AH3 and BBS1's Scratch Proposal

AH3 and BBS1's Scratch Proposal
Ava, Burke
To make a non-glitchey game with good pixel graphics.
Lot's of fun stuff about programing.
It will me hard to make a game as fun as we want it to be but we already have some experience so it'll be a easier challenge and not so hard.
It will also be hard cause we might have to take some home time off and work on our project with each other with concentrating and being on task.
A laptop with Sarfi.
Main Steps:
Scratch We first have to come up with a good design for a game and then come up with and game, then start programing.
We will keep filling out our journals and write on our Scratch game to keep people updated.
Were very good friends and i think it will be eazier to work together, but if we do have problems we will make sure were on task.
We don't really know but we think it will take a month or two.
I don't know if there is much on thinking but my partner and i know for a fact that we could use YouTube as a very good resource.
I know that Mr. Whitmer is a good help but this isn't a good help because its a project where you try to work on your own or as in our case with our partner. But there are some people like Nolan that is pretty good with Scratch.
IT might be hard to pixelate all the graphics that we want.
It will be pretty easy to share because we can put the game on our portfolios.
Well we know we want a good fun non-glitchy game with good graphics we will put what we think our game should turn out like on our scratch game.