AJF11 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
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  • Project 2 Fake Gucci slides
    • We just want something challenging and fun, so we decided to do this.
  • Project 3 dog accessories
    • This was really challenging, and it was hard to find what size.
  • Project 4 3d printed phone case
So we made a phone case on tinker cad. We did every thing we had to do to it. We measured the holes. The holes are for the camera and the plug and the speakers. It was hard but fun and we finished. The problem is that we can not print it. The 3d printer does not have any filament in it. So it can't print anything thats why we are waiting for the filament.

Top Reflections:

  • it was really successful finding how to make the slides.

    • I chose this reflection because we finally figured out how we will make the shoes! It was kind of hard trying to find the right video. But then we found it! You get nike or under armor slides. Then you get some leather paint. The colors are green red and white. Put on a white coat on each shoe. Then Put another layer of white on each shoe. Then let it dry. And if your waiting for it to dry you can decorate the shoe. Then when its dry put a layer of green on it. Then add another coat. Then when its dry. put some masking tape on it. Then coat the shoe with 2 layers of red leather paint. And you done. Thats a video we watched to see what we need to do to make the shoes.
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  • "Today what we did so far is put the Velcro on and soon we can put the grips on it!
    I think me and roman did really good today. We felt really productive."

    • This is when we almost finished our first project.

Top Critiques:

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