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Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Lego Batman Spooderman: Nightmares Batman Spooderman: Nightmares
    • I felt like this was a good project is because it wasn't easy. At some moments it was really frustrating. Sometimes we would have to redo whole entire scenes. It was a tough project but we got through it. Sometimes a hand would get in the way, a figure would get knocked over, and audio was a bit tricky. We almost lost the whole project after we finished it. We Exported it into iMovie, added in audio clips and subtitles. We added in credits and the end of the video too. What was also new for me was the stop motion application we used. I'd never used the app before and didn't know what to do sometimes. I am going to use that app in the future because you can get a higher rate of fps (frames per second) then my last app and has modifiers on it. Another thing I was proud about on my project was how many frames or pictures there were. There were easily over 2000. The video is only about 2:30 long, but that's not easy to do in stop motion. So I felt proud of myself because that's more than double of the other LEGO shorts I've made i n my past time.
    • First Thinkering project for scratch. A soundboard
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.'
  • I do feel like we could have done slightly more to Lego Batman Spooderman: Nightmares but we still did a good job. I felt it could've been maybe a little longer and maybe more characters in the film. I also felt that we should have put some of our own voices in the movie and because of that it's a little quiet. Another thing to note is that Spooderman and Batman's fight should have been a little longer but I still liked the movie like I said. Last but not least we should have added more sound FX to spice things up a bit.

  • Scratch Games
    • I made a lot of little games that really have no point but were still fun to just make and are also fun to play. There are a lot of scrapped games I made but needed to stop since they just wouldn't work out and started to mess it self up. I was able to make a couple good games that I still have. I have 3 Hoovy Chronicles games part 1, part 2, and part 4. 1 is to run away from a computer controlled Shrek and the second is to jump over Shrek's onions on the ground rolling towards you. Part 4 is a multi player game where one player is Shrek who has to chase Heavy and stop him and the game ends. All these games go on forever and have no end.
  • LEGO Bank Heist Stop Motion
    • I feel this movie is on the same level as the other stop motion and at the same time not exactly. Ways it's the same is the frame rate is more or less the same and the same kind of "vibe" is still there. Ways it's below the first one is that the fighting scenes are not very good in the stop motion.
    • Ways it's better are that there is clay in this movie which I've actually never done in any other LEGO stop motion I've made, ever! Some other cool things like the set weer a nice touch. I really liked the set in the movie, especially the vault near the end of the movie.
  • Graphic Novel Drawing
    • I really like this project so far. I get to draw things that I would never imagine myself drawing in years. I could never imagine I'd draw something like the robin drawing or like the torso drawing. Before I started this project my drawings really didn't look good. I tried to draw realistic drawing, but they ended up looking like they were from a bootleg Big Nate comic. ha ha. So really this project has helped me draw better and become more self confident in my drawing and myself as a whole.
    • It's helped my drawing by showing me better directions on how I should outline things and start things and now I know that before I was doing it all wrong. Without this project I wouldn't be near the skill level I have amounted to now.

  • Guitar

    • I have enjoyed this project a lot. This and the LEGO stop motion have been my absolute favorite projects of all time. I would never have imagined myself playing the guitar, and playing some of my favorite songs. I already know some cords and multi-string songs. This was a good project because this kind of thing lets you grow as a person and experience a new feeling in life. Strumming the notes on a guitar and knowing you just played that and can play that.
    • I feel like this is a life skill I can keep until I'm six feet under. It's a good life skill that looks good and can make you excel.
  • Guitar
      • This project has slowly become my favorite project of all time. I get to play an instrument I would never have been to play. I have since taken guitar lessons and have grown my guitar strengths. I now know chords songs and songs that stretch all across the fret board and those are normal songs to play now. Guitar was the project I was destined for.
      • Once again this a skill I can keep form whole life and can continue to grow on.
  • Guitar This project has become a full on hobby. I bought an electric guitar and now I can play with and amp and everything. I also started Rocksmith and mastered a song. Once I became addicted to Rocksmith I bought a copy for myself with an electric guitar. I can play longer songs and chord songs now too. I have advanced so incredibly much since the second quarter. I'm just glad I'm still not doing drawing super heroes.

Guitar Page

Top Reflections:

  • The two goals I accomplished this week were... This week I practiced learning the Crazy Little Love Song by Queen. The only problem I'm having with the song is that besides the opening I don't see too much resemblance between my song and the actual song by Queen. I worked on the book and practiced two songs. Native Flute and Cockles and Mussels. I just hope I can master the song by the time the Maker Fair rolls around. Next week I'm going to continue to work on pretty much the same songs to master them so I'm ready for the Maker Fair in June.
    • This reflection was better than others because it talks about the past, what I accomplished, and plans for the future, the Maker Fair

Today I/We... learned how to play the full Super Mario Bros. Theme. Once you sit down and concentrate on it, it's really easy. I also learned some new chords like an Easy C, an Easy G, and Easy E minor, and a D. I can play all of those chords pretty easily and hope I can play the song to get into the advanced room for choice hour today.
    • I liked this reflection because it had an explanation of what I had achieved that week. It also had the goal that I wanted to have accomplished that week. I can play all of those chords and pretty fast too.

  • "This week I made one of the best drawings I've ever made which was the Robin drawing which turned out spectacular. I started a face drawing which is going decent to say the least but it needs some work. I'll finish the face on Wednesday and I took a picture of the Robin drawing and of the Face progress."
    • I chose this reflection because this was a good week for me. The robin draw I made really was "spectacular." It explains not only what I had done that week and what I had accomplished, but it kind of described how I felt that week. So it was almost a little more than just a basic reflection, it was a documentation on how I felt and on what I had accomplished and finished that week.

  • "We finished and are just putting credits and software on our movie page. It's really good, 2 minutes and 36 seconds and has some clips of sounds. We have Don't You (forget about me) and Mortal Kombat theme song. Also some Gabe Newell sound FX.
    • I thought it was a good reflection because it was a nice closing reflection for the project I was working on. it also says what we did, what audio clips we put into our stop motion video. Another thing it does is explain how long our stop motion movie is. 2 minutes and 36 seconds long. The last thing (or first) it does is explain that we put in credits to our movie. Those are four reasons it should be on here. It's also the four things the reflection lists.
    • "Over the two days
      of the week we worked I learned
      not to panic. I had thought I lost the
      whole stop motion film of over 300
      pictures! It turned out the title picture was changed so I couldn't identify it.
      I looked at all the pictures and knew it was our film. I worked on parts of the film today.
      Another thing I'm doing is using a new stop motion software. I'm used to using Lego Movie
      Maker. Now I am using the regular stop motion app called: Stop motion. It is a little different but I am used to it. So I have learned to use a new app this week!

    • I chose it because it is lengthy, detailed and shows how we felt that week. It says how we panicked but then got over it. It also says how I am using a new software for stop motion. Overall I feel it detailed the week well.
  • "Over these next two days we finished the video at about 2030 pictures. We made the epilogue and are starting our scratch project Tuesday. Maybe Thursday depending on the audio for the stop motion. We will need quite a bit of audio.
    • It was good because it was the ending reflection, it says how many frames we used and when we will start our next project. Even though it is short I feel it deserved to make this list.
    • I felt/experienced making a project/helping a project with Evan. We are making the sprites for the project. it's the rpg. We each have a character. Evan's is a guy with a bandage and an eye patch and mine is a guy with headphones and Arman's is a guy with a hat with a copter on top. I also made a cool Dracula and eyeball sprite.
    • It was a good reflection but it lacked some things. Yes, it did say what we did but not much else. Maybe it should have said what troubles I had during that week. All in all it was an OK reflection in my book. It just needed a little more "elements" if you will.

  • I/We Learned... how to download screencast-o-matic and use it properly! We can now download it to Evan since we already learned how to do it and did it to Arman. We now can use this for an almost unlimited uses since now we can play games and record them and upload them to our YouTube channel. I made about 2 videos just to test the quality and to get used to it. I didn't save them since they were really bad. I will probably make more of them just so I know what to do and say.
    • I like this reflection since its not very short and gives a good insight on what had happened that week. It shows i learned how to download screencast-o-matic which I had never known how to even use let alone download. We also did some test with running the recorder. It just gives you such a good outline on what we had done that week, kind of like a scrapbook. It's also very detailed and it's almost like you were there that week with Arman and I. Evan wasn't there that week which in the beginning is why I said we could download it for Evan.

