Top Projects:

Catapult Project
We learned.... How to deal with simple crafting materials such as hotglew, and posiple sticks. Also we learned that we need to take out time when doing ANYTHING in this world, because when we were making our catapult, our first prototype was rushed in a sense, and consqeutnly we had to redo it since it wasn't made right. Also we learned that we nede to collraberate so we can get more done, without out folling around. And last but not least, we learned that we need to focus on the project, without having any distractons.

Food Making Project

I choose to do this Food project, becasue i thought it would be a unique project to do and complete and i also wanted to make differnt foods, and learn about differnt foods. We created multiple foods from online recipies, such as tacos, sandwiches and more......... We learned how to make differnt foods as me and my partner Chris Biddle brought in the items every class periods to make a new food. It has been fun and has been a learning expierence so far.....

Minecraft Server Reviewat
I chose to do Minecraft Server Reviewing simply because i wanted to get a feel of what it is to put media up on the web and the process one must encounter to do so thoroughly. I also wanted others to enjoy my videos and obtain something of good use and wanted to see how big of a "fan base" i can obtain within a quarter.

Minecraft Map Making and Resource Pack
I choose to do Minecraft Map Making becuase i wanted to get a feel of the building aspect of Minecraft. Im currently doing this project with my friend james. We are building an adventure map.

Scartch - The Game Creation
I chose Scartch because i wanted to learn the basics of Scartch i wanted to program any game out of my Imangation at the same time learning the ways of Scartch. This project taught me the basics of Scartch. This project take Determination and Startergy. From doing this project i now know how to program the basics in Scartch.

Top Reflections:
Food Making Prooject Reflection - "We want to learn... How to create choclate peanut butter jelly sandwhiches with bannas. So we are going to seach up recipies than next class make it"."

I like this Reflection because it illustrates what we wanted to learn and the tasks we are going to complete. When someone reads this reflection it shows productity, and that were getting something done

Minecraft Server Review Reflection - "I finished reviewing Mineage PvP this week and have a good enough aspect of what the server is all about. Next week i am hoping to get started on my movie, hopefully all goes well."

I like this Reflection because it again shows progress, and show that a goal was accomplished throughout the week,

Scratch Reflection - "Today im going to create a new game. Its going to be called the imposible game im going to look at other simliar versions of what i would like to create. I should be finished in about 3-4 class periods."

I chose this reflection because it shows all the things im working to achevive of the day its very clear and very good. Today im going to countinue with my game and program it a little more. I will start a new game when i have 10 levels programed.

Minecraft Map Making - "My/Our next step will resume the map making process,Today we did not get work done since the room was occupied by meapers but last class we finished the blown up village which looks quite nice..."

I chose this reflection because it shows good information and it is very clear. I also chose this one because it shows i was focused on my task and it quickly sums up what i did that way in a very clear way. This reflection was probley the most clear reflection of them all.

My Critiques
"I really like your progress, you did improve your audio like i told you last time but you need to make your commentary more entertaining so the audience will keep on watching..... Others than that your golden."

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