ALB10's Journal

Day 10: DuoLingo (People, Obj. Pron.), Episode 11

Day 9: DuoLingo (To Be, Places), Episode 10

Day 8: DuoLingo (Adverbs, Objects), Episode 9, Reflection

I fixed my proposal and I can now stay on track. This week, I got everything done that I
needed to. My goal for next week is to get all my plans done without having to adjust my
proposal, and next week, I will be using reflection prompt.
Day 7: DuoLingo (Determin.), Episode 8

Day 6: DuoLingo (Present 3, V. inf. 1, Ir Future, Countries, Adject.2), Episode 7, Reflection

I had a problem today. When I made my proposal for this quarter, it was before an update.
Now, there are 7 parts to each topic/section, and I can only complete two in the amount
time that I have before I need to switch to the video. Over the weekend, I will fix this
because right now, I am almost two days behind where I should be on DuoLingo. Next
week, I should be perfectly on track, and I don't think I will have to change my proposal
anymore after this weekend.
Day 5: DuoLingo (Places, People, Obj. Pron., Numbers, Past tense), Episode 6

Day 4: DuoLingo (Present 2, Determin., Adverbs, Objects, To Be), Episode 5

Finish up proposal,
Day 3: DuoLingo (Sizes, Household, Occupation, Time, Adject. 1), Episode 4

Day 2: Proposal, DuoLingo - Practice, Reflection

I think I was very productive today, but I still did not finish my proposal. I thought I had it
done, but it was wrong, so I redid it. Then, I tested one to make sure it would work (like
the timing), and it turns out, I can do five duoLingo sections, not just one. So, I started
changing my proposal again and did not finish again. So my goal for next Wednesday is
to get caught up on my proposal and complete my Day 3 plan.
Day 1: Proposal

I am going to...
  • portfolio
  • fix reflection
  • new reflection

Today I got a lot done in the amount of time I had. I am just about finished with my project
page - all I have left to do is create a new critique on Euan's page and post it. I will do this
when I get home today. My goal for next quarter is to have the correct amount of peer
critiques done before they are due, so I don't have to work at home.
I am going to...
  • do 2 peer critiques
  • work on duolingo
  • watch a video

I am going to...
  • duolingo
  • video
  • reflection
  • quizlet

My/Our goals for this project are...
To be fluent in Spanish eventually.
I am going to...
  • finish my project page
  • two lessons of duo lingo
  • video (episode 3)

I am going to...
  • strengthen my skills on duo lingo
  • switch to the show at 8:55
  • reflection
  • dictionary (if there's time)

I/We learned...
this week, I learned many new vocab words. most of them were food, but I also learned
how to say things like if, without, and even though. The video I watched also went over
numbers 1-21.
I am going to...
  • give feedback on presenter
  • duolingo until 8:55
  • video until 9:25

I am going to...
  • strengthen my skills on duo lingo
  • reflection
I have learned a lot this week. I have some new sources, including some video stories
that have been helpful so far. I am going to try something new: for the first half of class, I
will use duo lingo, and then watch some of the video during the second class. On Fridays,
I will work on my reflection throughout the whole class period. Today I finished the first
episode called La Carta. I could understand all of it but I think its about an old man named
Fernando. he has three sons and one daughter. he is not doing well. He also has an
important secret -- A Letter.
I am going to...
  • make a new quizlet set
  • duo lingo

I am going to...
  • do my dictionary
  • reflection
Esta semana, yo caught up a donde estoy on duo lingo en mi diccionario por ultima. hoy,
estoy trying escribir en español y ingles. este reflects on mi practicar de español porque
puedes ver lo que se y que estoy aprendiendo. according to duolingo, estoy a level 6 en
español cuales menas yo made mucho progress.
I am going to...
  • work on duolingo
  • update dictionary
  • refection
today i strengthened all of my Spanish topics/subjects on DuoLingo and began updating
my dictionary, but I'm not completely caught up yet. my goal for next week is to be caught
up with my dictionary as ell as my quizlet flashcards. I am also planning on beginning
with rosetta stone next week.
I am going to...
  • edit my proposal.

I am going to...
  • do my portfolio
  • duoLingo

I am going to...
  • DuoLingo (the whole time)
  • reflection (en español kind of)
Hoy practico mis skills do español mucho. Necesito escribir este reflection en español y
ingles a se español better. Aprendo new words en espanol y es difícil. next semana, mi
gol es practicaron mis flashcartas.
I am going to...
  • finish the level of duo lingo I'm on with full strength bars
  • update dictionary
  • reflection
  • update quizlet
Since we had no school on Friday, I am doing a reflection on Wednesday. I finished the
entire first section on duoLingo with full strength bars. However, I did not have time to
update my dictionary like I wanted to, but my goal for this week is to have my dictionary
and quizlet updated by the end of the week. I got distracted a lot today, so I didn't get
much done. On Friday, I will be on task and focused for the whole class. something I
learned today was that spiders eat birds. I also learned that crabs in Spanish sounds like
I am going to...
  • duo lingo
  • flash cards
  • dictionary

