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  • Starbucks Speaker AAM3
    • I love this project because It was so fun and I learned a lot from it. I had a lot of F.A.I.Ls a long the way like not having the right magnet so it was not loud at all but I learned to overcome the challenges. That was one of the most fun parts of making this amazing project. I hope to learn more engineering skills like the skills I learned from this project.
  • Crayon Melting AAM3
    • This project was very challenging and super fun. The challenging part was to try and not get the melting crayon to go into the heart. How you do that is you put scotch tape down and when your done, remove the tape. The fun part about this project is the challenge. I hope to do more challenging and more fun projects going on. This was such a fun project and the after work was really cool
  • Mentos in Coke Challenge AAM3
    • Even though its taking a long time to do this project, its really fun. I did all the research on why the Mentos blow up in the Coke. When I get the time to do the test, I'm going to safety pin Mentos inside the lid of the coke top and tap it. If it works right, the Mentos will fall down and explode!!!
  • Photography Making Aam3
    • This project was SO fun and I think I learned a hole lot of stuff to do with technology and photography. It was rally fun because I went to the detroit zoo, and went around looking for things that look like letters and It worked good. This project was very difficult but I finished with a success! Im really hoping that I can do something like this soon!
  • Ice Cream Making AAM3
    • The ice-cream making project was my favorite project I have done the hole year so fair. It was so fun because I had to go to the store by myself and I had to do EVERYTHING my self. I feel that I picked the right flavor and recipe because it was SO good. I would love to make a different flavor of ice-cream soon because I learned a lot and it was so fun.

Top Reflections:

  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...
    I made the pages but I did not get the time to Finnish my proposal. What I did is I found were to get the Alligator leeds, A place called sweet water. It looks like a cool place. I will try and get everything today after school.
    • I like this reflection because It shows an example of a failure. I did all the research but I did not have time to do everything. I did get everything after school on that day and I made the project after that on a Friday. It was the coolest project I have every made in this class and everywhere else so I'm happy. This was the best reflection of this project
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ... I tried to do all the pages for this coke project but I could not get it done. I learned to try and focus on my project and not on something else. This was a really big problem at first because a got distracted and forgot or just did not get to a lot of stuff i was going to do but I remembered that if i don't get them done i will not get a pass grade so i tried to stay on track and it worked. I really did try to get all the pages done and I did get some of the done. Thisbe flection really helped me at the end though when I really was trying to get stuff done. In the future, I would like to get there projects done more quickly.
    • I really like this reflection because it has a fail and what I learned. I learned from this reflection that everyone gets distracted once and a wile but you just have to do what you'r doing and not get distracted so you can be successful. This project was fun but super easy and I will not like to do something like this next year for a project. This project also talk me to get stuff done faster so you don't have to do something you don't want to do long. I really liked this reflection for my top reflection
  • I/We learned... That is the biggest thing I learned when i was doing this project because I wanted to quit at first because i could not find the time to make or even go to the store to get the stuff. I tried to go fast and finish it but it turned out bad. In fact I was going slower than if I WAS trying. In the future I would really like to take my time on projects.
    • I learned so much from this reflection and this project. The message here is to not go fast or things will turn out bad. In this Ice-cream project I did have to do the ice cream two times because as it said, It turned out bad because I was rushing. The 2 one turned out good though. This was one of the best reflections from this project.

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