AJ4's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Pinata:

  • In this project, we made a pinata from scratch and filled it with candy. We had to start off with a balloon that we blew up and then covered with strips of newspaper. The newspaper was soaked in a mixture of flour and water. After that, we had to get rid of the balloon inside. Our pinata kept the shape. Next, we covered our pinata with streamers to add decoration. Our pinata took a while to make, but the end result was really good.

  • Game Reviews:

  • We went on cool math games and specifically chose a few games that we would play and then write reviews for. We wanted to know how to use a blog, but we were stopped when we couldn't get our blog to work. We decided to look more into how to write reviews. We settled to writing our reviews on a word document and then subsequently posting them onto here. We posted our reviews on the wiki and decided to continue to a new project. This project helped us to learn more about writing game reviews.

  • Soccer Project:

  • For our soccer project, Olivia is going to be teaching me the basics of soccer. We had to figure out how to use all of the equipment and we had to find convenient spot that we could place the camera so that you could get a good video. After shooting two videos, Olivia and I had to edit them and post them. We had to figure out how to use iMovie on the iPad. After that, we posted our videos to YouTube.

Top Reflections:

  • "I went through the notes I wrote for the game review. I proceeded to finish writing it. Then, I posted the review to my portfolio. I couldn't screenshot the picture I wanted for my review so I had to get Pieter to help me learn how to use Skitch which is a program you can use to make screenshots. I then used to Skitch to get my screenshot and then I put it onto my portfolio."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows a conflict that we resolved. It also lets you see what we did for our game reviews. We had to learn hwo to use a new program and we figured it out with the help of Pieter. Skitch ended up being really easy to use and it was easy to get proper screenshots.
  • "I posted my first review and a picture of the game onto my portfolio. I also started writing my second game after playing it for about twenty minutes. I also posted my review and a picture of my second game on my portfolio."
    • This shows how we started. After we looked through a bunch of different blogs and couldn't find a suitable one, we improvised and decided that we should just post them on this wiki instead. We wrote our reviews on word document and then posted them.
  • "We are learning how to edit and make better videos. We are going to learn how to use voice over for the videos and do more soccer skills"
    • I chose this because it shows us learning how to use iMovie properly on the iPad. We had to figure it out by looking at tutorials on YouTube. We posted which tutorial we used on our soccer page. This reflection also shows how we used a voice over on our video so we could explain the video better.

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