. Next class, I will watch/look at the tutorials and see which one is the easiest, and start that one first.


This week, I have brainstormed new project ideas to do by myself this week. I chose friendship bracelets. I finished my proposal; Amelia Bracelet Proposal. I asked mr witmer to check over it, but I still haven't heard back from him. When I do hear back from him, I will make the changes I need to make to completely finish the proposal, and start my project. In these last two days, I have learned that I work slightly better alone, but it is more fun to work with partners.

Today (we had challenge day on tuesday), I plan to try to find a new project to do, by myself. I am looking on the Student Projects page for ideas. I am thinking about doing friendship bracelets.


Tuesday, we had a snow day so we weren't at school. Today, we had to do the portfolio assignment so we didn't have time to actually work on our project.



This week, we made two iStopMotion videos. We already put on of them on the wiki, but we didn't have time to put the other one on the wiki. We will do that next week.

This week, we plan to film another stop motion video with more of a story than the last one. Today, we are making a page for the video we filmed last week and putting it on the wiki. Also today, I think we will start another video and maybe be close to finishing it.


This week, we finished a stop motion video. We don't have time today to make a new page for our videos, so we will do that next time. I learned that I work better in the main room, instead of the back. I get more work done.

This week, we plan to do our drawing stop motion video, with iStopMotion on Mr Witmer's iPad.

This week, we watched videos about stop motion, so we can improve our project and our skills. We get how to use it now, so we started our draft video where we do basically what we're going to do in the actual project, but the final will be better. Marissa and Amelia were the picture takers, and all of us were the drawers, but we didn't finish filming Fatimah's picture.

This week, we plan to brainstrom idead for our topic. We picked drawings. We watched a few videos about stop motion drawings, and it looks pretty easy. We will start next week.


This week, we got our project approved by mr witmer. We continiued making a practice video with istopmotion on his ipad. We got a microphone to record sound and put it into the clip. We will probably start our actual project next week.

This week, we plan to get our proposal all the way finished and approved by mr witmer. If we get it approved, we will get mr witmers ipad and use istopmotion.


This week, we started our stop motion practice video. We figured out what we are going to do for our actual video. The topic is drawings. All of us will draw things on the whiteboard or on paper and take a stop motion video of it.

Today, we plan to finish correcting our stop motion proposal, and ask mr. witmer to look it over so we can hopefully start our project today.

Today, we plan to show Mr. Witmer our stop motion proposal, and start brainstorming ideas for our video if Mr. Witmer says yes to the project. If he says no, we will start another proposal and go back to our list of project ideas and carefully select one.

(I am doing my reflection today because we don't have school the rest of the week) Today we showed Mr. Witmer our Stop Motion Proposal, and he critiqued our project, and we fixed most of the errors, but we ran out of time to do the rest; we needed to do our reflections. One of our errors was the jobs of the group. We need to make them better, and think it out more. Also, he told us to research istopmotion for the ipad, and he did. He has the app on his ipad, so we would use that. It looks a lot better than the app we have now, so we plan to use the app and get used to it on tuesday. Over break, we will all watch a video on wallace and grommit,


This week, we finished our stop motion project proposal. We didn't get as much done as we had hoped to, but we did finish our proposal, so after we get it checked, we can actually start.

This week, we plan to finish our stop motion proposal. We didn't today, because we we were having too much fun playing with the stop motion app. We got a lot done with the video, but not the proposal. We will definitely finish the proposal on Thursday.


This week, we started our stop motion proposal wiki. Today, we started brainstorming what kind of video we should do. Also, we're fiddling around with the stop motion app Marissa has on her ipod. We are not pros, so there will be some challenges. We learned that we should think out our new projects better, and everything else about it. We have thought out this project, and we think it's a great idea.

This week, we are planning to make a whole new proposal for stop motion, and drop the food proposal. We feel that making the stop motion video would be easier for a group of three to do, so everybody could contribute to the project even more. Today, we didn't really do much as a group, because we were working individually on our portfolios.

