ACM12's Journal

  • I will research what makes a good game and possible twists I could implement.
  • I will also look at other accounts with similar projects.

Today I got further ahead than I planned because I finished researching
and already started to create my twist in my game. After looking and doc-
umenting multiple projects I decided to create a timed mode in my game.
While researching I was looking for what types of original things I liked in
scratchers' games and how I could incorporate them into my project. I also
took into account some feedback I got from those who played the game. I
looked at multiple types of projects and took my time looking into the code
and wrote why I enjoyed the game and what I think I could build from it. After
doing this I feel I can add a new, innovative piece to my game.
  • Today I will find someone with knowledge of scratch/and or video games to review my game and give feedback.
  • Based on these results, I will go back and revise my project and fix what needs to be tweaked.

  • I will create a rough draft of my game this week.
  • I will also ask for some feedback from peers.

Today I finished the draft of my project. Most of it used my previous
knowledge so it didn't take that long. I just needed to learn how to make
a clone of a sprite. While learning this I would try the lesson out while
watching a video tutorial. After I finished I asked 3 different peers to give feedback. feedback. Some people helped me by giving tips to make the game
more fun, while Jude noticed that there was a small glitch in my game
that I will have to fix. Next class I may ask for more feedback
since it is a very effective way to make my game better.
  • Finalize my project idea.
  • I will write a list of what I know I can do and what I could possibly learn to finish my brainstormed project effectively.
  • I will sketch the backgrounds and scripts to plan it out

  • Complete my project page
  • Start brainstorming ideas for my new game.

Today, I brainstormed my ideas for my new game/project. To do this,
I looked on other scratchers pages trying to get an idea of what to do.
I wanted to look at projects that had interesting ideas that could inspire
me to make my own. At first I was just looking at the projects and writing
ideas down as the came, but I decided to "favorite" the project so it
would show on my profile and I could go back to it if needed. I did this
to about five different projects and this was an effective strategy that
I think will help me if I need to go back and look over what inspired me.
  • Finish my peer critique
  • Work on and adapt the levels of my game to be smoother

  • Work on my reflection
  • Finish a level of my game

My next step is going to be figuring out how to combine pieces of
my game to add more story to the levels. I had finished part of the
code but I have to go back and fix the jumping because it wasn't
smooth. At first I couldn't do it but I went back to the drawing board
and I eventually figured it out. I'm glad that I re-worked the code,
because after doing that I knew I learned something. I will continue
to learn more about Scratch through this game.
  • Work on my portfolio
  • Start working on my platform game

Today I worked on my portfolio and made sure I had everything.
I also started making the game I started to plan last class. While
making the game I thought about what kind of games I liked to
play so then I could make an enjoyable game. I decided to make
a cloud themed platform game. I started by making the shell of
the game and started to add the code to my player. I had to go
back a couple of times but I eventually figured out how to make it
jump. I ended up making 5 levels today.
  • This week I will decide if I want to make my own projects or work on the 2nd book.

After finishing up the project on the 2nd book I have decided to
use Scratch to make my own game using my creativity. So today I
started to brainstorm and look at other featured projects on the
Scratch homepage. This helped me look at other people's ideas
and get inspired. While coming up with my "draft idea I was thinking
about what kind of projects I liked on the website and that really
helped speed my process up. I eventually decided to make a simple
platform game using my previous lessons.
  • Continue working on the 9th project.

My next step will be to decide if I want to continue learning scratch
from the 2nd book or start creating my own projects. I am going to do
the first project in the 2nd book to decide if I want to continue or not.
If I decide to go the other route and make my own, I will be more cr-
eative and learn a different part of scratch. So far while working with
the new book I have noticed that it is a higher difficulty level and that
the book has a different layout compared to the other one. I plan to
decide what I will do next week.
  • Since we had a snow day last Friday I plan to finish the 8th project and start the 9th

I was efficient because despite having less time I still stretched and
reached my goal. My goal was the finish the 8th project and start the 9th.
I got about halfway done with the 9th. I learned that if I start at
the beginning of class I can speed up my process vs. when I stall and
waste time and rush at the end. That way I could really read and learn
all that the book had to offer. This help me be more efficient and led to
me completing my goals. When I come in ready to work I get so much
more done.
  • Finish the 8th game by the end of the week

  • I plan to finish the 5th game, and start the 6th.

  • I plan to finish my portfolio page and if time allows, continue working on the 5th game.

This week I made sure I had my 3 critiques and that I finished up
my portfolio. Then I had a little bit of time to go back to my projects
on scratch. I didn't get very far because I got distracted but next time
I plan to work faster so that I can get more done. I noticed that when
the pdf of the book is o[pen in the next tab I can flip faster than
if the book is in a completely different folder, like the downloads
folder. This might affect how fast I get my projects done because
on the pdf preview some pages don't load so I have to open it from
my downloads file. I will try to adapt to this change and get my
projects done.
  • Finish the 4th project today and start the 5th.

  • Finish the 3rd project and start the 4th by Friday.

