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Top Projects:
  • Project 1
    • kodu is about building anything you is an open mind game . you basicly make your own 3d game an can edit at any time.
    • personely I think kodu is fun but not like a game that you play everyday more like a game that you play 2 times a mounth.
  • Project 2 minecraft for new people
  • Project 3 (Minecraft Survival)
    • minecraft is about an open sandbox game that you can build or survive i did a survival world witch is linked up in project 2 i had coal witch you nead to mine creat and build it is realy fun.
  • me and palidio did the castaway

‍Top Reflections:

  • me and stg1 made a sheep farm on minecraft and mined and just colected stuff we had a problem because we lost our house but I colected 27 iron ore and made 2 bukets so we could colect lava so we could have it as light or just for decoration.
    • i chose this reflection because it shows that you can build what you want but still be relestic with it. it also shows you can work together with each other.
    .Me and shane made a survival world today and we made a sim ple house with all the basic needs like a crafting table a furnace and a bed and then we started to get more advanced.
    • I chose this because it showed you that we made a house together and that it is esayer with two people because one person could be mineing while the other building a house..
Me and merit are making a romen colasium that you can batle in. we are geting bucket put on theserver. we are trying to uptade the server . when it is fineshed we are puting it up on the server.
i chose this project because it shows that it is a big chalange.

‍All Projects: