AFC1's Journal

look at amazon

We look at amazon and found some suff. One thing we found was a solar panal. It will go on top of the car. The next thing I found was a moter. We need a moter to drive the car. That is all we found on amazon to day. next time I want to look for more.
Make design for the charging station

I needed to help some people but I got a design for the charging station. I need to ask Gavin which one does he like the best. I need a batter to put in side. I want to make it modern so it look cool. I think we can start making this first and then we can make the car.
making the shelf for the amiibo

I panted the amibo holder and made it look nice. It turn out great. Now we need to see what are we going to need for the car. I look on amazon for some suff. I want to make the car a ev.
I am going to start to make the body for the car

We try starting the car body but we first need to make the in side. I think we should put light weight material. We also made a thing. We made a cappy! That is from super Mario odyssey.
I am making a renaissance center

I look at youtube videos to see what I could make. I finish making the amibo holder. Now I am just whating to print it. I can't make it the Mario colors. But I think I can try to paint it some way.
make stuff on thinercad

We made stuff to get as trained for the real thing. Like making tires on thinker cad. Sometimes use made somethings that did not have to do with the car like the flower pot. We did that so we could see how it look in real life. I am planing to make a amibo holder.
we are going to look at different cars to make are's more arrow dynamic

I/we had "hard fun" when ..

we work and look on a bmw x5 on line and we pike the color then we look at it and I drawled the car we did not put the same headlights on it I drawed some.
then I toke a foto of in and put it on thinking studio it will have a wireless charging and a solar pane and the color will be blue but a spacial blue the deep it cool.
we made a youtube count and made are logo
we are going to make more stuff to get ready for the real thing

today we finst the renaissance center and we made I cappy out of Mario the game
Today I am going to edit