I got further than I had planned because I almost finished the
4th project on Tuesday. This was because I learned how to
duplicate scripts so that I could work faster and just change
the little things in the code. I knew I learned it when it took
significantly less time to finish project 2 vs. project 3. At first I
didn't know how I could make the process quicker but, I
remembered that I had duplicated the scripts to work faster
before. This helped me increase the projects I could get done
in one class period. I also noticed, with every game I created
the book taught every part of the game in a certain order. Going
from smaller pieces of code, to bigger strings of code. This helped
me predict the code I would be doing, and helped me plan ahead.
  • Continue working on the A Space Odyssey project

  • Start working with scratch
  • Do 1 project from the book
  • Learn more about the blocks in scratch

I am starting out using scratch this week and I will be working
out of a book to learn. I have used scratch before and the block
style will really help me learn and be better at programming in
the future. Scratch is like the building blocks for coding in the
future. I wonder if I will continue to learn at a fast pace or if I
will have to slow down to learn new concepts? I will most likely
eventually get to something I have not already learned. But
as always, I am excited to put my best foot forward and see
what scratch has to offer me.
  • Start writing out my basic letters A-Z
  • Learn about setting up my pen
  • Start learning technique.

I learned, how to set up my pen, and how to write the letters
A-Z in both capital and lowercase. I really think that calligraphy
is difficult but I will try my best. I noticed that my weakness was
I couldn’t quite figure out how to hold my pen correctly but, I
asked Sophia for help. Then, I was able to continue writing my
letters for practice. Watching videos really helped me learn at
I realized that help with videos and others will get me far. While
doing calligraphy I was reminded of learning cursive and trying to
copy the letters, it was a somewhat similar experience.
  • Start researching about calligraphy
  • Watch videos about it for beginners
  • Look up beginner's supplies to purchase

My next step will be to research more about beginner's
calligraphy and get some beginner's materials and see
if I like calligraphy. I wonder how I will improve and self
teach myself if I only have YouTube videos and tutorials
to learn by? I think that if I persevere and really work hard
on this fine motor skill that I can learn how to do calligraphy.
While I was researching I took into account my skill level
which is very inexperienced since I have never done
calligraphy before, and how long I think I'd be doing my
project for. I will see if I get into it and buy cheap supplies
in case I don't enjoy doing calligraphy as my project. So far,
I am excited to watch and learn how to do calligraphy.
  • Work on our portfolio
  • Practice our final song to record on GarageBand
  • Check our journals and make sure they follow the rubric

I was surprised when we didn't get a lot of practice time in
because we really tried to finish our reflections quickly.
I think this happened because we really wanted make sure
we got the points for our reflections. We did get a couple
practice runs for our songs. I understand that to get better
at playing I will need to practice. I just wish I had more time
to get that time in. Next time I will make sure that my time
is prioritized so I get my work done with time left to do our
actual project. Finally, I learned that if Grace and I are going
to be productive we need to make sure not to distract each other
and catch ourselves doing distracting each other so we can stop it.
  • Get a higher level version of the Little Kids Rock song.
  • Begin playing the same song together in unison instead of just practicing them apart.
  • Start getting the seperate parts recorded.

We have changed our plan, because now instead of getting
a more complicated version of the song we are sticking to
the Little Kids Rock piece. While changing our plan I felt a bit
of relief because I was worried that it would be too hard for Grace
and I. We wanted to be sure that our sound would be high quality
before learning the complex versions. When we picked the song
we decided on Count on Me by Bruno Mars. It wasn't too difficult
but still had some challenging parts. I look forward to recording
this song and posting it to YouTube next week. Grace and I will
need to put in hard work to practice our song and make a good
quality recording. But I think we will be able to pull it off.
  • Learn how to record the songs I have learned from the piano to the computer on GarageBand.
  • Practice my songs so when I record my song it will be played correctly.
  • Start recording my simple songs.

I didn't get as far as I planned because I wonder if this is
because I kept practicing the song instead of recording like
I had planned? Recording my song in GarageBand was a
bit tricky at first but I looked up a tutorial on YouTube and figured
out that I could do the basics. Now that I know that I need to do
this during next class I plan to finish practicing my songs and
record them so they are high quality. I will need to learn more
about how I can practice the rhythm and pacing of my song better.
  • Continue to learn the notes but get a better feel for how to play them.
  • Learn some simple songs
  • Find some simple songs to play with Grace.
Today I had "hard fun" when I begun to play and memorize
the notes. I overcame the struggle of memorizing the notes
by putting tape with the written notes on the keys. After that
I learned that I was able to play songs much faster and learn
them from muscle memory, even after I took off the tapes. I
noticed, that while I could play many different songs by ear,
my weakness was I had trouble sticking to one song to learn.
Which was difficult when I tried to find a song with Grace. In
the future, I will change my process and select a song that I
can play that is closer to both my so I can build my experience.
I am looking forward to next week, this new strategy will help
me get on the right track.
  • Finish up my proposal.
  • Find good starter tutorials for learning the piano
  • Get started learning piano notes.
I think that today I learned many things about the piano, I
connected it to my previous experience with the violin
as the notes are similar. This helped me understand more
about the piano and how I will be able to learn and play
songs in the upcoming weeks. Now I have learned that t
here is more than paint to just learning and playing songs.
I learned this when I tried to play a song I realized that
if I played it too slow or too fast the song didn't sound right.
I took some time, slowed down and took more time to go
over the notes of my song. I definitely accomplished a lot today.