ACS's Journal


What went well? At the maker faire I really enjoyed playing the guitar. I really liked playing the song on Rocksmith for people. Difficulties: I enjoyed playing the song with YouTube in the background because sometimes Rocksmith was being glitchy and wouldn't count some notes. I solved the problem by playing the song with YouTube and just followed along. If you were in charge: If I was in charge I would have put myself somewhere more open because many people couldn't find me like some of my friends.
Probably Somewhere in May or June

I learned some blues chords like A7, D7, and E7, and a little song called Luck's Like a Shadow. I also learned the A minor chord and can play a chord song in the order of G, D, and A minor. I also learned about full steps and half steps on chord progressions all the way down to the twelfth fret on every string.
Somewhere in May

I started playing Sweet Home Alabama and some other songs like Hey Ya! 21 Guns is still fun and easy to play, Hey Ya is ridiculously easy to play, I Want You Back is still coming along nicely and I'm working on some other songs that aren't on Rocksmith.
This week I am going to attempt to master I Want You Back by the Jackson 5. I so far have 99.4% mastered and I just need to memorize the rest of the song. I can also work on 21 Guns and Crazy Little Thing Called love on Rocksmith.

I'm going to stop with Crazy Little Thing called love and focus more on songs like I Want You Back and 21 Guns, but mainly I Want You Back. I still haven't completely mastered I Want You Back because apparently the mastering goes past one hundred percent so I have to play it more.

This week I worked on guitar by... playing Rocksmith and learning two other songs. I learned a Super Mario Brothers 3D World song and another song called Beauty of Annihilation. Rocksmith was also fun to play with. I am starting to play Paint it Black. The only problem I've had so far with Rocksmith is the unpredictability. I'll be playing a song and the notes change really unexpectedly. Besides that the application has worked out nicely.
I'm going to continue to work on the Song Crazy Little Thing called love and maybe work on a new song called Don't Stop Me Now. In addition I may also work on the Underground theme for Super Mario Brothers NES. I tried to find a Super Mario Brothers 2 Theme, but all I could find were Guitar Cover videos for that song.

This week I'm going to work on the Song Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. I'm also going to work on a few book songs and a little bit of some little YouTube songs. Chords are coming along better now and once I finish this song I might start another chord song. As for the book songs I've made it to the fourth string and mastered the first three in reading and playing. I just need to work on the four now and make my way to playing all six strings.

The two goals I accomplished this week were... This week I practiced learning the Crazy Little Love Song by Queen. The only problem I'm having with the song is that besides the opening I don't see too much resemblance between my song and the actual song by Queen. I worked on the book and practiced two songs. Native Flute and Cockles and Mussels. I just hope I can master the song by the time the Maker Fair rolls around. Next week I'm going to continue to work on pretty much the same songs to master them so I'm ready for the Maker Fair in June.
This week I'll work on chords and reading notes. I have memorized the three notes for E and B. I'm almost good to go with the G chord, but I still need some practice. When it comes to chords I'm good for E, D, and A, and for the most part C and G. I can still work on those chords, but maybe learn some new ones too. Sooner or later I'm also going to have to learn how to barre chords.I don't know which songs to learn in my free time, but I'm sure I'll find one.

I feel this I'm going to learn to do some chords and to read the music better. I would like to learn chords like A, D, E, G, and C. some others would be nice too. I have already learned to read the first three notes on the E and B chords. I just need to work on those, and other chords. Once I can memorize the chords and read the music I'll be so much more ready for what's ahead. I feel like chords may be a little hard, but it can happen.

This week I learned how to play E, G, C, A, D, and E minor. All these chords make up hundreds and hundreds of songs. I haven't really learned how to play them well, but I do remember the fingering for the chords. I wasn't able to work on reading notes, but there are other times to work on that. Next week maybe to learn on reading. I can also play the Batman 60's theme on the E and A strings.

I/We Learned... how to play the E major, D major, and A chord. I learned a tin bit of the G chord but it's a little fuzzy. I also learned apart of a new song from a game Team Fortress 2. It's called More Gun and sounds nice. I can't learn it all since there are barre chords and I haven't learned barre chords yet.

I/We Learned... How to play part of the Super Mario World Overworld Theme. I am also now more comfortable with the songs America the Beautiful and Morning has Broken. I feel like maybe next week I can start doing chords and/or rocksmith. I just hope that I'm actually learning something besides the Overworld theme.

This week I learned most of America the Beautiful and Morning has Broken. There are just some parts that sound a tiny bit iffy to me. One song I did master was the National Anthem also known as the Star Spangled Banner. It's a great song and easy to play. It really helps you move your fingers since the whole song is covering about the whole entire neck! Now it's easier to recognize notes and I can switch my fingers faster.

Today I/We... learned how to play two new songs on the guitar. We played the Peppa Pig introduction and I Fought the Law. I Fought the Law was an easy yet good song to learn. It's only four notes, but still sounds great. Peppa pig was only about 3 strings and had only two short parts, but is still a good funny piece to learn. I feel it may be time to get back on chords, but I wouldn't know. I like regular note songs better.

Today I/We... learned how to play the full Super Mario Bros. Theme. Once you sit down and concentrate on it, it's really easy. I also learned some new chords like an Easy C, an Easy G, and Easy E minor, and a D. I can play all of those chords pretty easily and hope I can play the song to get into the advanced room for choice hour today.
This weeks plan is to learn more chord. In choice hour we worked a tiny bit on the chords, but I don't have a good feel for it. I feel pretty good on Ode to Joy and Jingle Bells doesn't seem too bad anymore. I think it's time to move on to chords maybe. I may not be ready, but who knows.

This week I learned a whole lot of notes and a few new songs too. I learned some G and D string notes and which frets you play them on. I also learned how to play Yankee Doodle and When The Saints Go Marchin' In a little. I feel next week I may be able to master Yankee Doodle and get a feel for When The Saints Go Marchin' In and Aura Lee. I also memorized some more notes and where they are on the fret board. So now when I see some sheet notes I'll know how and what to play.

How Did You Improve in Your Project? This week I made progress by learning a few songs, and perfecting some. I was able to learn some new chords like C and G7. I might not be able to play them, but it's a start. We also started playing to the beat of some songs like Seven Nation Army, Barracuda, and more. We also experimented with some strings and chords to make some cool beats. This week was productive and a little goofing around.

How did you expand your thinking? This week I was learning to play twinkle twinkle and now I can play seven nation army, Darth Vader and more. Sometimes you have to go beyond your limits and stretch yourself. You never know what you'll accomplish.

This week I pretty much wrapped up my project with a cool Riddler time lapse. I did put the time lapse in my google slides for people to chekc out. The video is also on my bps-schools YouTube account. I'm going to start guitar next. I have the guitar choice hour this quarter too, so I can get some extra practice. I really hope I can learn guitar and have fun with it.
Feliz Dia de los Muertos! This week I plan to draw Aquaman and maybe some other things too. Aquaman is a col hero who could be fun to draw and experiment with. If I have time I might draw something else this week too.

I couldn't find many good tutorials on Aquaman so I looked back on Batman and found a good tutorial that turned out "eh". I'll just say that it's okay for now. It's just that the tutorial drawers can make perfect curves ever. single. time. <.> so the drawing is okay with some strong eraser marks and bold lines and other signs of sloppiness. So this week I made a pretty cool drawing and next week, who knows I could start to draw on my own without a tutorial.
This week I want to finish a scarecrow drawing that I had started on last week. The only trouble is that it's not from a video. I'm just looking at an image on google images. It will be a challenge and it might even be discontinued, but it's worth a try. Once I'm done with that drawing don't know what else I'll draw.

This week I finished a Batman drawing that some parts of it look weird. When my google photos finally updates I'll put the pictures in my google slides for people to see. On the back of that drawing I think I'll continue my scarecrow drawing that I started but realized was too big for the paper. I could draw as much as I could and maybe add an extra piece of paper to make the full scarecrow drawing in it's full glory.
This week I plan to make two new drawings. I'm going to make Articuno and I'm going to make setting. Richard brought up a good point saying I need to learn to draw setting too. So when I finish Aricuno I will start a setting sketch whether that be today or Friday. I'll take the drawings that I've made and put them into my Google Slides.

