AJH6 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • 3-D Printing
    • Calvin and I chose to highlight this project because it is super interesting how we shape objects! This project was recommended by Ethan Sparks. So far we made things in fortnite, and daily things we use in life, like a fork. But everything didn't come easy, I had problems with controls and pasting objects, I struggled at this project until I had some help. Once I understood it, I went off to start making things. One thing I would highlight was the footnote trap, I think I did really good on that. Overall I think this project is really cool and you should try it!
  • 3-D Printing
    • Calvin and I chose to highlight this project because we have never done anything like 3-D Printing before. Also, a lot of people recommended it to me. One person said you make anything really useful for daily life. Calvin and I found this interesting, and we chose to highlight this project. In this project, we are not only learning how to 3-D things, we are making things people haven't created (possibly). Also, I would recommend this project to anyone who likes technology.
  • Kerbal Space Program
    • Calvin and I chose to highlight this project because we have never done anything space related and we learned a lot. The project was where we made rockets and tried to fly them too the moon, (Mun). I have waited to do this project for a while and studied on YouTube how to make the rockets. While we were making rockets, we had many fails. Such as not connecting the fuel tanks, not making the correct controls, failing to control our rocket with AWSD, and building a rocket on YouTube (we failed the main part). We fixed the fuel tank problem by adding a yellow tube which said to connect the fuel tanks. Also, the only thing I didn't like was how the game glitched and how the parts are hard to find. In conclusion, this project was awesome and I would definitely recommend it for ANYONE.
  • Balloon Powered Car
    • Dylan and I chose to highlight this project because we got many views on the maker faire and also suggestions. This project was where we took cardboard, straws, wood wheels, wood axles, tape, balloons and a saw. First, you blow the balloon up and make sure no air is leaking, then, you let go and the air pushes out of the balloon. That is how it goes. We had many fails on this project. One big fail was we did not put enough tape on the balloon and straw so all the air leaked. Also, another fail was our axles weren't aligned correctly so it didn't even go. (This is our second car.) We fixed the first fail by using lots of tape. We fixed the second fail by aligning the axels correctly. In conclusion, this was a great project for the maker faire and I'd love to try something like this again!
  • Balloon Powered Car
    • Dylan and I chose to highlight this project because we thought it would be cool to create a balloon powered car. We both really wanted to see how far it would go or if the car would go super fast for one moment, and then slow down the next, compared to having a constant speed. Also, we wanted to see if people would want to stop at our table to look at our car. I improved on creating cars and how in general cars would react to not have straight wheels (for example.) I definitely look forward to making more cars (maybe with a different kind of motor. (The balloon.)
  • NBA Blog
    • We chose to highlight this project because we both enjoy playing and watching sports. I have played basketball since I was in preschool just shooting. I think I need to improve in (blogging) by getting better details and improving on typing more interesting articles. The only thing I didn't like was that it is tiring typing so much every Tuesdsy. But, I improved on typing more interesting articles, making better details, and just actually doing a blog because I've never typed a blog before. I defenitely look forward to doing maybe another sport blog!
  • Airplanes NRS1 AJH6
    • We chose to highlight this project because we both enjoy paper airplane making. I used to make paper airplanes at camp and sometimes at my friends house, sometimes we went somewhere high and flew it off. I need to improve on my creases and taking my time while making the airplane. The creases sometimes affect on how the plane flies which is the study of aerodynamics. What I did well was trying not to get distracted less and focusing on how to get the job done. Also, I made some pretty good planes for distance unlike time in the air. I look forward to doing these kind of projects in the future!

Top Reflections:

  • One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was ...
    • I made different fortnite locations with Calvin. I asked for help on duplicating items to build things faster. Also, I made a Fortnite trap with Ethan S. I chose to highlight this reflection because I have never really collaborated with other people so much, they helped me a lot.
  • Describe your progress towards your goals:
    • About 20% of the way.
    • Our goal is to make a helpful tool that is 3-D printed. I chose to highlight this because we started the project really fast for only our 3rd week, and this project is hard.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...
    • When we tried to build a rocket with no towers, it only blew up after we kept trying.
      Another example is when we tried to build a mini rocket, which didn't even fly.
  • My/Our Goals For This Project are...
    • Keep the project very updated. Write our own stories now. Make new designs for the blog. We want to learn to make it more advanced and better looking. Get atleast 10 views on this project. I chose this because I wanted to push my self further than many others. Mr. Whitmer mentioned pushing yourself to be better in every way.
  • We learned...
    • How to make better folds, taking your time. Asking people for help instead of the teacher the first time. More about the wiki and how to paste videos, etc. I chose this reflection because I felt like I learned much from this project.. Like aerodynamics, building, etc.
  • I / We can think of different ways to solve this task..
    • By editing the car and trying new things for lets say the wheels and compare, then we will use the wheels that go the farthest distance. By adding some color or making cool designs on it. By taping it more but not adding weight. I chose this reflection because I improved on being creative. Normally, I am not the guy to think of crazy or fun ideas.
Top Critiques:
  • "I think you have been doing pretty well since you have already made it to the moon. You should add solar panels and emergency batteries to all your crafts."

    • I chose this critique because it pushed me to think of how our rocket can benefit from adding this. Our rocket ended up not benefiting from this because we never needed emergency batteries and solars panels in space don't work. But, it still made me think of a rocket that would benefit from it. Set the time to day, build a normal rocket, add fuel for space, and place the sonar panels.
  • "I think you can add things that are more creative or unique, but also useful."
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I made a lot of things creatively. This benefited me because I am now making more things creatively. I am adding things I imagine to my creations and it is really fun! This critique really benefited me!

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