Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

3d Printed
Aarya and Burke
The challenge we will have would have would be adding a habitat. We are creating 3d printed animals.
we expect to learn how 3d printing works
we might run into some difficulties
We both don't have much experience with 3d printers so it might challenge us.
3d printer
cardboard box.
Main Steps:
  • 1. Research what animals we want.
  • 2. get software to 3d print the animals
  • 3. 3d print the animals
  • We will document beyond the journal entries by writing information on a lined sheet of paper and put it in a folder.
  • We will split the work because we will both be responsible for different parts of the project and will be 50/50. Both of us will be doing all roles. We will split the work for each role 50/50. We will both be accountable for our work and will have to complete it on time.
About 5 weeks
  • We can use the internet to get inspiration and software with the animals we want. There are a few project ideas of what we want to do online. No one has done a project like this that we know of. We typed in 3d printing animals when searching for this and nothing came up for what we were looking for.
  • Our main 'teacher' will be the internet for animals we can print and software we can use.
  • We will document it on our wiki. Our teacher will be the internet.
This project might be difficult because we might mess up the 3d printing part of the project. Everytime a print messes up, we will try to figure out what happened that made something go wrong.
The project might fail if we dont pay attention on how things are printing and also if they keep comming out of the printer wrong.
We shall you school provided materials for the 3D printing the animals.
  • We will take pictures and put it on a google slide or doc for our presentation.
  • Our Thinkering classmates.
We will make a script for our presentation, and see what our classmates think.
on how well we can do, how clear we can speck, and how well our presentation.
it will be visible depending on what color the animals print to be, yes because we show our steps.
We are making 6 3D printed animals an a habitat for them, we are making 3D printed animals because we think the whole process of 3d printing is amazing, and this is for us.