This week was a pretty big failure, drawing wise. Articuno wasn't turning out and I wan't able to find a good setting tutorial. I'm thinking about drawing Scarecrow from Batman, but instead of looking up a tutorial on YouTube (there are none) I was going to look up a picture and draw what i see. So that will be a new approach and, to me, feels like it'll work out pretty well. I don't know why, but I feel like it'll be a success. No Promises.
I planned to finish up my face drawing, but i seemed to misplaced it so I couldn't do that. I did start my Google Slides though. Some photos didn't get to my slides though which really sucks since I made a couple of drawings which should be in the slide. Maybe in time the photos will load in my drive and I'll be able to put them in my Google slide.

This week I made a really cool Red Hood drawing. I was going to make an Articuno from Pokemon, but I didn't have enough time to make another drawing. I was able to finish red Hood, but two drawings would be too much. I did make my google slides though, so that's finally out of the way for me.
I'm going to make a google slides for my progress photos. I finished a Robin drawing that looks really good. I'll put that and two other photos in my slide.

This week I made one of the best drawings I've ever made which was the Robin drawing which turned out spectacular. I started a face drawing which is going decent to say the least but it needs some work. I'll finish the face on Wednesday and I took a picture of the Robin drawing and of the Face progress.
This week I'm going to draw legs and maybe attempt to draw a head again. the head is the hard part since you need to get the face and the head the right shape so it doesn't look weird. The face is the part that needs the most amount of attention and skill next to the body. If you don't have the face down it'll look weird and pretty demented.

This week I wasn't able to make legs because i was busy making a google photos and trying to make an album to put on my page. next week I'll try to make legs or a face but on Wednesday I might not be able to since i still need to make my album. Next week making legs or a face would be perfect and making the album too would be even better.
This week I plan to finish my torso drawing and take it home to put on my wall and show to my parents.

I did a lot this week. I finished my torso drawing, made some scrap drawings, created a YouTube channel for playlists, and more. so the torso drawing is at my house and the YouTube channel is up, but it's only for creating playlists. I also made a wiki page for my drawing and graphic novel stuff. Next week i plan to do legs.
This week I plan to make my first drawing of a character. my first draft was not too bad considering some things. I expect improve fairly in drawing in the next month since I'm not too bad to start.

This week I plan on either finishing or getting very, very close to finishing my project. The main character just needs to get flown through the building by the water, then escape through the ceiling, vents, and junk. Then I might add sound effects if I can fond enough good ones.

I've learned so much this year. Why? Because of all the things I've tried doing this year. I've learned how to screen record. I learned how to screen record during the Video Game Commentary section. I learned how to use a green screen in the second stop motion section I did. Keep in mind before that section I thought it would be near impossible to get a stop motion.

I learned how to do hinging which is when in a stop motion you make to slight movements, a big one, than to small movements so it looks like it's sliding, or moving smoother. A giant thing I learned was hot to do scratch. It started off with making these little projects where when the flag was clicked music and text would start playing. This was because I still wasn't good enough at scratch. Now I make games like my workshop project and the Hoovy Chronicles.
I want to finish the water scene with the putty so I can get this done. I have a new obstacle this week, which is that I have to upload the progress I have which takes a long time to do. I have to upload it to YouTube and then put it on the wiki page. I'm not going to upload the video yet because I want to get as much done this week so I can have more uploaded on the page. If I finish uploading the video on the wiki I'll continue to work on the video. The video is very close to being done so after I finish, I need to start editing the video and upload it to YouTube again.

