Our Progress in Pictures

Photo on 12-11-14 at 9.43 AM.jpg
At work on the sprinkles with the blob art canvas.

Photo on 12-11-14 at 9.42 AM #3.jpg
We have to plug in our hot glue gun earlier so it can heat up, and then we can use it.

Photo on 12-11-14 at 9.42 AM.jpg
These are the finished products.

Photo on 12-11-14 at 9.42 AM #2.jpg
This is how we make the glue gems:First we pool up hand sanitizer in a tissue, that helps keep them pristine. Then we squirt one circle of hot glue into it.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 11.03 AM.jpg
This is what the glue gems look like.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 11.03 AM #2.jpg
Another type of "sprinkles". It was a success! We call it glue gems.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 10.50 AM.jpg
Don't burn yourself. We burned ourselves a few times. Then we run to the bathroom and put our finger under cold water.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 10.40 AM #2.jpg
This is how we hot glue them on.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 10.40 AM.jpg
We have created a new technique in decorating our crayon melting canvas. Hot glueing pencil rapping shards on to it. Sort of like sprinkles!

Photo on 12-4-14 at 10.03 AM.jpg
After some trouble taking pictures… we managed to take this fab one.

Photo on 12-4-14 at 9.55 AM #3.jpg
This is our finished canvas. Bur, we have decided to sort of add "sprinkles" to it with the crayon shaving paper.

Photo on 12-3-14 at 10.09 AM.jpg
This is our assortment of crayon boxes.

Photo on 11-20-14 at 9.04 AM.jpg
This is a side view of our canvas. Both canvases look like that on its side. We took this picture in case you wanted to see the width.

Photo on 12-3-14 at 9.56 AM.jpg
Our blob art project matches this cool Photo Booth background!

Photo on 11-20-14 at 9.13 AM.jpg
At the technology table we do research and upload these pictures.

Photo on 11-20-14 at 9.04 AM #2.jpg
We have decided to blend more colors with white.

Photo on 11-13-14 at 9.47 AM.jpg
Overview of our Create Station!

Photo on 11-13-14 at 9.47 AM #3.jpg
This is what we do at the Creation Station!

Photo on 11-13-14 at 9.41 AM.jpg
This is what our melting mat normally looks like while doing the blobs.

Photo on 11-13-14 at 9.38 AM.jpg
This is how we melt to make our blobs.

Photo on 11-12-14 at 10.01 AM.jpg
Our blob art canvas progress.

Photo on 11-6-14 at 10.03 AM.jpg
Creating and melting in the work station.

Photo on 11-6-14 at 10.05 AM.jpg
This is our work station that we created.From left to right: technology table, creation station, melting mat.

Photo on 11-5-14 at 9.39 AM.jpg
We have made progress in our new and creative blob art.

Photo on 11-12-14 at 9.53 AM.jpg
We are done with the rainbow canvas.Our names are written at the bottom (Ellie and Ania).

Photo on 10-16-14 at 9.52 AM.jpg
Almost done.

Photo on 10-16-14 at 9.45 AM.jpg
At this time we invented a new style of crayon art: blobs! We have now started it. But, we haven't finished our first one, yet.

Photo on 10-9-14 at 10.03 AM.jpg
This is the unfinished side of our canvas.

Photo on 10-9-14 at 9.56 AM.jpg
This is what we look like while at work.

Photo on 10-9-14 at 9.51 AM.jpg
The melting has progressed to other colors.

Photo on 10-8-14 at 10.00 AM.jpg
The wax drip continues to grow.

Photo on 10-8-14 at 9.57 AM.jpg
Our first wax drip.

Photo on 10-8-14 at 9.54 AM.jpg
Starting to melt far view.

Photo on 10-8-14 at 9.53 AM.jpg
Starting to blow dry melt.

Photo on 10-2-14 at 9.59 AM #2.jpg
Close up of our first finished canvas.

Photo on 10-2-14 at 9.58 AM.jpg
Our first finished canvas.