ACM12 Portfolio

ACM12 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Scratch Game
    • I have grown a lot during this quarter and it is because of this project. I have learned how to apply my learning instead of just looking in a book or even just using the same code over and over. I learned how to be more creative and think about my idea and how I can achieve it. I documented my process in a small notebook so I can show my learning and what I did. This time I focused on one project vs. several and took time to get feedback on my work.
  • Learning Scratch
    • This quarter I have extended my project from learning how scratch works to making my own projects and expanding my learning. I chose to highlight this project because I have really learned a lot in these two quarters. This project has also helped me with some of my critical thinking skills. I have to plan out my project and think about which blocks I need to use and why. Creating my personal project has encouraged me to take what I know about Scratch and use it to expand my knowledge of how to program without a book.
  • Learning Scratch
    • I chose to highlight this project because, before I did this project I was bored in thinkering. While I enjoyed using Scratch before in 3/4 engage I didn't really understand how some of the more advanced parts worked. I plan out what projects I am going to do that week which keeps me on a schedule and helps me with organization skills. I also get to think in ways I didn't before and I learn what blocks I am placing and what they do. I am glad that this project will help set me up for a possible future in advancing in coding.
  • Piano & Guitar Duet
    • I chose to highlight this project, not only because it was my first project, but because I feel that I am learning a lot about the piano so far. This project is a duet with Grace she is playing guitar and I am playing the piano. We had to learn about how to not only play our instruments but also play them in unison. We have to do much more than just play the instruments we also have to record our song. A lot of hard work has to go into this project.

Top Reflections:

  • Today I got further ahead than I planned because I finished researching
    and already started to create my twist in my game. After looking and doc-
    umenting multiple projects I decided to create a timed mode in my game.
    While researching I was looking for what types of original things I liked in
    scratchers' games and how I could incorporate them into my project. I also
    took into account some feedback I got from those who played the game. I
    looked at multiple types of projects and took my time looking into the code
    and wrote why I enjoyed the game and what I think I could build from it. After
    doing this I feel I can add a new, innovative piece to my game.
    • This reflection showed a bit of my process and what resulted from it. When I wrote that I wanted to add a twist, I had no clue what I was going to do. But after this day I really felt that I had a fun twist that isn't always used in games but would add to mine. I liked that I explained that I looked at other games first. I really tried to make this a bigger part of my project this quarter, more exploring and less stress to figure out what to make.
  • "After finishing up the project on the 2nd book I have decided to use Scratch to make my own game using my creativity. So today I
    started to brainstorm and look at other featured projects on the
    Scratch homepage. This helped me look at other people's ideas
    and get inspired. While coming up with my "draft idea I was thinking
    about what kind of projects I liked on the website and that really
    helped speed my process up. I eventually decided to make a simple
    platform game using my previous lessons."
    • I decided to highlight this reflection because it shows a turning point in my project. I decided to make my own game instead of following the book. I liked how I showed a bit into my process for coming up with an idea. I think that this is one of my most important reflections because it was a big turning point in my project.
  • "I got further than I had planned because I almost finished the
    4th project on Tuesday. This was because I learned how to
    duplicate scripts so that I could work faster and just change
    the little things in the code. I knew I learned it when it took
    significantly less time to finish project 2 vs. project 3. At first I
    didn't know how I could make the process quicker but, I
    remembered that I had duplicated the scripts to work faster
    before. This helped me increase the projects I could get done
    in one class period. I also noticed, with every game I created
    the book taught every part of the game in a certain order. Going
    from smaller pieces of code, to bigger strings of code. This helped
    me predict the code I would be doing, and helped me plan ahead."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I ended up figuring out a faster process that could help me move forward. When I first started this project I was a bit slower but this process and plan helped me continue making great progress.
  • "Today I had "hard fun" when I begun to play and memorize the notes. I overcame the struggle of memorizing the notes
    by putting tape with the written notes on the keys. After that
    I learned that I was able to play songs much faster and learn
    them from muscle memory, even after I took off the tapes. I
    noticed, that while I could play many different songs by ear,
    my weakness was I had trouble sticking to one song to learn.
    Which was difficult when I tried to find a song with Grace. In
    the future, I will change my process and select a song that I
    can play that is closer to both my so I can build my experience.
    I am looking forward to next week, this new strategy will help
    me get on the right track."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection, because I really think I did a good job reflecting on what I was learning that week. I found the perfect reflection prompt that really embodied what I was doing that week. I truly felt that I had "hard fun" when I was learning how to play the notes and chords on the piano. I liked that I gave insight to my strategies on how I learned to play notes faster. This also really showed when I talked about how I noticed my struggles with sticking to one song. This reflection showed what I did and my process but most importantly I showed how I learned and what I did to change my process.

Top Critiques:

  • One thing you could do is try to find different players and different skill levels for your game recreations - Alexandra
    • Jude explained to me that Perry and him were recreating famous chess games (though most likely unsuccessfully), he also said that they were from very skilled players. While more famous games are more likely to be from more skilled players, I though that if they tried to find and use ones from different skill levels, they may learn more about different strategies and have broader knowledge.
  • Make sure that you keep a list of the resources you find so you can go back to them if needed - Alexandra
    • I chose to highlight this critique because when Jude told me he was looking into researching more about chess I knew he would need to go back and list his resources. So if he starts out by doing that he will have a nice list at the end.
  • Make sure you remember to take photos of your learning process and stretch out so you don't get hurt while learning yoga - Alexandra M
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I was reminding Maggie to remember to take pictures of her process so she can record her progress. Also to make sure she stretches and doesn't get injured.
  • Your project could be enhanced by using a tripod or holding your camera steadier while recording your recipe - Alexandra
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I gave a way Maggie could enhance her baking videos. I noticed her videos where a little shaky, so I suggested she use a tripod so they could be more steady and enjoyable.

All Projects: