AAA6 Portfolio

Top Projects 2015-2016:

  • aaa6 opo1 minecraft project progress page
    • Our latest project is our minecraft project. We are making the pistons palace. This is a great project and it is very cool and crafty. this project has building, making designs and much more. It does take a little while to build because there is a lot to build. We looked at pictures of the pistons palace and incorporated those ideas into the project and design. I learned some stuff about myself and minecraft. I found out I could be resourceful from, finding pictures online. I learned minecraft is not the hard and its easy when you get the hang of it. It taught me a lot.
  • aaa6 opo1 Basketball highlight video
    • Our project is still the basketball highlights video reel. This was a very cool and great project to work on. It involved researching and choosing basketball videos and pairing them to music to produce a highlight video reel. We chose to do our highlight reel just on basketball. We picked several very cool basketball videos to incorporate into the final reel. It actually requires much more time and work than you would think. There is a lot to learn but it's a very fun project. You can be as creative as you want which is an aspect I really enjoyed. I learned quite a lot in doing this project. I discovered new researching and video techniques that I hadn't known about before. I also actually learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of doing. I really didn't know that much about about technology before and this project taught me a tremendous amount in addition to it being very enjoyable. I also learned how to fully change volume and add cool effects and color in. It's a great project and I would highly recommend it to others. It taught us so much.
  • aaa6 opo1 Basketball highlight video
    • This is a very cool project. It involves a lot of technology, in fact only technology. This project can teach you very skills with making and editing videos. I had a lot of fun with this project. We made a cool video full of basketball highlights. You have to add music, videos, and even special affects! Doing this type of project is a lot easier the second time around because you learn from your mistakes ad have experience. I highly recommend this project, you can have a lot of fun with this project, but still learn a whole lot. I think my partner and I did a great job on this project and would love to do something like this again. It taught us a lot
  • AAA6 and OPO1 Highlight Reel
    • We learned a lot about technology in this project but we still have not finished. We learned about a lot of things like how to post a video on youtube. Youtube so far is by far our hardest challenge. This is a really fun project and I think we could teach others about this when we finish. Its a cool project but does take a while to learn. We will try to get the best grade possible for our project. we will try to also make the best video possible

Top projects 2014-2015:

  • Gamestar Portfolio AAA6
    • I chose to highlight this project because I learned a lot from it. I learned how to make good games and a lot of other stuff like that. I got many ideas from other games and that's how I created some of my games. I have had a great time doing this project and it's my most successful one. I learned many things and became more skilled in many areas. I highly recommend this project for your next, and I am still doing it now
  • Sim City Page AAA6 NRL3
    • I chose this project because this was a very fun project. We got to do many things like create my own city,l I am proud of my city because I got a top mayor rating and got good scores in other areas. the one downside about our city is that we did not have a good environment. My partner and I worked very hard on our city to get the highest grade possible and gain as much money as possible by raising taxes.
  • AAA6 Wolf Quest
    • I learned a lot from wolf quest. I learned the daily life of a wolf. It taught me a lot, I learned that wolves lives are very hard. It gets very hard to survive in.
      I am very proud of my territory where I live it is very safe and cool. No other wolf wants to come near my territory. One thing I learned that hunting as a wolf is very difficult and often they have to hunt to get food for their pups and themselves. ALso raising pups is very hard, and finding a safe den is also hard.

Top Reflections 2015-2016

  • How did I/we feel?

We are feeling really good about our project right now. Because we are finished with our court, locker rooms and we are doing our seats right now. We have accomplished so much and we will keep on working hard. Hopefully, we can accomplish more and that we do not mess up. We are feeling really good about our selves and we will not give up if we have a breakthrough.
    • I chose this reflection because this day we got a lot done. Also I learned some stuff about myself. I learned I was resourceful and figured out how much good sources could help, including people. This day, we finished our locker rooms, court, and almost finished our seats. We accomplished a huge amount and made fantastic progress in making our pistons palace. It helped so much and we are going to gat done sooner because of it. I picked this reflection, because it really showed our progress.
  • What helped your learning?