This week I experienced how to really use clay. Clay really is easy to use in a stop motion since its so mobile and it looks natural especially as water. Each frame just put a few dents in the putty each frame and it starts to look like waves and currents in the water. I experienced what it's like to upload a draft to YouTube too. I've only uploaded the full and final video, but this week i uploaded an unfinished scratch and YouTube video without it being done. I felt like I accomplished a lot this week and am proud of myself. I'll be able to finish this very soon.
My plan this week is to make about ten seconds of footage this week. That's what I try to do every week, but it doesn't always work. I wasn't able to do it last time since I was a bit busy. So if I try hard enough I'll be able to get more than 10 seconds or footage. I am nearing the ending of my movie, but that would be in a little bit since it will take a long time to get this part done.

This week I used putty for the first time in stop motion! The burglar in the movie opened up a vault door that turned out to be water (putty) and the water started overflowing everything. The putty is actually a lot more fun to use than I thought. Next week I'm going to make the character waist deep in water. All I'll have to do is take off his legs, plant his body on the putty and it looks like he's waist deep in water. I got about 5 to 6 or maybe 7 seconds of footage in this week and Ii feel pretty good about that. I feel the work looks good and smooth. At least the work I did this week. The work previously could use some touching up, but it'll do. Overall I feel good on this project right now. If I work hard enough I'll easily be able to finish this and edit it. Eventually I'll be able to upload it to YouTube the project will be done, my final project for 7th grade thinkering will be done.

This week I made a couple shots and I am importing the movie that i have so far into the green screen app. There is only one part that has the green screen. it is the part where a guard is walking along a wall while the burglar hides behind it. The background is a bank vault, but it's not the one that he is breaking into. The one he breaks into appears later in the film. I'm getting to a big fight scene where the burglar takes on multiple guards at once, but that scene probably won't be done until next week.

Type 1
This week I am going to import my first green screen ever into the movie. The character is going to be looking around the corner at a guard walking in front of a green screen. The picture for the green screen will be a bank. I plan to start to get some action into the movie this week too.

This week I got to about the half way mark in my movie. Next week I'm going to import the green screen into the movie and see how the green screen shot looks in the movie. Once I get the green screen done I'm going to continue the stop motion movie. The movie is a bit choppy and i'm not that proud but I might be able to make it up later. So over all the movie will be OK and I am hoping it'll look nicer by the end of the movie with the green screen.
This week I plan on starting the stop motion movie and building the sets. I will need to make a rooftop, a street, and a couple of rooms to make up the "Bank." I would also need to make a wall so it could be the wall of the bank and just add a piece of paper to tell it's a bank. The paper would say: The W*tear* bank. It actually says water bank but the burglar does not know that and he ends up robbing a water bank and fails.

This week I learned how to use a green screen. It is not as complicated as you would think it to be. All you do is import a picture and it will take affect. The green will turn into the picture you imported into your movie. I'm going to use the green board next week instead of the green LEGO base plates. The base plates interfere with the figures and it just doesn't work out.

This week I learned how to make a script. Instead of just normally writing you make a table with a line in the middle and the dialogue on the left and the imagery on the right. The movie is a burglary movie and in the end the burglar just gets knocked out by batman. It turns out he actually went to a water bank and opens a water vault and has to escape but gets knocked out by batman.
I'm going to record a game called Farfalla which is one big game that actually has a end. You have to collect keys, and balloons so you can unlock the end which is actually you finding the girl version of yourself and reuniting. You have to find the keys to open tunnels, which you can get balloons and when you have all of the balloons you open up a wall which leads you to the girl which ends the game.

This week I made a Farfalla video and narrated it but it's having trouble getting on YouTube. I might have to make a new video during academic lab since this one doesn't seem salvageable. I've tried uploading it to YouTube over and over, changing the file and everything but nothing seems to work. I will just upload either a GeoGessur video or a Bloons Tower Defense 4 video. Right now I'm more focused on Geogessur.
I'm going to make the second Boombot video and probably upload both of them this week. But two Boombot episodes probably won't be enough. So it might be three or four parts to it. Once I'm done with Boombot I'll start my Farfalla series which will probably be one video but maybe two since it might take a bit more than one video.

