AGT2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Anthony's House Making Project
    • I want to make houses so i know how to be a better builder then i am now. I also want to see if i can make different houses with different designs and cool ways to help me when i am in survival. I want to make houses that can help me survive from mobs and protect me from them. Also, i want to make this project because it is a great project for me because i have a cousin who needs help in a survival games so i can help him. Finally, i can help many people if they need help in Minecraft for making houses if they want to make a youtube channel.
  • Anthony's train project
    • I chose this because I wanted to make a train with my ATV. Also, I thought that this project would be new and very surprising to people and everybody in the class. I wanted to have a in iterative project not just a one that we just show our Minecraft worlds, I needed something to be exciting or exotic so thats why I picked the train. I believe that the train is the best project I ever picked because it teaches me about working and mechanics.
  • Minecraft Redstone Project
    • I chose this project because i want to be better at redstone.
  • Anthony's Channel Link
    • I chose this project because i love Minecraft and i am very good at building in Minecraft. I want to help people who have never played Minecraft so they can know how to survive. I also thought that people would appreciate some help because they know how to help other people too. The people who will watch me will make their houses and then have ideas to make houses too because i believe they are going to be inspired too.

Top Reflections:

  • My/Our goals for this project are...

    We are going to make the pivot axle so that the carts can move when I am driving the train because then the train can be perfect and also the carts can't tip. We also need to find the space of the ate and the carts because then the gas from my ate won't make people sick. I need to find the exact spot to tie the rope and then I will post it on the wiki or take a pic.

    • I chose this certain reflection because it seemed like it had the best description and a good feeling of what we are doing in thinkering. I also picked this because it shows how far we have gone in the project because it says that we are making a pivot axles to the carts that means that we finished the carts body and are on the second step in make them work. Also, I picked this one because it says that we are trying to make new ways to make the train body better so gas are any thing else won't go in to peoples faces.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...

    I didn't find the best hiding spots because i wasn't moving around the islands to find a good stop. I needed to crouch more to people wouldn't see my name tag a lot because people always went after in a sec because i wasn't crouching. I need to become better at Minecraft because then i can hide faster and not be chased in a second. I want to find the perfect skins for these challenges because some of them were really bad.
  • I chose this one because it shows how much description and failure i had so i can become better in the future. I like this one because it was how i can type what happened and find out what went wrong so i don't do it later on in the future.
  • One frustration I/we had was ...
    • I tried to use the controls but it was very hard because i wasn't very used to the controls and how they work. I was used to the mouse because i all ways use that. The controls are very frustrating because when very i messed up i hit a block. I found a way to make it easier i should always test the controls before i play.

  • I chose this reflection because i feel that i put a lot of description into it . I also put that how it frustrated me in many ways. I also put down i good tip for myself because i still sometimes mess up the controls. This helps me in many ways because it reminds me to test the controls and to make sure i know what i am doing.

Top Critiques:

  • Are you going to give some samples of your project?
    • I chose this reflection because it is saying are you going to give samples that helps her because it may help her showcase in the make share fair. Also, it helps because it gives her a idea for the make share fair.
  • Micheal, I believe you can try to experiment on different ships to see how fast it take to go to different planets.
    • I chose this reflection because thought that this would help Micheal in his project. Also, I picked this one because it seems like the best on i have made so far. I think that it is good because it helped him in the project to find better ways to make new ships.
  • You should try and speak German to one of your family members if one of them speak German.
    • I chose this reflection because i thought i really help Mikey. He was doing a lot of german on a website and then i told him that he should do it at home to have practice, if any one speaks german at home.

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