BBS1 and AH3's Project Proposal

AH3's Scratch Project
Ava Hammel
My challenge is to make a working Scratch game, with pixelated graphics
I expect to learn how to code faster and more easier.
I will be challenged when I'm working on the graphics because I'm fairly bad at pixelating graphics.
This will stretch me in many different ways because i won't have a partner to work on this any more so I won't have someone to help me when I'm stuck
All i would need for Scratch is a computer and thats all.
Main Steps:
I don't have a link but i will just write the steps out. First I will make the starting screen and then make the start of the game, witch is the background and stuff, but that might tale a while. Third I will make and inventory to store stuff, then i will start t add some creepy effects to the game. Then forth i will make it so you can beat the game. So really its a scary mystery game.
I will use my journal and fill out the boxes on the side of my scratch game, i will write what i have done in those boxes.
I assume this will take a long time if i want to finish it maybe a year or two
My cousin Braeden is really good at Scratch and he will probably love to help and there is a couple of games that i know will be helpful but i don't know the name Braeden does. I would love to make this game a lot like these games because i like these games but i will not copyright anything. I don't know of anyone currently working on something like this but i will probably come across someone soon.
My cousin Braeden will probably be my teacher most of the time because he has a lot of experience with scratch.
I will plan my learning experience out step by step as i go.
It will be hard because I'm working alone and I'm not really used to that so it'll take some adapting.
I will also share what i learned from this project in the boxes aside to my scratch project and i might put a link on my scratch game to what i have learned making this project.
We can look at the hearts and likes on the scratch project and the views to see if our project was made correctly. Because most of the time if a game is not finished or made incorrectly the game won't be a hit.