I am going...
  • Finish my flash cards
  • Continue Duo Lingo
  • Reflection
This week, I downloaded quizlet on my phone so I could make flashcards in addition to
my Spanish-English dictionary. This is helpful because can now study anywhere and I
only need my phone. My goal for next week is to be at level 5 on DuoLigo because I did
not achieve that goal the week. Although I did not achieve that goal I was working hard
the whole time. The reason I was slowed down was because I added more into my
projects like a dictionary and flashcards, which are both time consuming.
I am going to...
  • make my quizlet flashcards
  • continue duo lingo
  • update dictionary

I am going to...
  • finish up food, animals, and possession on duo lingo
  • download quizlet
  • update dictionary
  • Enter everything I've learned into quizlet
My goal for this week was to get up to level five on duo Lingo but I did not achieve it.
I was, however, on was and focused for a great majority of my classes this week. The
problem was that I did not realize how many categories you need to complete I order
to get to the next level. My new goal is more of a long term goal: I want to complete one
level every two weeks.That means, next week I should be at level five.
I am going to...
  • continue my dictionary
  • keep learning on duo Lingo
  • download quizlet and start my flashcards

I am going to...
  • Get caught up with my Spanish-english dictionary
  • continue woking on duo lingo.
  • Get to level 5

I am going to...
  • change my proposal
  • start learning Spanish on duo lingo
  • start my dictionary
The has not been a lot of progress with this project because of the various breaks and
special schedules, but I have finished my new proposal and gotten started. The reason
I decided to change my project from Swedish to Spanish is because I realized I have
no one to talk to who is actually fluent in Swedish but I have many resources for Spanish,
such as classmates, and teachers. My goal for next week is to get to level 5 or above and
to get everything written in my dictionary. Something I need to work on is remembering to
record what I learn in my notebook.
I am going to...
  • Start learning Swedish on DuoLingo
  • Get a notebook and start a dictionary

I am going to...
  • finish my new project proposal
  • Make a DuoLingo account

I am going to...
  • catch up on my reflections (I need one)

I am going to...
  • Make a new blog post
  • practice new tools on pixelmator that I haven't learned
yet using a photo off the internet.
Yesterday I learned new things about how to use a blog. There are cool tools you can
use for changing the theme of your blog. This was useful because when someone
clicks on the link to my page, instead of leaving, all the color will pop out and catch
their attention. Something I could've done better is self-manage. I got somewhat
distracted and did not get as much work done as I could've. Next week I need to work
on staying focused. Today I helped someone else by giving them feedback on their
project. I learned that It is a very useful project in case you want to travel the world or
become an FBI agent. Next quarter, I will learn Swedish.
I am going to...
  • edit my own photos
  • post one onto the blog
  • create a collage
This week, I did not get a lot of work done, but next week I will. On Wednesday,
I tried to use my library card to log into the Baldwin website but It didn't work even
though the fees were paid. It turned out that my card was not under my own name,
so when I get home, I will find other Library Cards and take pictures. Mr. Whitmer let
me use his card so I could still watch tutorials. I learned how to use a cool tool on
pixelmator called the swirl tool. Its useful in a picture of a body water because you can
enhance waves. Overall, I'm not very pleased with my achievement this week, which
is why I'll wok harder next week.
I am going to...
  • Find the picture of my library card
  • go to baldwin lynda and watch videos about pixelmator
  • Experiment with pixelmator.

I am going to..
  • Experiment with the photos app
  • Learn about pixelmator
  • Post pixelmator videos on my proposal page.
  • Take more pictures.
This week, I learned a lot about a new phot editing app called snap seed. It
is very useful because there are any more editing options than on the photos app on
my phone. I also think this app is much easier to navigate than the photos app.
Today, I learned about Pixelmator and watched a few videos on what the controls
do and how to copy popular edits. Next week, I will need to download and install
pixelmator on the computer to learn more about it, and test it out on my own pictures.
I am going to...
  • put together my pictures for my first theme
  • pick another theme
  • create a blog.

I am going to...
  • continue the videos
  • pick a theme

My first theme: Boston.
I am going to...
  • Watch helpful videos on photo editing.
  • pick a theme

I am going to...
  • Finish my proposal.
  • learn how to use at least one photo editor.
  • pick my first theme.

I am going to ...
  • Fill in my reflection form Wednesday.
  • Finish up my proposal.
  • Start learning how to use different photo editors.
Today I got my reflection done from yesterday, but if it had already been done,
I probably would've been able to finish my proposal like I wanted to. That also
means that I didn't start learning how to use any photo editors, so those are my
goals for next week. I did not do a lot besides my proposal and I learned that you
should always get work done on the day you're supposed to. Otherwise, it will
take up time that could've been useful for finishing my proposal. I am glad that I
got my reflection done on time today so I don't have to worry about that next week.
I am going to ...
  • Look for online sources for my proposal.
  • Start my proposal.
Today I learned about how thinkering works. I also found a couple sources
online for my proposal but one ended up being not so good, so I had to try something
different and I looked for helpful Youtube channels. I found few with some good
videos, but most of the channels had more videos that weren't what I was looking
than videos I was looking for, so I didn't save them to use for my proposal.
Instead, since I was not a member of the thinkering wiki today, I took pictures of
the websites I liked with my phone to remember them for next class. My goal for
next class is to finish my proposal and find a good photo editor online.