AAM3's slime making project

by: aam3

"Final" Project

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"Final" Project Reflection

throughout this slime project, I struggled with...
To get the right constantly and to brig my phone. This was a hard project to get the right consistently on. In the beginning of this project I thought that i was just going to make slime but at the end i thought that it would be to easy so i took the project and turned it into a slime stress ball. Once i was done and exited to Finnish, i forgot my phone. I heard to reming myself to always bring my phone.

Steps & Tips

  • Get glue, borax, food coloring, empty bottles, balloons and more
  • Do the project
  • Take pics of the project
  • Do ALL the pages for the project
  • Put the pics on the pages
Enjoy the stress ball made out of slime
  • Use borax in hot water
  • Don't put t much borax in the glue put the food coloring in the borax and not the glue

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • What difficulties or F.A.I.L.s did you have during the project?
  • The difficoltys I had well doing this project is bringing my phone to thinking,getting the right consistency and putting it into the balloon.


  • Family
  • phone
  • computer
  • youtube