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  • Spanish project page
    • This project has actually been very useful because it has helped me understand more things in Spanish class. In addition to this, leaning Spanish is fun to me, because I like new languages. Now that I am learning more Spanish outside of Spanish class, I can gain a deeper understanding for it. Plus, my aunt speaks Spanish, so when I am at her house, she can help me practice because I have someone to speak with. I am going to keep going with this project until I am fluent, which could take a long time.
  • Spanish project page
    • I chose to highlight this project because it has been my favorite project so far this year. In addition to that, I think this project has helped me learn the most because I already knew most of what I worked on last quarter. I believe that learning Spanish will also prove to be the most useful because it may help me out in Spanish class since I will know more. Plus, I think that knowing more than one language would be useful in general for traveling to other countries or speaking to/understanding other Spanish speakers. I am going to continue this project in the next quarter.
  • Photography project page

Top Reflections:

  • "I have learned a lot this week. I have some new sources, including some video stories that have been helpful so far. I am going to try something new: for the first half of class, I will use duo lingo, and then watch some of the video during the second class. On Fridays, I will work on my reflection throughout the whole class period. Today I finished the first episode called La Carta. I could understand all of it but I think its about an old man named Fernando. he has three sons and one daughter. he is not doing well. He also has an important secret -- A Letter."
    • I chose to highlights this reflection here because I think it it is descriptive and shows the reader what I am learning. I also included my new plan and showed that I understand what I am learning.
  • "Hoy practico mis skills do español mucho. Necesito escribir este reflection en español y ingles a se español better. Aprendo new words en espanol y es difícil. next semana, mi gol es practicar mis flashcartas."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I think it shows my progress and what I've learned this quarter. It is not the best reflection I've ever done, but I put in effort to show what I knew in Spanish.
  • "Today I got my reflection done from yesterday, but if it had already been done, I probably would've been able to finish my proposal like I wanted to. That also means that I didn't start learning how to use any photo editors, so those are my goals for next week. I did not do a lot besides my proposal and I learned that you should always get work done on the day you're supposed to. Otherwise, it will take up time that could've been useful for finishing my proposal. I am glad that I got my reflection done on time today so I don't have to worry about that next week."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I think it was good for my very first reflection. I followed the Rubric and also got a good grade on it, so I'm proud of it.

Top Critiques:

  • I think you could improve this project by reviewing different types of movies so your channel will appeal to a wider audience.
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I put a lot of thought into my suggestion because I wanted it to be polite.
  • "I think if you wanted to take this project a step further, you could teach what you are learning to others with tutorial videos or something."
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I didn't try to tell them to do something entirely different, but I gave a suggestion for if they wanted to do more.
  • "I think that in addition to your youtube idea, you could also create an Instagram account where you post photos of the art you make."
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I let them know that their idea was good, then I gave another suggestion without saying "you should".

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