AKM8's Journal

Start working on models

Start using the software.

My/Our next step will be...

To start making a multifunctional box that can do many things. I plan on making 2-4 compartment in the box. I am planning on making a compartment for charging your phone, and 2 others for storing your thing. I think I will be able to print it in a few weeks. I have watched a video series about making a box like this.
Continue watching videos

My/Our next step will be...

To start using the software. I plan on making a box that can store many of your things. I plan on finishing the last video then I will start designing the box.
Watch videos on Fusion

I am going to research fusion 360 and find a course to do.

My/Our goals for this project are...

To create something that I can use everyday. I think I will make a box or another device that can hold y phone when its charging. I think I will make a stand for my iPhone wireless charger to stand on.
I am going to start to do fusion 360 Proposal.

My/Our next step will be...

Downloading fusion 360 on my computer so I can start designing models to print. I hope to get started next class and getting familiar with it. On Thursday I plan on starting a course on Fusion to model something.
We are gonna do our next reviews.

My/Our next step will be...

We have been continuing our reviews as usual. I feel that I do most of the work and my partner just does the bare minimum and complains a lot. I also feel he also always gets off task. I feel I am going to switch projects in the 4th quarter that will challenge me more.
We will start our 11th and 12th review.

Start our 7th and 8th review.

Start our 5th and 6th Review.

My/Our goals for this project are...

We have gotten our blog started and have reviewed many games. We have done many reviews and have written a lot of information about the games. We plan to keep dong the project until the end of the year.
Start our 3rd and 4th game reviews.

Finnish proposal
Stretch- Start website.

My/Our next step will be...

We are planning to do a game website. We made the website and we are ready to make game reviews. We plan on starting them next week.
Start proposal for the game website.
Stretch- Finnish proposal start website.

My/Our goals for this project are...

We are planning to play games and review them on our blog and make a rating chart. We are planning to update the blog every class period. we hope to do this project till the end of the year.
start proposal for game website.

We don't think we will be able to focus when doing the movie. We feel that we would want to make a game blog. We would play a game every week, then write about it on our blog. We will have a top 3 game and a bottom 3 games. We will also write a review with pros and cons about the game.
Stretch- Memorize and prepare for filming

Start building project page
start with script
Stretch- Finnish script

We will Finnish the proposal
We will start the script
Stretch- Get halfway through the

My/Our goals for this project are...

Creating a movie that has good quality. For us, good quality means having good picture quality and sound. We will also make sure that the camera is steady. Also, we will make sure the movie docent go over 3.5 minute. We will also make sure we have a good script and that all parts of the movie flow together.
We are planning to make a movie.
Write a script
Stretch- Finnish a script for the. movie

I / We think...

We are going to wait on doing the Kerbal Space program and move onto making a movie. We feel that we want to make a movie more than we want to do Kerbal. We feel we can learn more making a movie that doing Kerbal. After the movie, we will do the Kerbal space program. we feel this way because a lot of people are doing the Kerbal Space Program.
Finish Proposal for Kerbal Space Program.
Stretch- Download Kerbal Space program on the computers

My/Our goals for this project are...

We are hoping to learn about outer space and how they make rockets. We won't this its easy, but we are up for the challenge. We have seen many videos on youtube on how the game works. You try to build rockets as you go father and farther away from space. We think this project will take longer than our 3d printing project because we have seen it is a challenge to get to space. You have to do a lot of trial and error in this project.
Fix the model by adding support for a phone without a case.
Stretch- Finishing model
Printing model

How did I/we feel?

W felt that 3d printing was getting repetitive and a little boring. We are going to move on and play kerbal space program. In the game, we build rockets and try to go to outer space and explore. You start with nothing and start building space ships.But, we are going to make slingshots for both of us.
We will fix some stuff with the holder for instance you cant keep the phone up unless the phone has a case so we will fix that.
Stretch- fix design then print again.

I / We think...

We are getting a little annoyed about 3D printing. We feel it is not fun anymore. We are not challenged and are thinking of choosing a different project. We are going to do and look into a proposal for the KErbal Space Program. We don't think we are going to come back to 3d Printing.
We are going to fix the iPhone stand design.
We will also print it//*

o finish printing our last keychain and the print the robots.
Create design bigger that robots.
Stretch- Get all of the robots printed.

We will build another design little bigger than the keychain
Stretch- start printing burkes keychains.

What breakthrough(s) did you have?

We hade a break through when we figured out how to fix the error on the printer. All we had to do was download new software. After that, we resorted the3d printer. After, we downloaded a print to the printer and printed the cube. This thought us how to problem solve and fix problems that we might have in real life.
We are hopefully going to fix the error on the 3d printer
Start 3d printing
Stretch- Finish both projects printing.

Today I learned how to use a 3d printer. There was an error and we fixed it by downloading new firmware. After, the 3d printer restarted and started printing a cube that we made using the makerbot software. This week we learned new thing and learnt how to problem solve.
today we are planning on printing our keychains
Stretch-we are planning to start our next step in 3d printing

We are going to try and start 3d printing our keychains with our username on it
Stretch- Finish printing our keychains and start building another design for little bit more complex object.


Our next step will be to print our designs and start a slightly bigger design with a more challenging design. This week we learnt how to use the makerbot and how it works using the internet. we also have saved our projects on a flash drive and are ready to print our designs. We also now know how to use the 3d printing software.
We are going to try and start to 3d print.
Stretch- Finnish the first stage of 3d printing.
Today I/we learned how to make a 3d print designs. We learned how to use 3d software and made our own keychains with our usernames on them. We had some difficulties along the way, we couldn't figure out how to get the measurements on our finished product. At the end, we learned that we could figure out how to have rough edges and make our project taller and shorter. We also learned we were very creative with our designs.
Design Letters for 3d printing
Stretch- Start printing letters

Start Proposal
Finish Proposal
Stretch- Research Software for 3d printing.
My/Our next step will be...

Our next step will be researching small project ideas and print those and gradually do smaller projects until we get to projects big enough that we are printing the animals we want. We are thinking of printing numbers and letters. We are thinking of using sketch up and thingsverse for project ideas. We are also going to try and make are own objects with the software.