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Ac car

    • In this quarter we did a lot of stuff. One of the coolest thing I made was the amibo holder. I painted it with the Mario colors and zelada colors to. I am sill finshing painting it but its almost done. The hardest part of this project was the merments. I had to bring the two amibos in and maser it. I whated to make 4 little boxes for it but it was to big so I had to stay with only 2 boxes. A other problem I had was that the paint. It is not glose so it does not look the best. that is what I did this quarter.

    • I what to do this because it is a big challenge and we will work hard to make this work. We need to 3d print it and buy stuff on amozon. we are going to stared with a ezey thing to print. we finest it but we forget something.
    • in this quarter we did a lot of stuff

Top Reflections: AG car

  • "I needed to help some people but I got a design for the charging station. I need to ask Gavin which on e does he like the best."
  • I think this is the best reflection because my favorite thing I made was the car charger. We did not 3D print it because we what to make the car first. We need to pick what we are going to use to charge it like USB cable. when we do make the car I maybe will change the design so it look better. Thats why I think this was my favorite thing I made.
  • ten put the logo on there
  • because it will be hard to do this. It will help us to learn how to make a car. We will also learn how to 3d print stuff. and we can look how to make stuff ezeyer.
  • To day I made a space x roket. I wanted to print it but I could not do that. So next time I am going to work on making something else.
  • To day we look at amazon for a rc car. We found some but we did not like it. We nee to look for a senser. we need to paint it to. that is what we did.
  • So today I got the city application and started to play it. Needed some help with Making road. So I ask some kids and they show me how to do it. I got to level 5.
  • today I made my city better. I level up. I got more money. I made the bridge.

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