Today (we didn't have class Tuesday) we are going to start a new proposal. We feel like we have done enough and really good songs. Also we will make sure it works with three people.

This week, we finished our GarageBand project, and we're on to a new one. Our new project is called Foreign Foods. In this project, we (plan) to make foods from different countries, and then comapre them to US foods. We didn't really learn anything new this week, all we did was finish our project, nothing really interesting.


Instead of watching the rest of the youtube video, because it is halloween, we tried a special halloween song! We will watch the video on tuesday. We learned about ourselves that we can be really creative. Also, we learned on garageband there are really many things you can do. There are so many different beats and sounds you can create, like the halloween song we created today. This project is going really great and we are enjoying it.
Since we had an extra 10 minutes today (unexpected), we decided to watch more of the video. We have about 10 minuets left to watch.

This week we are going to try to watch the whole youtube video on how to use garageband. We pretty much know how to use it, but there is always something new to learn. For example, how to play an instrument bettter. On thursday we will watch as much as we can and if we don't completely finish we will continue at home.


This week, I learned how to make a long song on Garage Band. We have a 34 second long video on our wiki. We found out how to do it by pressing a plus button and then it says you can add 8 bars because origanally it gives you eight. It is song 5 on our wiki page. Today, our make focus was to figure out how to make a long song, then make the song. We accomplished that today. One source we used was the apple website but we mainly figured it out by ourselves.

Our plan for this week, is still to extend the length of our songs, because we faced some challenges last week. We made another song today, which is maybe a few seconds longer. We are still trying to figure everything out. we will look them up online, then site our sources.


I learned that learning is hard when you dont know how to play an instrument. Today we made 2 songs that had cool beats to it. Today our main focus was the guitar and drums.

Our plan for this week is to make a longer song. We need to figure out how to make a longer one because all of ours are really short. We don't know how to make a long one so hopefully there is a way and we will find out.


We posted our latest song. It is the best song yet. We finished another song so next class the first thing we do will post that song. I learned that sometimes less is better. When I say this I mean that maybe only guitar for one song will be better than multiple instruments in one song. Our whole group is getting much better.

Our plan for this week is to post our latest song on our Garage Band Songs page and maybe complete another song. Our songs are really mini so we make them fast and we will have a lot probably of them eventually.


This week, we have completed two songs, and posted them to the wiki.We had problems posting it because it wouldn't send on email but we will try again next class.I think this project is working because we have learned so much. We have learned that you can't give up when something doesn't sound right. For example, if a beat didn't go with the guitar or something like that, then we would try again until something came out good. Also, we learned in learning that we have to work together and no one can do all the work. We are good at this because we all help eachother and do one instrument.

plan to finish our garage band today and post our 2 garage bands on thursday on youtube and put a link to it on our Journals.


We finished our first song. It is short like ten seconds which will probably be how all of our songs are. In that case, we will make many songs. We are having trouble finding a way to get our first song somehow get posted to the Internet from GarageBand. We tried posting it to Youtube but that didn't work so we will try more next class. We started a new one today (Thursday). That will probably be finished by the end of next class. We found it difficult to get some instruments like guitar and drums to sound good together. The three person group is working very well and we all did our part of the work. I think this is a great project.

Our (Marissa Fatimah and I) plan for the week, is to finish our first song for our Garage Band Project. We already started it, and if we work hard we will probably be able to finish the song on Thursday.


We have changed my/our plan... because we realized that our power point had many errors. We had to go back and fix many things that we wrote about how you make shorts. This is good though, because the people now will understand the presention more, and it will make more sense.

Today we made a powerpoint about our shorts that we made last class. the powerpoint showed how we made them and what materials needed to make them. The person reading them can easily learn how to make the shorts.


What did you learn about your topic/tool?
I learned that id you work in a factory for shorts, it is not the easiest job. You have to cut and clip a lot. We also needed a lot of materials.

