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  • Project 1 Volcano Proposal
    • I chose this project because i have always wanted to make a volcano
      , so i made one. because my favorite color is purple i made the explosin purple. I also wanted to see if food coloring would interupt the reaction with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Project 1 Big Cake Proposal
    • I chose this because it was a time where i could use my fondant skills. it was also very delicious.it was the most exciting project.
  • Project 1 Minecraft Village
    • i chose to highlight this project because it was REALLY fun and i got to create and destroy my own building
Project 1Super Shirts
    • In Quarter1 Mia and I cut shirts. We looked up tutorials on YouTube on how to cut shirts into designs. One of the shirts I made was a purple shirts with slits in the back. Mia made one shirt which was a diagonal cut at the bottom. I think we could have done more with this project.

  • Project 2 Cupcake Creation
    • In Quarter2 Hannah and I are working on a cupcake project and are going to continue to work on it in Quarter3. W started out with making a angel food cake to test the toaster oven. Hannah's ingredients spilled so the measurements were off, and the end result did not taste good.Then we made a chocolate banana mug cake. We made a YouTube video on how to make it here:Chocolate Banana Mug Cake the cake turned out very successful.

    • Project 3 Cupcake Creations
      • In quarter 3 Hannah and I are still working on cupcake creations. This quarter we focused on mug cakes. We did mug cakes because they don't take much time and they are easy to do at school. I loved this project because we made cake and then got to eat it. But most of the mug cakes did not turn out right

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    • Project 4 To Do Or Not To Do DIY
      • I like this project because it was fun. Also I got to choose what I wanted to make. The things I made are useful, and I use them. For example my charger box. I made a box that has wholes in it for your charger. I would have liked to do more with this project but I ran out of time.

Top Reflections:

  • " today we made the volcano erupt it was awesome but it was a huge mess
    • i like this one because it was a huge success.
  • "posted our tutorial on the wiki
    If we had a do over i would use
    different cake mix."
    • i like this because it was a success in the last time we tried but one of the cakes we made fell apart.

  • i added some food to noras chest in her Costco. i also made a pool . a put a jukebox and a chess next to each other and made the jute box play music. yesterday we helped Olivia with toontastic and made a short movie scene and creations
    • i chose this reflection because i think it was the most successful day

  • What skills did you use that you already had?" i used my wiki skills to upload three pictures and five videos, and finished our wiki page!
    • I think that I did not spend enough time on my reflection. I could have added more detail to my reflection. I also could have added a prompt. In the future I am going to make my reflections more detailed. But i was very happy with the outcome of that day.\
  • We learned..." how to make dessert that look like burgers
    • This reflection is very short. I could have spent more time on it. i also could have gone home and worked on it more. We looked this video up on YouTube along with how to make other desserts that look like another food.

  • "We learned" that sometimes you should add sugar even if the recipe doesn't say so. Our carrot cake tasted like a waffle with carrots in it. we should have added sugar, more syrup, more cinnamon, and more vanilla.
    • I chose this reflection because I learned something from it. Now we know that sometimes you have to add sugar. So next time we know to add more of the flavorful ingredients and to add sugar. Also I can make this recipe with a different flavor.
  • q4
  • "I/We think..." that if we do school supplies next week we could have school supplies for next year. today we finished our mothers day projects.
    • I chose this reflection because I was organized. I was thinking ahead and planning out our next DIY instead of deciding the day of. I also thought of making something that could benefit me next year. That day I also made a successful project that only took one day to make.

  • Final reflection 2015:
    • This year was good. I got a lot of projects done, but I would have liked to do more. In my projects I don't think I fully finished them before I moved on. In my baking project I should have finished editing our videos and posted them to YouTube before I moved on to the next project. I also wish I would have had more time to finish my new project. I think that I got a good amount of work done but I would have wanted to do more.

    • This year I have set more challenges. Last year I stuck with easy projects, and this year I did more time consuming projects. I learned that I am capable of more things than I thought. I also learned that I should plan out my projects because then I will get more done. Next year in thinkering I want to make a YouTube channel that teaches people dances to certain songs. I think that will be a good project because I love to dance but, the challenge will be editing my videos.

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