I made a Boombot video and downloaded it to the computer so I can add audio and dialogue later. I learned... how to download and Evan told me how to add audio to my screen capped videos. I don't have enough time to upload it to YouTube
This week we are going to record some videos of games we can play like Duck Life , that is one of my favorite games that is good and appropriate game to play and put on the wiki and YouTube. I could also play a puzzle game called Farfalla which I have played before but is really laggy with all the ads on cool math games. So combined with lag from screencast-o-matic it would be very laggy.

I made my first successful video on the game Boombot. Its where you use bombs to get a robot through portals. I made about a 6 minute video of me getting through 15 levels. I'll probably pick up where I left off next class at level 16. I learned about screencast-o-matic a lot more and how it's simple but not as simple. I felt bad I hadn't made a video so I made a quick one today. It isn't uploaded to anything yet just save as an mp4 as of now.

I felt like we were never going to get to record. There were so many games we wanted to play but couldn't since we had to test them first. We will be recording very soon though since we have a lot of games ready to play and record. we found these little "mini-games" we also found. We could maybe make a series out of and just one video for each little game. This is how I felt about this week.
I/We want to learn... how to make efficient, longer, and funnier gameplay. We could possibly do that by watching the other kids in here playing games and see how they do it and get some ideas. Maybe we could try to edit some videos in the future.

Where could I use this again?We have chosen screencast-o- and have chosen a new game called the Impossible Quiz. The website is the important part. it is usable more than once and has over one hundred games. There are still more games to chose from and to test out to make sure they are appropriate for school. So far the impossible quiz is ok and we found a site to play, so that is good.
We are going our be doing our first screen-o-matic videos. We probably aren't going to use all of the videos we record but we for sure will use some of the ones we use today. We haven't completely decided on the main games we are going to record but we are going to play some Realm of the Mad God, some cool math games, and try to play

We are going to select a game to play for our commentary. We don't know yet though. We were going to play Garry's Mod which is a game Evan and I own. We played it last night and made the best dupe imaginable. It involved rag dolls and posing. We can find another game since we can't do Garry's mod.

I/We Learned... how to download screencast-o-matic and use it properly! We can now download it to Evan since we already learned how to do it and did it to Arman. We now can use this for an almost unlimited uses since now we can play games and record them and upload them to our YouTube channel. I made about 2 videos just to test the quality and to get used to it. I didn't save them since they were really bad. I will probably make more of them just so I know what to do and say.
I am finishing my characters for the big game Evan is making, and I might start making evil creatures. And we might switch out of scratch in a whole. Soon we will do video game commentary.

One way I showed leadership is when i got my group to stop scratch and to start Video Game commentary. it was a little hard to make the proposal and wrangle everything together but I stayed on top and didn't give up. I learned it is hard to do something like start a new project and you have to know you are going to do it. The problem was getting everyone focused on the actual work.

I/We learned... how to make a Shrek sprite in scratch. (8-bit). It is getting more hard for ideas of characters. It took almost all class just to think up Shrek. I tried doing a samurai but gave up since the helmet is very tricky. I feel like if I think a bit more I can crank out about 2 or 3 more.
This week I am going to be making sprites for an extremely big game that Evan/1skeech1 is making. It is an rpg where you can play as characters and fight bosses. There are also side missions where you can save a melon's baby and fight like... trees. Anyway it's going to be a fun project to work on.

I felt/experienced making a project/helping a project with Evan. We are making the sprites for the project. it's the rpg. We each have a character. Evan's is a guy with a bandage and an eye patch and mine is a guy with headphones and Arman's is a guy with a hat with a copter on top. I also made a cool dracula and eyeball sprite.
Going to work on the Shrekoning for the rest of the week. it's a Scratch movie mixed with a game. Sometimes it asks for you to press space for onion blast or a to punch

One example of FAILure was... the Shrekoning Part 1. I finished the Shrekoning part 1. It was a little underwhelming to be honest. I feel it could have been better but it was the first time I had done a project like a quick time game where you have to press buttons really fast. and I hope to improve. Through the parts their should be improvement and looking better. I learned about myself that I'm not very good at making quicktime.

