AEA3's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • No Oven Baking
    • I really love to bake but don't like using the oven or stove. So I decided to try to bake fun, easy, kid treats. I made Mug cakes and Cookies and Cream Bark. Overall I would say this project is a big success because I had fun, my treats were delicious and I learned something new! I really recommend this project for kids who like to bake and want to be creative with their own recipes and experiments. I started this project kind of late in the year so I will probably continue this project over the summer and maybe into next year because I think I can really grow this channel and this project. The way I'm sharing my project is through YouTube. I choose YouTube because i'm familiar with how to use it, it's accessible to almost everyone, you can store videos without using storage, you can edit easily and you can watch over and over again easily. This was one of my favorite projects and I look forward to continuing next year (if I stay in Thinkering).
  • Simple and Safe Nails (Continued)
    • So, last quarter I stared Simple and Safe Nails. I talked about my channel and how this project came to be but now that it is off and running I thought why not explain how I do Simple and Safe Nails. First, I start with an intro. I really do not like filming myself because...I really don;t know, so this kind of helps me get over my fears. I love to research nail art ideas and kind of turn them into my own. I feel very professional when I demonstrate how to do the design. I like knowing that maybe, just maybe someone is out there trying my designs. After I film my intro I start the tutorial, tomorrow i'm doing 5 designs on 1 hand that i'm really excited about. The safety part usually goes at the end f my video. I have experimented on how to do the safety part. Adding a slideshow, talking, ect. I love teaching people about something that I love. It's really cool to have this channel because i think everyone should have access to easy nail art designs that look very professional. I'm trying to continue this project as long as possible!
  • Simple and Safe Nails
    • If you bothered to look at my other projects, you would find that i love to do YouTube channels! So, I went to join a social experiment project with Maggie but that had to be paused and so I went to do phone cases with Eloise but that didn't go to well so I did some searching and found a nail art tutorial project! I'm here thinking yea! Oh this would be fun! But Mr. Whitmer told me I needed to make sure the polish is safe. So okay why to make an easy tutorials channel that incorporates YouTube, Nail Art but also talk about the safety of the polish I will be using. That was when the idea of Simple and Safe Nails begun. I love to do nail art but i never thought that the nail polish was dangerous or harmful. This project gives me a sense of caution to everything my nails are exposed with. Also, I want to make tutorials that are good for all ages that don't require a lot of tools because I remembering wanting to do nail art but couldn't do what the models were doing because I didn't have the tools. I want every girl to have simple and safe nail art designs available to them.
  • Allie's Minecraft Youtube Channel (continued)
    • This was the same project from last year but I'm not continuing the city. I'm making a lets play series with Ethan and Jon Harris. This is a big learning opportunity for me because I have never heard of a lets play let alone done one. Its cool because its in survival and I usually don't play in survival game mode. i have a problem with posting because I'm trying to maintain a professional YouTube channel but videos are trash. This is hard because i like posting but if my videos are bad then I will have to start all over again.
  • Allie's Youtube Channel Minecraft
    • I think this project is amazing because I love minecraft and I really wanted to make a youtube channel, so this is the perfect project! I am making a minecraft city so it is a fun project but it is also hard to keep my focus because their are tons of fun things on minecraft and it is hard not to try them. I have not made a lot of videos yet, but i learned a trick. I learned to make my videos in parts so that they do not take as long to post. This is a really fun project and I am so happy to keep doing it
  • AEA3 Soccer Website
    • I loved this project because I enjoyed researching about soccer and that taught me more about soccer. I also thought it was SO cool to make a blog. I liked to update it and it was coo to see the final project because I worked so hard on it. Sometimes it was hard to find information because I was trying to balance it out between girl and boy soccer and I would do game updates but if there was not a game it was hard to find current information. I solved that by one resources. I used the US Soccer website and the NWSL website because the NWSL website talked all about the NWSL draft for 2016 and the us soccer website had all on whats happening on the us national teams boys and girls. This was a really cool project and I want to do something similar to this in the future!
  • Fall Themed Art Show
    • I thought this project was great because it taught me something new! It also taught me how to post videos on to YouTube. I enjoyed getting to try new art projects and making videos. I think art is fun and it definitely changed the way I thought about art. At first I did NOT like art and now I do because I did this project! I look forward to doing more art related projects in the future!

