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  • Drawing project
    • I wanted to chose this drawing project because I want to be a good drawer. Also I would like to be an artist when I grow up. I have always noticed I am one of the worst artist in my art class, so I thought this would be the perfect class to get better. Although I am not done with my project, I am getting WAY better at it.
  • Candle Project Page
      • The Candle project was super fun to do. We had to melt the wax at home because we needed to melt it in a pan and we did not have that handy. When we came back that Monday we decorated the container where the candles were sitting. We decorated the containers with very small beads that Chloe got, and ribbon that she also got. Also to stick the beads on the candle we used Mod Lodge that Chloe got as well. We are so happy we decided to do this project. It was really fun to try out making our own candles.
  • Yarn Ball Lights
    • We chose this project because we thought it would be easy. Also very fun to make. We did it because we thought it would be cool to try out. Me and Chloe thought that we could put it in our house or in our rooms. We are really enjoying this yarn ball lights project that we are testing out.

Top Reflections:
Today I will draw a detailed eye

  • I chose this reflection because that was my first attempt to drawing something really advanced.

Today we are decorating the candles
  • I chose this reflection because l loved working on this project. it was one of the best. Chloe brought great decorating stuff to use. We almost used all of the mini beads, but not all the ribbon she brought. I think mine looked better, but thats my opinion not yours! This project I would gladly do again because it is so much fun. Also it is a great gift to give for any holiday. We chose to do it for Christmas. They looked so cool!

Today we assembled our project
  • I chose this reflection because we finished the yarn ball light project and we thought it was a very cool project, even though it took like a month or two. Me and Chloe decided that I was going to keep the project because she said she had no where to put it! A long the way we had some fails and we had to throw some out. In the end we made it work and finished the project.

Top Critiques:

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