Today we are making old jeans into shorts for summer! We thought it was a good way to recycle old jeans, and save money on the shorts you would have spend on the shorts that would be up to 40 dollars! I am excited to see the finishing produce!


We didn't get as far as I/we planned because we were in the middle of transitioning from one project from the next. Next time we hope to make a video start about the song Oath by Cher llyod! this will help us learn more about techolongy.

Today We just made a mini olympics page, Wrote a reflection for the olympics and uploaded pictures. I think we will be doing this friday, to wrap up the project! i feel today we were sucessful.

This week, we are just getting ready for our mini olympics. We are bringing in the thins we need and storing it in Mr. Witmers room. We will do te olympics on Friday, May 17th during our thinkering class.
Describe your progress towards your goals WE are ready to do the MIni olympics! We are so excited to see who wins, and It is a fun way to spend a class period.


We are on our way to the Mini Olympics! We aremaking sure everything is ready. Hopefully we can get all 6 teams to sign up. One way we might solve this problem is we could just elemate the two extra teams.This might be a problem,but we are ready for it!

We are on our way to getting ready for the Olympics.We still have a way to go, like coloring the signs and stuff like that. We got permission though, to use the soccer field.We are excited to see it come together.


What helped your learning? The computers helped our learning because we were able to use them to make posters and signs for our Mini Olympics. This was a start, but next time I hope to have more done, like make the awards and banners!


This week, we have continued our blog, and posted more recipes. What did you learn about your topic/tool? We learned more about our bog today, because we updated it with some new recipes!! This will help us get our blog more views because it is more interesting! We are excited to share what we learned, and we are waiting to get more views to make our blog noticed!

We decided to change our idea, and make chocolate fondu. We decided to change our project, because the iMovie was boring. So we are going to bring in Ashley's fondu maker and make the fondu. We would bring in marshmallows and other stuff to dip in the fondu.

We are going to make an iMovie trailer, and we are going to print the story board.

What did you learn about your topic/tool?
We learned that it is not always easy use technology, and that it doesn't take a short time to make an iMovie.
What helped your learning?
We went online to print the story board, so that would help us make the iMovie.


What did you learn about your topic/tool? We learned more about photograph that we would need to know more about when we are taking and uploading pictures to our blog. We are planning to take pictures of food later on with all the new knowledge we have


This week, we have made cake pops, took pictures of the process, and posted them on our blog. When we made cake pops, I brought in the eggs, and cake batter. Kelsey brought the sticks, bowls, and measuring cups. and Ashley brought in the cake pop maker, and toppings (sprinkles). We put some sprinkles inside of the batter, which made kind of like a tie dye effect. We have learned that it is not always easy making simple things, but it turned out great in the end!


What helped your learning? Working with my group helped my learning. Also, having computers as tools helped me learn more about cooking. I also feel that cooking has opened up more interest for me.



Things We want to learn are more about is the art of cooking,
and trying to make it fun and easy for kids to learn how to do.
We want to try to give recipes that need no heat (Like ovens,etc) We want
to try to mae cooking more fun for kids.
What got in the way of your learning was trying to set up our blog was a chanllnge. We were confuesed on what to do, and when we picked wordpress, It took WAY to long to
downland the blog app thing.

I am going to do the blog, but instead of sports I am going to make a cooking website. The plan is
still the same about jobs but insetad of making sports videos,
we are going to make cooking videos. Today we are going
to start the blog. We will take a survey in the class to see what we should make.
Today I/we ...
I am going to do a sports blog/informational site about popular sports. I am planning
to do this project with Ashley D. and Kelsey M. I will be doing the photography, video
taping, and partial blog writer/editer (Kelsey and Ashley will be helping too). Kelsey will
be doing how-to's for all kinds of sports. She will aslo be helping with writing the scripts for t
he videos. Ashley will aslso be doing how-to's, and helping write the script. We will look
up online exactly how to do the sports. As we continue with
the project, we will find out new ways to spread the work out evenly.
Today I/we ...