Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Scratch Project
List all members working on this project, first name only.
The challenge is to have a working Scratch game in the future that is successful. I also hope for other people to see my project and have fun playing with it.
I hope to learn more challenging coding with Scratch, just a little bit so it will be somewhat challenging but not too hard so i can't do it.
I won't need any materials except for a school computer.
Main Steps:
  • Most of the time i will just be developing my project.
  • i could talk about what i did over my class time and provide a link to my project.
I hope not too long but maybe to the rest of the year
  • I have done Scratch before and I like it a whole bunch. My motivation is just to get people to play the game and have fun.
  • I could look up videos on Youtube and if i really can't figure something out then i could ask my cousin, he really likes Scratch too.
I know that it is really hard for me to draw my Scratch characters the way i want them so that might take a long time, hopefully i will get around it though.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • I will allow other people to see my project so they can see. I will ask them to comment if there is a problem with my game.
  • Mostly just the other Scratch users, i want them to have fun playing my game in the future, when it is finished.
I will know if there are no glitches and the game is finished
The more coding i learned how to use the more successful i am.
Like i said, other people can see my project off of scratch and i will also put it on my project page
I am making a tycoon game, it is just for fun and to learn how to code.