    Today, we learned that people that are doing the same type of project that we are about to start, are a good resource for help. We are thinking this is going to be good project and we are going to learn a lot. Also we are going to have hard fun because it is going to be a hard challenging project but a lot of fun.
    • I picked this reflection because that day, we learned a lot about ourselves, our project, and our resources. We really learned a lot about technology and techniques that I hadn't know of before. That really helped us progress with our project and make it the best it could possibly be. Also, the people that did the same project before us really helped us. We were able to ask them a lot of questions and because they had been through it already, they were able to answer most of them. They were a great resource. Youtube was also a great resource. We were able to find a lot of helpful information on that website to perfect our highlight reel. For these reasons, I picked this reflection. This project was truly a great learning experience for both my partner and I!
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...
    Not being able to post our video and find the right song for our highlight reel. We could learn from our mistakes by trying to upload the video earlier and look for a song at the beginning of our project so we have more time to edit. Another failure we had was trying to make a you tube account but then we realized if we have a google account we have a you tube account.
    • This is the reflection I chose because it tells the most about our struggles and how we worked. Also it took us a while and told about how hard this project was it told about the difficulty level. Also this was a pretty hard and this was some of the reasons for failure we experienced as we went through our project. We did have to fail before we succeed in our project to learn fro m mistakes when posting our video on youtube or on the wiki when we finish.
  • I/We think...
    That we did a great job starting off for our project. During our project we were thinking we were doing a very good job on this certain project. towards the end of our project we were feeling very proud because we made the best highlight video we have yet even though we are not finished and we were super excited.we made a lot of good progress and we are going way, way faster then we did with our most previous highlight reel. we learned that we could take out certain parts of songs that also helps a lot. We are going to continue looking for songs and videos as best as we can to make our project better and go faster. I you need help with a certain part in your project then we think that certain youtube videos can be a big help to your project. I learned about myself that I am pretty resourceful because I like to make the most out of my materials, I use youtube and people that have this same project for resources. One strategy we used was to find videos first then organize and keep them organized. It made the process of building git much easier, it definitely helped.
    • I chose this reflection because it told/tells a lot about what our project is about and gives a lot of information. Also I think it is one of my most thoroughly done reflections while I was doing this project. It tells about my ups and even how we overcame some downs. It gives you info and idea of what this type of project is like (really cool). It tells how we made use of our materials and told people good websites to use if they are doing or going to start this project. Fo these reason I chose this reflection

Top Critiques:

  • You did a good job presenting, and there are a lot of really cool things about you project. The one thing I think you could fix would be your roller coaster. You modeled it as a roller coaster at cedar point an said it was supposed to be identical. I think to make it look more like the real thing you should use wood but its a great project over all
    • I choose this reflection because it gave great advise. This could really help this persons project and make it better. It gives good advise to help and could make it even better. It would look great and cool. This person did a great job presenting and it is already really cool, it would just make it a little bit better. Its already a cool project and most things are perfectly done.
  • I think you did a great job presenting your project but one thing I think You could add would be more lighting inside your rooms upstairs
    • I chose this critique of a classmate's Mine Craft project because I believe it gives them a good recommendation for improving their final project. Their project involved building a mansion in the computer game Mind Craft. The overall design was great but I felt the rooms upstairs were a bit dark so adding more lighting would dramatically improve the overall look and feel. I believe this recommendation is in the best interest of my classmate and hope they incorporate it into the final. It gives good ideas in a polite and nice way as well as letting them know I think they did a good job overall. I believe my critique is helpful and I think they should really consider my idea
  • Recipes Queens of the kitchen. I think you did a good job with your project. I think you did a really good job on your video and how you did the appetizer main course and dessert for each section. One thing I think that could do to make your project even better is change the name of the links I think it look aneat.
    • I chose this because it tells what they did good and what they could add to make their project even better then it is. It gives good opinions and ideas to help add stuff to make their project better and more complete. For these reasons I chose this critique because it is my most complete an finished comment.
  • Jacob, I think you did a good job with your project but there are a few things I think you could do to make your project a little bit better. I think on your page where you add your games you could update that page after every project so people could look at your more updated versions without having an account. Overall, its a pretty good project but I recommend updating your page after every game.
    • I chose this critique because this could this certain persons project a lot and I think it gave good information about what he needs to do. Over all he did a great job, and I think I gave good information.

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