I/We learned... some things about quick time projects and how they work. I feel did mine somewhat wrong and might be able to fix it by the end, but that is yet to come. I noticed my weakness in scratch was quick time. I do not feel I will do another quick time project again.
I am going to release Merry Christmas which is a cool air horn song made of air horns to sound like a Christmas carol. I am going to making Hoovy Chronicles Christmas Edition. You have to grab presents and give them to Shrek when you have around 30 or 40. I am also starting to make Hoovy Chronicles part 3?

Making Hoovy Chronicles Part 3 and had to scrap the Christmas edition. So now that Hoovy Chronicles part three is being released I might work on other scratch projects besides Hoovy chronicles and branch out a bit.
I don't know when I will switch out of scratch but Arman, Evan and I will have to decide that together. I/We learned... to not overwhelm yourself but at the same time aim big for what you want.
This Week I am making Hoovy Chronicles Christmas Edition and I'll try to throw in Hoovy Chronicles Pt. 3. Illuminati Edition. But the games take about three fourths of a class to make or maybe even just script or to just make the sprites. After I'm going to try a BIG project. It will be challenging.

I might be able to release Hoovy Chronicles Christmas edition today if I put a lot of effort into it but it is unlikely.
I have made two games. Hoovy Chronicles Pt. 1 and pt. 2. Arman has made bonus games to my two. Currently I am going to work on part 4 and maybe 5.

I made 3 games. pt.1 pt.2 and pt. 3. I also made a merry Christmas video today. The games are pretty basic. Moving characters away from other characters. I also made a multiplayer game using WASD and the arrow keys.
Me and Arman are working in different "groups" and making our own scratch projects. Evan is in the middle helping us since he has done this many times.

I started my project. It is a game where Heavy from Team Fortress 2 finds a sandvich. He wants it but it disappears. You have to play as him and go through different stages. It is a little rough. I'm still developing and making at the same time. It will be good though.
We are going to make a scratch project starting today. It is based off Hoovy and Shrek. The sandvich causes the whole problem. Shrek stole it! You play as Hoovy to get his sandvich.

We are putting the audio in for the movie. It is going really well and is going to be on YouTube. We are adding in sound effects such as Mortal Kombat song, we are adding in "Don't you forget about me" and some of our own sound effects.

We finished and are just putting credits and software on our movie page. It's really good, 2 minutes and 36 seconds and has some clips of sounds. We have Don't You (forget about me) and Mortal Kombat theme song. Also some Gabe Newell sound fx.
I am almost done making the movie with Evan and Arman. So far it is going well. The movie moves at 13 frames per second and is a nice amount of smooth. Now we're at about 800 frames or pictures. I'd say it's pretty cool. So I think when we finish the project we are going to start a scratch project.

We are nearing the very end of our production. It was a bit crazy and hectic in the movie, and out, but we are ending up with a good enough project. Batman was just dreaming, he is not actually Joker. We are going to have ab out a little over 900 pictures. Even though that may seem like a lot (it is) the video is not even that long. So once we are done we will Scratch project.
I am going to make a LEGO movie.
If i complete it I could start a new project.
Maybe a scratch project since I'm not very
good at scratch.
Over the two days
of the week we worked I learned
not to panic. I had thought I lost the
whole stop motion film of over 300
pictures! It turned out the title picture was changed so I couldn't identify it.
I looked at all the pictures and knew it was our film. I worked on parts of the film today.
Another thing I'm doing is using a new stop motion software. I'm used to using Lego Movie
Maker. Now I am using the regular stop motion app called: Stop motion. It is a little different but I am used to it. So I have learned to use a new app this week!
We are finished with the stop motion movie and are just adding the audio clips. We finished at just a little over 1120 photos. It's about a minute or more long. It is a bit short but it took a while to make. I don't know how to make a scratch and that is what we are doing next. Evan will be the leader since he knows how to make scratch projects. We are just adding the ending.
Over these next two days we finished the video at about 2030 pictures. We made the epilogue and are starting our scratch project Tuesday. Maybe Thursday depending on the audio for the stop motion. We will need quite a bit of audio.

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  • what is the theme. What LEGOS?
  • what about a title and ending/credits?
  • how do you combine all the pictures.?