  • "This week I experienced" how to really use clay. Clay really is easy to use in a stop motion since its so mobile and it looks natural especially as water. Each frame just put a few dents in the putty each frame and it starts to look like waves and currents in the water. I experienced what it's like to upload a draft to YouTube too. I've only uploaded the full and final video, but this week i uploaded an unfinished scratch and YouTube video without it being done. I felt like I accomplished a lot this week and am proud of myself. I'll be able to finish this very soon.
    • I really liked this reflection for a reason or two. First I'm not very good at writing stage 2 reflections, but this one seemed pretty good, and seemed as if it would fit in the stage 2 reflection category. Another reason is for how straight up it is with how I'm doing. This was exactly what had happened that week. I didn't sugarcoat anything.

What went well? At the maker faire I really enjoyed playing the guitar. I really liked playing the song on Rocksmith for people. Difficulties: I enjoyed playing the song with YouTube in the background because sometimes Rocksmith was being glitchy and wouldn't count some notes. I solved the problem by playing the song with YouTube and just followed along. If you were in charge: If I was in charge I would have put myself somewhere more open because many people couldn't find me like some of my friends.
    • I liked this reflection because this was my Maker Faire experience and I really enjoyed it. It was about all that happened since the whole thing flew by so fast, but it was fun for when it lasted.

Top Critiques:

  • You have a great project. You should make a desert without the help of Blue Apron. I think that would be a cool challenge.
    • I liked this critique because it was straight up and simple. I thought it would be a nice challenge if Conor tried to do some desserts, which was something he hadn't taken on yet.

      "You should put more photos on your page to extend your presentation time." I chose this critique since it would really have helped improve Richards critique time, and help his project a little too. I get that the critique is bland, there is no denying that, but it's really my only critique this quarter.

  • What exactly is Mod Podge?
  • Are you going to use any of your projects?

    • I thought those were good questions because Mod Podge was just a little material I had no idea existed and what was LGK going to do with their projects I thought was good overall because their projects were cool little arts and crafts and I had no idea if they were going to use them later, keep them in a box, show them off, or use them for decoration. My question was answered and they did use them for decoration. My mod podge question was also answered. Mod Podge is basically a glue. It is used to keep things stuck and stay together.
  • ACS9- You could use them o decorate your house, room or maybe a classroom with permission. My critique is the presentation was a bit short and I didn't get much of an "insight" I didn't feel I knew everything going on. Other than that I enjoyed your presentation

I felt that was a good critique because that was exactly how I felt. It had constructive criticism and also complimented it. Those are both good traits of a critique and criticism. It said how I liked it and how I didn't get an "Insight".
  • I think you should do more of a variety of photos. Some that would be cool would be perfectly timed photos. Of a science experiment, someone jumping, or a basketball shot, soccer shot, or other things
    • I really liked this critique because I feel if they had used this critique it would have made their project better. I personally would have enjoyed seeing some perfectly timed photos by them, I feel they would have turned out nice.

  • -You and Grace were talking about a "Fish tail" which I don't think me and Will had any idea what you were talking about
    -You should list all of the hair styles and what they look like and maybe how to do them
    • I like this reflection because its like it came right out of my mind. This is what it would have sounded like if I spoke my direct thoughts that day. I felt like my ideas that day would have been good for their project since someone like me who has no idea about hairstyles could no what they are called they could make a list of them and maybe a picture of what it looks like sso I know exactly what it is since not very many guys know what hairstyles look like.
  • Your project seemed very interesting, but the presentation was extremely short. When the project was so short it was kind of hard to understand what exactly what you were doing. Now, I know you were doing DIY's, but that was about all I knew. If you just got a little more in depth with your description it would be better.
    • I chose this reflection because I felt it would really help the person it was directed to. It wasn't very mean, but it wasn't too nice with the person. It showed them to give the extra push and what they were missing. just how a critique should be.

  • You should make homemade drinks like lemonade, smoothies, or milkshakes
    • I really liked this critique because it was so simple and it was something Conor had never tried. He'd only made food, but never made drinks.

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