Top Reflections:

  • I/We learned...
    a ton of new recipes to do for maker faire. Im trying to decide between my sample of unicorn bark or cookies and cream bark. Im going to take a vote between the class to decided. Im really worried if I'm going to have time to bake for my maker faire but I'm excited for people to try my treats.
    • This is my favorite reflection of this quarter because it best describes my project. This shows what I do in a normal class period (research, research, research!). It also described a problem i ran into and that was planning for maker faire. This reflection helped me organize my work and help me next week when I start baking.

  • What Helped Your Learning?
This week I used one of resources wisely that helped my learning... YouTube!!! I looked up designs and I decided to do one video with 5 designs (one for each finger). I got the idea from SaraBeautyCorner for the dots and flowers and I found the Mickey Mouse design on google. I came up with the bandit idea (for those savages out there) and I will be doing a throwback to my first nail art design the minions. Next week I will use my volunteer Justin to be my hand model. :)
    • I chose this reflection because it was a big week for me. I combined some of my own ideas with some other ideas and created a video. This reflection shows the process in how I do my research. It also showed how I use my resources to help the project. This reflection is an organization piece to my project because I have all my designs and where I got them in case I forget them.

  • Describe your progress towards your goals

    This week was a good week for me. I started a nail polish tutorial channel called Simple and Safe nails. The nail polish is safe and the designs are simple. For my channel i had to research the ingredients used in the nail polish to find if they were safe or not. The first to nail polish was wet and wild. the second was del sol. Del sol is much safer than wet and wild. I also created my channel. I am very happy because i completed all of my goals. Next week i want to continue my research and start researching videos.
    • I chose this reflection because I remembered this was a big week to working on my channel and getting that started to making sure I that the polish i was using was safe. I was really on task and got a lot more than i had ever thought i would get done. I also like that my reflection showed something I learned
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...

    I started to make a video (It was AMAZING!) and I thought I could edit it. Turns out I could not edit because I didn't or JH didn't know how to. I dint ask around like I should have so I just deleted my video. Hopefully Ethan could teach me how to edit next week.
    • This reflection is important because it shows a problem I have been having and how I could solve this. This week was important because I got to reflect on myself and solve a key problem. Now i know how to solve this in the future!
  • "I learned, that if i am building something big, i should divide my videos up in to parts. I am building a big hotel and it is going very well so far. I decided to make small parts while doing my hotel in videos. I spawned a dog but it died:(. I found a village yesterday. It is about a minecraft mile away from my house! Things are going great!"
    • This is one of my favorite journal entries because it explains what I accomplished, what I learned and other small things that happened to me. This reflection is sort of an overview for my project
  • "I learned...
    How to add new and intresting fonts to my website. I also learned how to take a video I liked off of youtube and put it on Soccer Center. I have 3 post in the making. Crystal Dunn Player Profile, Rules and Carli Lloyd goals. Luckily I had JH to help."
    • I love this reflection because it shows what I learned and an update on soccer center. This reflection taught me how to put videos on a blog. It was very helpful for me because it showed me my progress and were I am at with soccer center. I like this reflection because it taught me something. It shows how I worked with others for help and insparation.
  • We think...

    If you videotape the drawing and add in the recording of your voice it is actually much clearer and is easy to videotape with so you can hear better. We got ALOT done this week! :)
    • This is my favorite reflection because it tells people our opinions and thoughts. This reflection definitely taught us something new. It is something that if we do another project we can look back on for information! In that day we learned something new that we thought was good advice for us in future projects. This was a week where we accomplished and learned a lot which motivates us to do more in future weeks!

Top Critiques:

  • What will you do to attract people to your table (maker faire)?
    • I chose this critique because it helps him plan for the maker faire and I think it PUSHS him because he wasn't really planned at the maker faire before but with this critique he got an idea of what he can do at maker faire.
  • I liked your project but maybe you could add in channel art and a bio to make your channel more professional and official!
This was my favorite critique because it helped the person (No Name, No Blame) think bigger about the different possibilities of there project.

  • Find A Better Way To Share It~Recipe Cards, Sell it. I think it would be really cool for people to know what you are doing so I think selling it will be a good way to use customer feedback to learn what works. Also you get $$$$
    • This was a critique I made to LGD1 about her slime project. I chose this critique because it makes her think deeper about her project instead of just making slime every week.

  • What Will You Do For Further Ideas/Videos?
    Do you Like the Craft Projects?
    • I chose this critique because it is a suggestion so it is polite and it's actionable because it gives her a goal for the future.

All Projects: